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Marathon Minute February 11, 2014


by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

027 (640x510)Rain does not stop WOW Women!  Two weeks ago Ann, Elaine and Andrea ran the Kaiser 5K and Jill and Coach Stephanie ran the Kaiser Half Marathon while about 15 other women ran the Moraga Trail.  This past week-end Julie N. did a trail half marathon in the rain, and there were 28 WOW Women running out at Point Isabel. Congratulations to Jackie Ray on her Mermaid Half Marathon in San Diego! Continue reading Marathon Minute February 11, 2014

Marathon Minute January 7, 2014


by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Happy New Year and welcome back veteran members, and welcome new members to Go WOW Team!

New members we are all excited to help you begin your first steps to your goal.  Whether you walk, run/walk or run, you will become stronger with each step you take.  The first few meetings with the WOW Team you will probably find that you are tired, and hopefully exhilarated at going a bit farther or faster than you thought you ever could.

We are all here to help you reach your goal, whether it’s to completely walk around Lake Merritt without stopping, run/walk your first 5K, run your first 5k, or walk, run/walk  or run that 10K or Half Marathon.  All this takes time and patience.  Each time you move with us, you will get a little bit closer to your goal and feel less fatigued.

This week-end many of our teammates, who have been working-out with the WOW team for a year or more, will be participating in the 5K or 10K Run for Hot Chocolate in San Francisco.  Ann R will be running 10 miles in Foster City.  Sunday, January 19, 3 WOW women are starting off the year participating in Half Marathons in Southern California.  Sharon A will be at Disneyland participating in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, while Karen T and I will be in Carlsbad running a half marathon.

SUCCESS to all women running this week-end and next week-end

Marathon Minute December 24, 2013

Thank You Coach Stephanie

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

023 (480x640)I think Coach Tres would agree with me, based on our recent coach training, that our WOW Team has the very best coach, Coach Stephanie!

Coach Stephanie has created a safe and welcoming environment for women with a wide variety of capabilities. How lucky we are to have a coach capable of coaching a marathon runner as well as encourage the run/walker to run her first 5K.

I have always been impressed with how Coach Stephanie meets the needs of all runners.  She knows just what each individual needs to do to reach their personal goal.  Should they take 3 minutes for a lap on the track or should they run that lap under 2 minutes?  How far should someone run if they are training for a 10K? Coach Stephanie has all the training plans on-line for us, plus the gift of knowing just how fast you personally should run your work-out.  And then she organizes the work-outs so that all can participate, and still have time to stretch together and socialize at the end.

Our running together helps keep us fit physically and emotionally.  It’s wonderful to know that friends are waiting for us at each work-out.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie, we are all grateful to you for founding the WOW Team.  We all reap the benefits of your thinking, planning, organizing, and dedication to women staying fit.

Happy Holidays to All!

Marathon MInute – Camarederie


1475962_256172254532552_172522268_n by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Remember when you ran your first mile?  Then you graduated to running around Lake Merritt?  How about your first 5K?  Did you go on to run a 10K or a half marathon?  And a few WOW members have run full marathons.  Each of these requires dedication and training to reach your personal goal.

Our warmest congratulations to Julia Halsne and Lizette Byer on completing the CIM Marathon last Sunday.  Both women, with determination, persevered through pain to cross that finish line.  It takes plenty of time and dedication to train for a marathon.  It takes mental fortitude to get you to the finish line.  Bravo to these incredible women!

Our relay teams also gave their very best efforts this week-end, including our fast team coming in 2nd in female running groups!

I think the best part of the week-end was the camaraderie of WOW Women at the dinner, within their relay team, on the buses, waiting for team mates at the exchange and again finding team mates at the end of the race.

Our thanks to Coach Stephanie for creating a group that provides friendship and fitness for all women.

Go WOW Team!

Marathon Minute – Race Anxiety

Race Anxiety

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

unnamedMany WOW Women participated in three different distances while racing in Berkeley on Sunday.

