A Message from the Founder Stephanie Atwood

Why WOW?

Coach Stephanie Atwood, WOW founder
A message from Coach Stephanie Atwood

Stephanie Atwood, M.A. NASM, RRCA, USATF Coach and Trainer

While I often get caught up in WHAT the WOW Team is doing, I need to remind myself WHY I started the WOW Team and share WHY you should be a part of it.

“If we ignore the opportunity to make fitness a regular part of our lives, we are omitting an essential element of our quality of life, movement!”

The Wow Team is not really about running or walking. Those are WHAT we do. WOW is about Fitness – Lifelong Fitness; Women’s Fitness; Shared Fitness. Lifelong fitness for women, with all the residual benefits, is WHY WOW Exists.

Why does fitness matter? We could make that word wellness, or good health, or even contented living. If we don’t have this element in our lives, it is very difficult to live with satisfaction or joy.

WOW is here for you and each woman who asks the questions: Who, what, where, when, and how can fitness be a part of my life? WOW offers solutions to those questions. Now, you know WHY WOW was founded.

YOU are WHY WOW Exists! So come on out and give the WOW Team a try! If lifelong fitness is important to you, and you want to include running or walking in that plan, this is WHY WOW is here. I hope to meet and move with you soon.

To Fitness, Friends, and Fun! – Coach Stephanie

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