Race Day Check-off List

The following is a check off list for race day

prepared by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Ready, Set, Go!
Ready, Set, Go!

Set everything out the night before.

  • Make sure your Garmin is charged and your gymboss has batteries
  • Get out your:
    • Jog bra
    • shoes and socks,
    • shorts/pants,
    • WOW Team shirt with bib pinned on
    • hat
    • sunscreen
    • lipbalm
    • fuel belt or fuel bottle
    • fuel:  gels/electrolyte
    • phone
    • money/BARTTicket
    • gloves
    • jacket (for before and after race)
    • flip flops for after race (optional)
    • bandana (optional)
    • bag to hold jacket and other items you won’t be using in the race
    • Directions to race
    • Set an alarm, giving yourself extra time on race morning

Remember to eat breakfast:  (carbs and protein)

  • Whole wheat toast and peanut butter
  • Oatmeal with milk or yogurt
  • Banana and peanut butter
  • Odwalla Smoothie

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