Whether it was a first race, a new distance, or a distance you have covered many times, most likely there was some anxiety before and possibly at the beginning of the race.

The best way to handle the anxiety before the race is to make sure you have everything ready for race morning:  clothes are laid out with bib pinned on, and timing chip placed on shoe.  Follow your normal routines, and if you can’t sleep, don’t worry, just rest.  Visualize your self on the race course and crossing the finish line.  Your adrenaline will carry you through on race day.

Race morning eat the same breakfast you have eaten for your training runs.  When you get to the race make sure you use the port-a-potty.  When the race begins, keep your rhythm and focus on your breathing.  Make sure you don’t go out too fast, and remember you can do this because you have trained for it.

Race anxiety is normal, so it’s important to acknowledge it and have strategies for yourself.  Have a mantra to keep you going.  (Light and lift, I can do this, I’m ready, I’ve trained for this, etc)

WOW Women will be on the go racing again on December 8 at CIM in Sacramento.  So stay strong, find your rhythm, have a mantra, and have fun!

Marathon Minute – 1 Mile

1 Mile

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

IMG_1120 (480x640)It was such a wonderful feeling to join so many WOW women on a run Sunday morning!  This Sunday morning WOW Women covered a variety of distances:  15 miles, 14 miles, 10 miles, 7 miles, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, as well as a variety of intervals of 9:1, 4:1, 2:1 and straight running or walking.  It is such an honor to be part of this supportive group of runners!

1 mile this Sunday represented a huge difference.  For the marathoners (Lizette, Marta and Julia), training for the CIM marathon, 15 miles was a short, but fairly fast run.  For the half marathoners (Lauren, Vera, Jessica, Kelly and Leti), training for the Berkeley Half marathon, 14 miles was a long slow distance run.  Whatever distance we train for, there is always a challenge.  It was just interesting that our challenges this Sunday were different by 1 mile, but exponentially different for the final race.

Our congratulations to Rosalind Makris on running her first 5k this weekend!  Roz has walked full marathons, but this was her first running race.  Way to go, Roz!

Sending best wishes to Jackie Ray who will be running the Big Sur Half Marathon this weekend. Good luck Jackie!

For the Berkeley Race be prepared:  bring some water and/or electrolyte liquid. the first aid station is at 2 ½ miles, the second is at 5 miles, the next is at 8, then 10 and 12.  One station will have GU.

For CIM:  there are 17 aid stations, the electrolyte is Powerade, and they will also have GU.

WOW Women continue to stay strong!

Marathon Minute March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013 by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

From Left, Robbi, C, Julie Y, Coach Stephanie, and Lauren G in the Redding 10 Mile Race on Sat. March 2, 2013
From Left, Robbi C, Julie Y, Coach Stephanie, and Lauren G in Redding at the 10 Mile Race on Sat. Mar 2, 2013

I loved seeing the sea of pink shirts and friendly smiles on Sunday morning before the large contingency of WOW Women began their Oakland Half Marathon Practice run.

Eileen, Lesley and I were disappointed that we did not work at an Aid Station along the Half Marathon route where we could see our team mates.  However, we were gratified  to work an Aid station at mile 12 for runners continuing on for 20 miles. (And the first runners we saw were Beth W and her friend Kathy who were practicing for the relay!)

The runners were so grateful for the Aid station that provided them with Gatorade, water and GU.   The majority of runners wanted Gatorade. They happily filled their own bottles with our Gatorade or water. Another runner used our cups of water and dumped in a packet of “EmergenC Calcium, Vitamin D”.  This was also a point where the runners were ready for GU.   Each runner was grateful for the Aid station because they needed to fuel their body.

Our 14 miler this coming Sunday is a good time to finalize your fueling.  Plan ahead.

