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The Weekly Pep Talk Sep 14 through Sep 20, 2009

Reposted from the original email

Two weeks worth! We’ve got a lot happening!

Coach Stephanie Atwood

This issue is dedicated to Marly N, who is running a race in Portland this weekend. Have a great race!

Dear Ladies,

Talk about training. Fall is definitely the training season and most of us on The WOW Team have some specific goals coming up. this weekend, In addition to Marly in Portland, we also have the fun race at Cesar Chavez Park, sponsored by the local UN Peace Association. We all plan to meet at 8:30 at the entrance to the park on Spinnaker and Marina (same as our previous fun run in July). We can pick up bibs, register, and prepare for the 5 or 10K races (walk or run) plus some of you will be doing extra miles.

Also, there is a festival afterward so this will be a fun time to gather and socialize. Come on out! You can still register on race day. Should be fun…

Gini H, when do we get to hear about your half marathon in Canada? I hope it went very well. No hurricanes this year, that’s a start.

All workout information is always on the site at AND please RSVP, if possible, on

You ladies are improving! We were talking about this at both track workouts. There were fast times out there!The continuity of the track workouts really does create improvement. Now, the weekend workouts create endurance and both are important for fitness. If you attend both workouts you will notice the improvement faster but they are both important to your overal fitness and to keep things more interesting.

Please try to make it to the Potluck on September 25, next friday. All WOW Members and interested women are invited. This is just an eevening to talk, eat and get to know each other.

However, I had an idea that we should hold an equipment auction. If you have any kind of sports item that you would like to “sell” we’ll auction it off at the potluck. The WOW Team will take $5 off the top and all other fees go to you! I have a running pack and some shoes in good condition that I’m going to try to auction off. Race t-shirts, shoes, packs, clothes, gently used running/sports gear can be brought for the auction. Let’s see what happens! Bring your checkbook or cash. Bring those running shorts that are now huge since you’ve become so buff! Be sure that everything is clean and establsih a starting price for your item.

Taper for The San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon on October 4 – Here’s the Program
San Jose Rock’n’Roll Trainees taper weeks are coming up starting September 21. The WOW Team has a few women participating. Here is a list of those I know are involved: Kerry S, Jen W, Jeanetta M, Anybody else?

Tapering will start this next week although with a half, we don’t do much tapering. Be sure to get a lot of rest and eat well these last few weeks.Also, start visualizing your successful running of the course and crossing the finish line. Now it’s time to get into the mental stuff…

Here’s the training part:

September 21 – 27, 2009
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Cross train 60 minutes
Wednesday: Intermediate Track workout with 10 ñ 20 min warm-up, 5 X 1K with 400m RI, 10 min. cool-down
Thursday: REST
Friday: 1 mile easy, 4 miles at tempo pace, 1 mile cool-down
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run 10 steady (ideally your HMP) at half marathon pace

September 28 – October 4
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Run 3 miles fartlek style
Wednesday: 3 miles on the track at race pace (HMP)
Thursday: REST
Friday: 3 miles or 30 minutes easy (with a few “pick-ups”)
Saturday: REST
Sunday – Race Day Run like the wind!

Run those Hills!

As I was running a hilly race course in Martinez my mind went back and forth between listening to my breathing and wandering. I love running as a time to process things. It’s done wonders for me in helping clarify “issues” in my life.

On race days the mind is definitely focused on racing. On the Martinez course when I wasn’t thinking about my pace, my mind wandered to BALANCE. I mean the kind of balance that we use to run well. I was thinking about running uphill (we had plenty of them) and how you have to shorten your stride to maintain a forward balance.

When you run downhill you lengthen your stride to balance out the effects of gravity pushing you ahead.

The downhill seems to stymie a lot of people. It’s important to take advantage of the huge opportunity that gravity provides and trust in your balance. Your body will land properly without “putting on the breaks” if you let your feet take you forward as much as they want to go, as extensions of your legs.

The next time you’re running hills, think about letting yourself go on those down hills. Let natural balance and rhythm be your guides. You might surprise yourself at how easy it is and how well you do. Interestingly, the more strength and agility workouts you do at the gym, with free weights, and with a flexibility component, the better you will do on the up and down hill! Go for it!

