Three Runs a Week will Get You Fast and Keep You Uninjured

Girl running at sunsetCoach Tip of the Week: Three purposeful workouts a week. This will get most of us where we want to be.

Workout #1 is about speed. Try to get in a track or hill workout once a week. This might not be on a track but should be an all-out speed or intense hill workout with bursts of hard work. Usually 2 – 4 minutes (on average) moving FAST and HARD followed by a few minutes of recovery with either no work or minimal jogging during the recovery phase.

Workout #2 is a tempo style workout where you move for 30 – 60 minutes at a 5 – 10K race pace. This is to develop good pacing and a sense of how to keep moving forward, rather than giving up, even when you are being pushed.

Workout #3 is intended to build endurance and is a great time to set out for a fun, talkative venture with your running buddies. We are building endurance here and you should be able to talk and enjoy the surroundings. This is a very pleasant level of effort. Just be sure to put in a little extra time each week to increase your endurance and don’t worry about speed. At Go WOW we usually add on 10 minutes each week when we are building up to a higher distance goal.

With three focused workouts each week and another 3 days of heart raising movement (minimum heart rate should be 60% of your maximum heart rate) you’ll be well on your way to improved performance and more satisfaction from your workouts.

Stephanie Atwood is an award winning writer, trainer, and coach with more than 30 years of experience. Atwood is Founder and Head Coach of the women’s running walking group in the greater Bay Area called Go WOW Team .