  • Will you fuel by time or by mileage?
  • When do you usually lose momentum?
  • How much Gatorade (or other electrolyte liquid) or Gu (gel) or shot bloks do you need to keep your energy up?
  • You want to feel strong for the entire run.

Some runners take their GU within 15 minutes of the start, and continue to take it every 45-50 minutes.  Make sure you drink water with GU so you don’t get a huge sugar spike or upset stomach.  If you are using Shot Bloks, or sport beans, you take those more frequently than GU.  You can also use a combination of Shot Bloks and gels. Think it out ahead of time and bring what you need plus a little more (just in case).

Take advantage of this final long run on Sunday to reap the benefits of good fueling to insure a successful race day.

Marathon Minute – Hydration, One More Time

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator, February 19, 2013

IMG_6047 (398x640)
Pat C, Lizette B, and Lauren G at the CIM Relay 2012

Amazing!  WOW Half Marathoners  completed 130 minutes of running on Sunday at beautiful Inspiration Point.  And this Sunday they will increase their time and or mileage to 140 minutes or 13 miles (whichever comes first). This is an incredible accomplishment!  Thank you, Coach Stephanie for creating a great training program.  It is so wonderful to know that on Sunday mornings you will have friends to run this long and increasing distance with.

As you add these longer distances it is important to stay hydrated.  Hydration begins now, during the week, by making sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.  Since it is currently cold, in addition to water, you might want to include tea or soup to stay warm.

Lemon-Lime Gatorade will be at the 8 Aid stations along the Oakland Marathon course, make sure you try it before race day.  If it doesn’t agree with you, make sure to try another electrolyte liquid like Nuun or Gu Brew.  You want an electrolyte liquid with sodium, potassium and calcium. Try to have 16 ounces of electrolytes with you this Sunday.  I always use my 1 minute of walking as a time to hydrate.  The electrolytes help maintain the hydration of your leg muscles.  You don’t want a side stitch or muscle cramp to interfere with your run.

A WOW member, Kara Waltz, who is a chiropractor and soccer player told me that she drinks a large glass of water and another glass of electrolyte liquid on Saturday night before training, races, or games.

After your long run it is equally important to eat some protein within the first 30-60 minutes.  Additionally, drinking an electrolyte liquid all afternoon will aid in a faster recovery.

Hydrating early and often is a key to a successful half marathon.

Go, WOW Women!

Marathon Minute – Training picks up

The girls take a walking break in Sunday’s training at Heather Farms

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Sunday was a beautiful day out at Heather Farms where the WOW women training for the Oakland Half Marathon ran for 2 hours!  It is so exciting to continue to add the extra distance for your very first time.  It’s a great achievement for all.

These training runs are important to not only learn that you run this distance, but also to understand what foods, electrolytes, and clothing work for you.

While it was cold at the beginning of the morning, it warmed up as we ran.  Either beginning the run with a little less clothing than is comfortable at the time, or wearing a layer that you can easily wrap around your waist is helpful in this kind of weather.

Most women now have fuel belts or are carrying a hand-held bottle.  Make sure that your electrolyte liquid and gels agree with your stomach.  The Oakland Half Marathon will be providing water and lemon-lime Gatorade at 8 stations along the course.  They will also have Gu gel, some salty snacks and fruit along the way.

Don’t forget to eat a breakfast with protein and carbohydrates to support your long run.  Bagels and peanut butter, oatmeal with milk, protein shakes, waffles, and bananas are common breakfasts of runners.

Remember to rehydrate after your run.  It’s important to drink water, and/or more electrolyte liquid, and my personal favorite, chocolate milk.

Keep up this great training and you will definitely cross the finish line with a smile on your face!

Go WOW Women!

Marathon Minute Feb 5, 2013

Congratulations to the WOW Women Edie, Emily, Julia and Kim.

From left – Lauren G, Julia H, Aida D, and Libhin S at the Christmas Relays 2012Congratulations to the WOW women,Congratulations to the WOW women,

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Three participated in the Kaiser Half Marathon and Emily ran the 5K race on Sunday!

