Race Preparation – It Pays to Take Care of Details before Race Day

Coach Pep Talk for the Week: 

This week, as we practice on the actual course for our upcoming race I want you to wear and bring everything as if it were race day.

It really does pay to take care of details before race day.

Oakland Run Fest HurrahThe best race day preparation really means that you can stop worrying about that part of your race on race morning because you already thought it through, tested it, and took care of details.

This means shoes, socks, underwear, shorts, WOW shirt, sports bra, WOW cap, watch, Gymboss, Garmin, water or electrolyte plus carrier, snack/nutrition, etc. Let’s practice our exact race day as if it were real. We’ll put all the pieces together except race day excitement. That has to wait.

We also don’t know what the weather will be like on race day. However, dress for warm, June weather and bring an extra jacket if it truly is cold. Keep in mind that you might have a cold or rainy day in June, on race day, so it is good to plan how you might handle it. By dressing and testing out your fuel, equipment, and clothing, you can identify what is working and what is not. It will also make you aware if you need to purchase anything.

One tip for equipment; please don’t buy expensive things if you have something already that might work. Try out what you have and test it. When you invest in good equipment, be as certain as you can that it’s the right thing.

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