Blessing in Disguise

Coach Kerry talks about the true joys of running…

Photo by Lauren Ganes

The blessing in disguise, with being sidelined from a few of my favorite local races, was the ability to spectate. Last year, the San Francisco Marathon was the first race I spectated when I could not run it.

At the time, I was pretty bitter that I could not race in it. The San Francisco Half Marathon was, in fact, the race I had wanted to run since moving to the Bay Area three years ago. After having ran Nike Women’s in 2005, I “patiently” awaited my chance to run the streets of San Francisco once again.

Throughout the race, I remember feeling excitement for those that I knew when they passed, but unfortunately, it was quickly replaced with this feeling of frustration that washed over me each time I would be reminded that indeed my body was hurting.

Once time passed and I was on the mend, I still was no where near ready to run the Oakland Half Marathon in March. However, since the race was adjacent to my neighborhood, I grabbed a cup of coffee, brought my DSLR camera, and stood on the corner of Lake Merritt and waited.

I had a handful of people to cheer on from multiple groups of friends. At this point, I was back to running smaller distances so the bitterness I felt at San Francisco 9 months prior was no where to be found during the Oakland Half Marathon.

Instead, it was replaced with appreciation.

I suggest taking the opportunity to support a local race that you have not signed up for, or better yet, volunteer.

When floods of runners pass you, the perspective you gain is worthwhile. What each of you take away from watching another race might be different, but I can guarantee that it will impact you.

It takes losing something to realize its importance to you.

For me, personally, this race is not about the time, but the fact that I have the ability to run it.

Good luck to all those out there this weekend!

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