How exciting for Edie and Kim who completed their very first half marathons, way to go ladies!

Congratulations to Julia on breaking the 2 hour half marathon with a personal best by 5 minutes. Julia ran the half marathon in 1:55:24, now that is impressive! Bravo, Julia!

And Emily V, we weren’t sure if this was either your first or fastest 5K but congratulate you for getting out there!

There were plenty of women training for the Oakland Half Marathon on Sunday at the San Leandro Marina. For some this was the first time they have run for 110 minutes, or 10+ miles.

Nicole and Lesley T both raised important questions this week-end. Do you do other exercise beyond running? Coach Stephanie provides us with a day by day training program that slowly increases our mileage, and also gives us the opportunity to work on speed through track work-outs and tempo runs. It also suggests cross training for a regular part of our workouts.

Stretching and strengthening exercises for your core, arms, and legs are important to incorporate into your weekly work-outs. We did some of that at Lake Merritt with Coach Stephanie last Wednesday. Fitting in cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga or any activity that uses your muscles in a different way than running will be beneficial to your training.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to Edie, Emily, Julia and Kim! Thanks for inspiring the WOW Team!

Marathon Minute – Hydration and More

JANUARY 21, 2013, by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Lauren (2nd from left) and buds after the ORF 2010

WOW Women walkers training for the Oakland Marathon walked 17 miles on Saturday! BRAVO!

Sunday there were over 30 WOW women at Point Isabel staying fit by moving for 60-80 minutes. Coach Stephanie reminded us about the importance of hydration and that for runs over 60 minutes we should carry some water or sugar free electrolyte liquid. Some women wear belts that have a pocket for water bottles, and other women use hand-held bottles. Both Amphipod and Nathan provide excellent belts and hand-held bottles.

The Oakland Running Festival is one of the best organized marathons I’ve ever participated in. This year the half marathon will have 8 aid stations with water and lemon/lime Gatorade. There will also be a port-a-potty at each aid station. In addition, some aid stations will have a salty snack and Gu gel.

It’s important to try the Gatorade out on a training run to make sure it agrees with your stomach. If it doesn’t, there are many other products that you can try.

Now is the perfect time to find out which electrolyte liquid, gel or shot block is best for you.
With the right balance of electrolytes and gels you will have the energy to cross the finish line with a smile on your face!

Track for the Week of April 9 – 15, 2012

Work out with The WOW Team. It’s fun!

Everyone warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (2 – 4 laps)

Intermediate Workout (6 months or more base work)

1 X 1 mile at hard pace (5 – 10K, Recover with 400m jog or walk (don’t stop completely)

1 X 2 miles at hard pace (5 – 10K) pace yourself to finish all 8 laps and try to be consistent, Recover with 800m jog or walk (don’t stop completely)

1 X 800m at 5K pace, Recover with 400m jog or walk (don’t stop completely)

1 X 800m at 5K pace, Cool down with one or 2 laps walk or jog


Novice or Maintenance

2 X 1 mile with 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy, 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy – walk or jog but be consistent for the entire lap, Rest 2 minutes between sets.

1 X 800m with 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy. Proceed to cool down.

Cool down walk or jog 1 full mile, 4 laps. Go for the endurance!


Not sure of your pace? Talk to Coach Stephanie. She has an answer for you.

Please make any comments on our public Facebook page or on the Winners’ Circle. Thank you!


by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

To quote, Ellen G, “check it off your bucket list ladies, running in a TYPHOON!”  We will all be talking about this experience for years to come.

It is such an honor to be a member of the WOW team, and being part of the relays pulled us all together with individual and communal strength.  Alone, I doubt if any one of us would have ventured out in that rain to run, but knowing that your team mates were counting on you, out we went.  And it turned out to be memorable and lots of fun for the 6 relay teams!

