Race Week Preparation Tips and Tricks

by Coach Lauren Ganes, Marathon and Membership Coordinator
and Coach Stephanie Atwood, Founder and Head Coach

IMG_3248 (480x640)Do not do anything new for race day—no new clothing and no new foods!  Stick to what you have used during training

  • The week leading up to the half marathon hydrate every day, eat healthy meals that include protein and carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, (I love sweet potatoes). Portions can be a bit smaller in relationship to less exercise.  Get extra sleep if possible.
  • If you haven’t already, check the event website to see how many Aid Stations there will be and what the drink is that is offered. If you can’t tolerate their liquid electrolyte, bring your own or plan to drink water (always offered at aid stations).  Some racers bring a small amount of their own water, in case they don’t want to stop at an aid station.
  • Night before set out: hat, shirt with bib pinned on, jog bra, shorts, socks, shoes, sunscreen, lip balm, fuel belt or fuel bottle, gels/electrolytes, gear bag for jacket that won’t be worn during race, directions to race.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t sleep, (it’s normal). Adrenaline will take you through the race.
  • Visualize yourself along the course, and then crossing the finish line.
  • Wake up with plenty of time to arrive early and park or take the shuttle. Better yet, get someone to drop you off.
  • Use the port-a-potty within 15 minutes of the start. Also a good time to take a GU.
  • Stay at the front of your wave.
  • Don’t go out too fast, find your rhythm. Run the first half steady then pick up the pace for the second half.
  • Use enough gels or blocks to keep your energy strong—usually every 45 minutes.
  • Make sure you power through to the finish line with your head up and a smile (not looking at your watch).
  • After the race make sure to hydrate and get some protein. Having electrolytes after a race is a great idea to help recovery.
  • Don’t forget to stretch.
  • Remember to have fun!


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