When you try to stay upright (instead of moving forward with the slope of the hill) you lose all that wonderful opportunity that comes from not having to lift your foot up to produce the next step. Instead, when running downhill you only need to push off with the ball of your foot and the slope takes care of the elevation part by sloping away from you. I’ve come to realize that it takes strong, well balanced knees to allow runners to run hills the way I’ve described because you MUST be landing with shock absorption in the right places or your lower body, (especially your knees) will suffer.

When landing, place the heel first, but LIGHTLY, NOT as if digging in for the long haul. Continue the forward momentum with an immediate rolling to the ball of the foot where you push off at the ball and also with your toes to continue the movement. This is not a static motion. It is very dynamic with gravity being your guide. LISTEN to your body, relax, and let gravity do most of the work.

Go WOW Team. Your Lifelong, Lifestyle Walk Run Fitness Club.

Welcome to our running, walking, lifelong community of fit women. Welcome to Go WOW Team!

Welcome to Go WOW Team

With fitness, friendship, and fun as our goal, Go WOW Team comprises some awesome women. Currently ranging in age from 20’s – 70’s we are many sizes, many shapes, and many abilities.

What do we have in common?

We are all women and we all strive to be our best. Many of us have never trained before or are returning after MANY years away.

Go WOW Team Rocks

Some of us walk for fitness. Some of us mix walking and running. Some of us are pretty serious runners and are training to improve our times. Most of us participate in a race once in a while.

I started Go WOW Team to bring fitness, through running, walking, and the outdoors, to women everywhere. WOW provides:

  • Safety
  • Organization
  • Professional Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Friendship and
  • Opportunity for you to explore your athletic potential
    with a like minded group of supportive women

Live too far away to join our neighborhood workouts? Go WOW Team provides virtual coaching to women throughout the world! We also can help you start your own neighborhood group, with direction and support from me, Coach Stephanie.

Now is the time to make this happen!

Join us soon for a neighborhood workout or a virtual coaching session.
We are here to help you find your “Athlete Within”.
There is no better time than right now to get started!

Go WOW Team!

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Home made Energy Bars

Energy food, Energy Bars for Runners

Home Made Energy Bars

My teenage daughter and my 70 year old uncle both love these energy bars. You can vary the ingredients dramatically and they’re still delicious. Try using raisins or apricots or a combination of dried fruit. Keep the size of the ingredients about equal to a cranberry or raisin when chopping.


    1 C rolled oats
    1 ½ C almonds, chopped semi-fine
    1 ½ C dried cranberries
    ½ C nonfat dried milk
    ½ C ground flax seeds
    2 tsp butter
    1 C organic agave or maple syrup/honey –  or a combo
    1 1/2 C peanut butter

Chop almonds. Mix dry and wet ingredients until well-combined. Spread on a flat baking sheet lined with foil or wax paper or roll in balls. Roll balls in chocolate chips for a special addition or press chips on top of flat mixture. Cut into separate portions, wrap with foil, and keep in freezer until needed. No baking is required.

The recipe above costs a fraction of what it costs to buy individual store bars and produces about 30! If you buy energy bars in a store, you are paying at least $1 per bar. Big difference in cost – especially if you’ve got a teenager eating them by the handful. I didn’t do a calorie calculation on these but my guess is it would be pretty high. That’s what you want in an energy bar – lots of instant energy (fruit and other natural sugars), along with fats, and protein for a full complement of nutrients.

Random Races and Events

Christmas Relay finish by Ann RGo WOW Team is happy to post upcoming random races and fitness event. These events are not part of our organization and are posted as a community service. If you have an event for us, please send the information in the format below to and we will do our best to get it on the roster!

August 11, 2012 – Garin Regional Park, Hayward – Run in the Park 

The 2012 Schedule is:
9/15 Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley
9/29 Redwood Regional Park, Oakland Hills
10/13 Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline, Richmond Fees: Early Bird: $28 thru 30 days prior, Pre-Reg: $31 thru Wed. prior, Race Day: $35

Saturday August 25 – Pacifica Coastal 5K Run and Walk Festival 9-2:30pm

Aug 26, 2012 – Santa Rosa Marathon / Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run –

Sept 9, 2012 – Feather River Falls 1 mile and 5K

Sept 21, 2012 7th Annual Run at Work Day

Saturday, Sept 29, 2012 HERS Keep abreast 5K/10K Run Walk

Saturday, Sept 29, 2012 Peak Hike with Breast Cancer Fund, Mt. Tamalpais $10 off use discount code seejane

October 7, 2012 – San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

October 21, 2012 – Humboldt Redwoods Half and Full Marathon

November 10, 2012 Mermaid 5K, 10K –!__san-francisco

November 11, 2012 Malibu Marathon, Half Marathon and Supathlon – /

November 18, 2012 – The Lady Speed Stick® Women’s Half Marathon in Tampa, Florida. Coach Stephanie is running this.