I can still hear Pat C laughing while waiting at Leg 2 as the rain just poured down on Ann, Vera, Michaela, and myself (Lizette was already on the run).  That was just the beginning, because we all ran/splashed through the infamous ankle deep water.

It was so wonderful to greet our team mates at the transitions, and to later see the posts and pictures that surfaced on the internet, even while we were running.  (Thanks, Colleen!)

It was particularly special to celebrate the race with so many WOW Women at the sunny Capitol steps.

Thank you Coach Stephanie for providing WOW members with a safe environment where all women can participate and stay fit, grow, and reach beyond their expected potential.  We all reaped the benefits this week-end!

Way to Go, WOW Women!

Marathon Minute – Humboldt Half Marathon


Eight WOW Women were delighted with the results and the exquisite environment of the Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon!

Congratulations to Julie, who came in 5th in her age group! Julie continues to welcome each new member to WOW and help them with their run/walking. Iris was the perfect companion as they ran/walked at least 11 of the miles together. Iris, you are such a great friend.

Bravo to Robbi, who surpassed her goal with a PR of 2:13! Eileen was close behind as she crossed the finish line with a PR of 2:15!

Christie and Michaela were another awesome pair and also reached their personal goals.

Laura persevered through injury and crossed the finish line with a smile on her face.

Most important of all, we enjoyed the beautiful run underneath the canopy of the old growth redwoods. The weather was perfect, and the out and back course allowed us the joy of seeing our team mates along the course.

We were sorry to see Michaela and Christie leave after the race. The rest of us celebrated our victories with Margaritas and Mexican food as we watched the Giants win game 6. It was a great way to recover from a fabulous day.

Way to go WOW Women!

Note from Coach Stephanie: While it was not a PR, Lauren ran the fastest of her 4 half marathons of this year, with a time of 2:10!

Marathon Minute 10-8

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Coach Stephanie and Lauren at the Walnut Creek Half Marathon, BFF

WOW Women showed their power at the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon this week-end. Bravo to Lizette and Coach Stephanie for breaking 2 hours, Lizette at 1:57 and Coach Stephanie at 1:59, and 4th in her age group. You two were flying! And bravo to Leti who was also flying along the course with under 10 minute miles.

Congratulations Ann, on a well-run race without cramping. And of course, our hats off to Elaine on finishing her very first half marathon.

New WOW member Pat Venerable was in San Jose walking the half this past weekend. We look forward to getting to know you better Pat. Keep walking fast!

Although it was not in a race, Eileen ran continuously for 13.1 miles for the first time this week-end. Humboldt participants are now in various stages of staying strong, or in taper mode with the half marathon coming up on October 21.

This is an important time for the Humboldt half marathoners to: fuel well, (focusing on protein, complex carbohydrates, less refined sugar) hydrate well, and rest.

Training continues for the WOW women training to walk the Oakland Marathon in March.

Again, congratulations to Coach Stephanie, Lizette, Leti, Ann, Pat and Elaine on their successes at the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

All WOW women thank Coach Stephanie, for guiding us and inspiring us to reach our individual potentials.

WOW Women, Fit Women of the World, Go for it!

Marathon Minute 10-1-2012

Elaine P on her last long run before the half marathon in San Jose. Photo by Lauren G

Dedicated to Elaine Porter, our WOW teammate who has trained so well and will be running her very first half marathon on October 7 in San Jose!  Go Elaine, Go!

by Lauren Ganes

It’s fall, it’s October, and that means that the WOW women are just finishing up their training for two different half marathons, San Jose Rock and Roll, October 7 and Humboldt Redwoods Avenue of the Giants, October 21.

In addition to Elaine; Ann, Leti, Lizette and Coach Stephanie will also be running in San Jose this Sunday.  We wish you all strength and consistency as you speed along the race course.  Now is the time to reap the benefits of all your training.

