Stride Length Does Matter

Yes, Virginia, stride length does matter.

stride-length-go-wow-teamNot all of you will recall the reference to Virgina above but those who do should get a bit of a laugh (it comes from the famous letter in the New York Times “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”).

Now seriously, most of us over-stride and need to work on pushing ourselves up and forward not sticking our legs out farther in front of us. In fact, speed comes from propelling bodies forward quickly and keeping our contact with the ground to a minimum. In other words, if you can “bound forward” about 90 times a minute on each leg you are headed in the right direction for speed.

Now, add some power from strong glutes, hips, and a stable core and you may be Olympic material. At least you could know that your body was really well coordinated with the task at hand.

Take a look at this 2011 video of Dathan Ritzenhein, coached by Alberto Salazr working on his form and reflect on how you would look in comparison.

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