Sunday, December 2, 2012 – CIM Marathon Relay Challenge – $120 per team through August 1 – This is a WOW Team Annual Event. Join a team soon!

Saturday, December 8, 2012 – Walnut Creek Half Marathon and 5K

Sunday, March 24, 2013 – The Oakland Run Fest

Go WOW Team Update Celebrate National Run Day

New Member Meet and Greet plus See Jane Run PepTalk immediately after our workout this Sunday.Name these 2 WOW Members!

Go WOW Women run rain or shine! I know who these ladies are and miss seeing them at our Go WOW Team Workouts! Come out soon Heidi and Andrea, please?Celebrate National Running Day on June 3 with Go WOW Team.

Just the details, every other week.

  • Get your first medal for The WOW Team Challenge just by participating in one workout. Just show up!
  • Need the WOW Team Challenge Form? Here it is!
  • View your workouts online, on the website by joining our team on Strava. You don’t have to be a WOW Team Member to list your workouts,  just join our Go WOW Team Strava Challenge Go WOW is going national!
  • Sign up and make plans for the Big Sur 5K and Half Marathon now. Go WOW Team will be there!

For Reference:

WOW Team Website and Members Only Area – sign up, learn more, subscribe to the Weekly Pep Talk and

Please RSVP to all workouts at Meetup This is where you find details on each workout and event and will also be notified from this list if we have to cancel a workout

The Winners’ Circle Members Only Facebook Page – you must be invited to join this private group but it’s well worth it! Please join Facebook if you haven’t and LIKE my personal page. I’ll invite you at that point. Thanks! 

Go WOW Living and Go WOW Team Facebook Pages – open to anyone. Full of good stuff and encourages everyone to like us and post

New member’s Health and Fitness Goals One on One with Coach Stephanie. Schedule your free 50 minute appointment here .

This Week with WOW Details for all of these events are on Meetup

  • Wednesday June 3 –  Coach Stephanie hosts Free Community Fitness Boot Camp – Bella Vista Park, Oakland at 8:30AM
  • Wednesday June 3 –  Coach Stephanie hosts Walnut Creek Track
  • Wednesday June 3 – Coach Tres hosts Lake Merritt Workout 
  • Thursday June 4 – Run/Walk or Walk with Jennifer at Chabot College
  • Friday June 5 – Speed workout on TRACK in Piedmont. 6AM
  • Sunday June 5 – Walden Park Run, Run/Walk, Walk
  • Monday June 6 – Fun run and walk with Coach Tres and Anne Olson near Jack London Square
  • Tuesday June 7 – You will receive the next issue of The Weekly Pep Talk somewhere around 4:45 in the afternoon
  • Sunday June 14 – Meet and Greet Go WOW Women – For new members to learn about the workings of the club and for interested women to learn more. Join us for the workout and talk afterward or just the talk.
  • Saturday/Sunday, June 20-21 – See Jane Run Expo and Race 5K and Half Marathon
  • Saturday June 27 – Trail Clinic with Coach Stephanie and Coach Tres
  • Saturday July 11 – Nutrition for Peak Race Performance Coach Stephanie speaks at Road Runner Sports in Berkeley

For your daily training plan be sure to refer to the Members’ Area on our website

Ready to BAWRF?

No experience or speed necessary! No WOW Team Membership Required! Contact Coach Stephanie or Lizette Byer to learn more about Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation (BAWRF). WOW Members and non-club members are welcome to join BAWRF if you like to race.

Gymboss Interval Timers Belly Fat Blowout, Run Faster and the WOW Journal are now in paperback! Order from At Last The Best or from Amazon!
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Don’t Give Up. Good Things Lie Ahead

Women sharing and appreciating the good things in life is what WOW Team Success Calls are about.

I had the pleasure of being on a phone call last night where women shared positive pieces of their lives with me.

This informal call began because we determined, as a group, that we needed affirmation on what is good in our lives.

Making the commitment to sharing the information helps us all dwell on the positive rather than the negative aspects of our daily lives.

Here is the link to the article

Please Like our WOW Team Facebook and join us! We’re here for you.