At a time when you become distracted or fatigued during a marathon, it often helps to have a mantra.  Our San Jose racers have trained well and can remind themselves that they have trained for this race and they will finish strong. 

A few other mantras to consider:  “lighter, softer, faster”, “one step at a time”, “think strong, be strong, finish strong”.

I encourage you to think of a mantra, or an inspiration to help you move along your marathon or half marathon course.

San Jose half marathoners, all of the WOW team will be with you in spirit on Sunday.  GO FOR IT!

As Sally Edwards said at numerous Danskin Triathlons, “The woman who starts the race is not the same woman who finishes the race.”

A Little More on Hydration

A Little More on Hydration

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

MARATHON MINUTE, August 6, 2012,

hydration is an essential part of fitness health
Coach Stephanie and Lauren, BFF

Congratulations to Edie on her first and very successful 10K!

Kudos to Elaine for persevering with her work out of 110 minutes on Saturday!  She is training for her first half marathon, the San Jose Rock and Roll.

Sunday found other WOW Women also running for 110 minutes at Harbor Bay training for the San Jose Half Marathon or the Humboldt Half Marathon.

The electrolyte liquid, in addition to water, at the aid staions in San Jose will be Gatorade, and Gu will also be offered at an one of the aid stations.  At the Humboldt Half Marathon, Gatorade was the electrolyte offered last year.  They will not be offering any other electrolytes for the Half Marathon.  It’s important to make sure your stomach can tolerate the Gatorade, otherwise you need to supply your own electrolyte liquid.  Now is the time during your training runs to experiment with the electrolyte that is just right for you.

While running with Lizette on Sunday we discussed the need to have a plan as to how often we should drink.  If you are run/walking 1:1 you need to decide when you need to drink.  If you are run/walking 4:1 or 9:1 then you might want to have a drink at each walk.  The gymboss provides an easy way to remember when to drink. It’s great to get in the habit now, so that on race day your intake of liquid is a comfortable habit.

What about after the run?  Your body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates to repair minor muscle tears.  It’s important to get some protein within 30 minutes of running.  Personally, I enjoy some chocolate milk.  Lizette and Michaela make protein smoothies.  Later in the day you might want to incorporate more electrolyte liquid to help replenish the minerals depleted from your run.

Don’t forget to check-in with your Buddy to find out how often they drink during a run.

Thank you Coach Stephanie for providing us with the training for our half marathons in October and to the training of the women walking their marathon in March!

Recipe for Homemade Electrolyte Drink

Homemade Electrolyte Drink

Marathon Minute by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator, July 31, 2012

Lauren picks up packets for the CIM Relay Groups 2011

We have our Garmins and we have our Gymbosses so we can time ourselves and measure how fast we are running, but we do not have a gadget to measure our hydration.

Now that your running schedule has you moving for more than 1 and 1/2 hours it’s important to hydrate properly.  How do you know what to drink and how much?

You are drinking water to replace fluids that are lost through natural body functions and perspiration.

The rule of thumb is to drink 4-6 ounces every 20 minutes.

To determine, the exact amount of fluid you need to replace in your body, you need to weigh yourself before you run and then weigh yourself after your run.  The amount of weight lost will reflect the amount of water you need to consume.  Don’t forget to add back the amount of fluid you took in on the run.

During these longer runs we need to add electrolytes which include sodium, potassium, and calcium.  The electrolytes help us regulate the fluid balance in our bodies that also regulates our body temperature.  We do not need the extra sugar that is in some of the hydration drinks out on the market. Additional sugar may cause your body to fatigue more easily.

There are many non-sugar electrolyte products on the market.  Nuun and Gu Brew are popular tablets and there are other powders as well.  You can also find electrolyte drops (Endure) at a Health Food Store.  Not all electrolyte replacements include calcium, so make sure you are adding that to your diet.

For those of you running the San Jose Rock’n’Roll the electrolyte liquid is Gatorade. People should check to make sure it agrees with their stomachs during a practice run.

Here is a recipe for an electrolyte replacement you can make for yourself:

  • 2C water
  • ¼ t salt
  • Juice of one lime or lemon
  • 1 T honey, or sugar or agave

Staying hydrated will add to a stronger and comfortable long run!

P.S. Have you checked in with your buddy to see what liquid they use for fueling their run?

Marathon Minute July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

Ramping Up Training

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Coach Stephanie, Lauren G, and Kara W after the Oakland Half Marathon 2010

It’s hard to believe that we start building our mileage in July for a race in October!  Thank you Coach Stephanie for the “kick-off” on Sunday, July 15, and our 90 minute work out on Sunday, July 22.  We are so grateful to have Coach Stephanie’s advice, plans and valuable support as we each work to reach our own personal goals for the Half Marathons.

Since we are now running more than 60 minutes, it is important to begin introducing electrolyte liquids, and possibly gels, or shot blocks to our training.

There are a variety of electrolyte liquids available.  There are pre-made drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, and there are tablets like Nuun, Gu Brew, Nathan.  It’s important to see during training, just which liquid is compatible with your stomach.  Some have sugar, others have sugar substitutes.  The sugar is not the most important item, (you don’t want sugar spikes) it’s important to focus on the sodium, potassium and calcium.

Gels and shot blocks provide an energy boost, but you might also want to try fig newtons, or possibly an individual packet of peanut or almond butter.

Make sure you try only one new item per work-out, so you know precisely how the new electrolyte affects your run.  What will you be trying this week?

See you on Sunday, July 29 at Road Runners Sports in Concord.

Race Day Check List

Race Day Check List

by Coach Lauren Ganes, WOW Team Marathon Coordinator

WOW Ladies ready to rock the course at See Jane Run

The following is a check off list for race day. Set everything out the night before.

Make sure your Garmin is charged and your gymboss has batteries

Get out your:

  • shoes and socks
  • shorts/pants
  • shirt with bib pinned on
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • lipbalm
  • fuel: gels/electrolyte
  • jacket (for before and after race)
  • watch
  • flip flops for after race (optional)
  • bandana (optional)
  • bag to hold jacket and other items you won’t be using in the race
  • Directions to race
  • Set an alarm, giving yourself extra time on race morning

Marathon Minute

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

The sweet feeling of success… Cheers!

WOW is ready to take on the See Jane Half Marathon and 5K, Sunday, June 3!

Please note: There will be 6 aid stations along the course with water and FRS liquid, and Gu will also be offered along the route.

THANK YOU COACH STEPHANIE for the outstanding training you have provided the team for the upcoming half marathon. You have provided us all with the physical training, as well as keeping us motivated and psychologically ready to reach our own personal goals this week-end.

On Sunday, after a taper, WOW team members Amanda, Ann, Christie A., Elaine, Kathy, Monica, Lauren, Michaela, Michelle, Robbi, Vera, and Coach Stephanie shared race strategies:

• Use the porta-potty before the race (remember this is chip timed) so don’t fret if you miss the start whistle.

• Don’t go out too fast. Use the first mile as a warm-up as you find your own rhythm and save your energy for the end.

• Plan ahead how you will run your race—will you follow your gymboss and walk the 1 minute, or will you stop and walk the aid stations?

• Get plenty of rest this week.

• Wear only clothing you have worn in practice, including sox and underwear. Don’t change anything for race day.

• Use the same gels/shot blocks and electrolyte liquids you used during training. Don’t change anything for race day.

• Stay well hydrated this week, and eat healthy meals with protein and carbs.

• Don’t worry if you can’t sleep the night before, just rest and relax because the adrenaline from the race will carry you.

• Visualize your race and you successfully crossing the finish line.

• Make sure you sprint the last 50 yards as you cross the finish line with a giant smile!

Relax! You have trained well and have already run 13.1 miles (or 3.1 miles) on the actual course, now GO FOR IT!