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Track Mar 24-25

Tonight’s tack workout will offer our weekend racers a chance to practice their race pace and visualize themselves crossing the finish line.

We will focus on breathing, rhythm, and a sense of “lightness and control” as we move effortlessly (but with determination) through 40 minutes around the track. There will be no timing but, if you bring a watch, this is a time to check your consistency. If not, just enjoy moving…

Coach Stephanie will be available on Wednesday and Coach Rob on Thursday, to go over your personal race strategy.

Anyone who is not racing this weekend is welcome to join the workout, as always. Our next major goal is the SF Half Marathon on July 25 with the Martinez Brickyard Run on April 18, the Bay to Breakers on May 16, and the WOW/Weight Watchers 5K on June 6 (tentative).

Reminder: While The WOW Team chooses races to help us stay on our fitness “track”, this is neither a requirement or an expectation for you to join us and work out with us.


Wed Track – Great workout

WOW track workouts get results!

You ladies outdid yourselveselves last night as you sweated your way around the track. It impresses the ____ out of me how hard you all work!

Kiera led the pack overall but Lauren, Mayra, and Minming were close behind.

Jennifer W and Ellen G had similar paces as did Stephaney, Julie, and Joanna. You all worked hard and “pumped those arms!”

Welcome new member Joanna!

Good workout to all!

Track Mar 17 & 18

Kerry S at dusk, on the Piedmont track

WOW Group Track Workouts for March 17 and 18, 2010

Int. Track workout with 10 min warm-up, (400, 800, 1200, 800, 400, 800, 400) with 1 minute RI, 10 min. cool-down

Novice Track – 200 Hard plus 200 Easy – Rest 1 minute, 400 Hard – Rest for Int. to catch up plus 1 minute, 600, 400, 200, 400, 200

Maintenance – 4 laps steady pace, rest 2 minutes, repeat once or twice depending on pace

See you at the track!

Track Mar 10-11

Debbie T and River K at Kaiser Half Marathon

The WOW Team track workouts this week will continue to push you. For a half marathon there is not much of a taper required so we’re still trying to get the full enchilada out of each of you.

Intermediate Track Workout – 10 min warm-up, 6 X 800 hard with 1:30 RI, 10 min. cool-down, stretch

Novice Track Workout – 10 min warm-up, 6 X 400 hard with rest until intermediate group is also rested, 10 min cool-down, stretch

Maintenance and “Veg-out” long day at work Workout – 10 min warm-up, 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy, 10 minutes easy at end, stretch.

Questions? Contact Coach Stephanie at

Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking

Track March 3 & 4

Everyone warms up together then we will do a ladder.

Everyone – 1X400

Rest 1 minute
If finished under 2′ 30″ next section is 1X800
All others do 1X400

Rest 1 minute
If previous finish time is under 5 minutes, next section is 1X1200
All others do 1X800

Rest 1 minute
If finish time is under 7 1/2 minutes, next section is 1X1600
All others do 1X800 or 1X1200 (according to ability)

Rest 1 minute
If finish time is under 10 minutes, next section is 1X1200
All others do 1X400 or 1X800 (according to ability)

Rest 1 minute
If finish time is under 7 1/2 minutes, next section is 1X800
All others do 1X400

Rest 1 minute
Everyone finish with 1X400

Cool down with 1 or 2 easy laps plus stretching

Wed 1/20 Track Canceled

WOW! Track Workout in Piedmont  January 20, Continuing Every Wednesday, scheduled to occur on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 6:30 PM has been canceled. Please update your plans accordingly.

Dear WOW Ladies,

With the Piedmont Track flooded and rain and wind to continue through the evening I am canceling tonight’s track workout.  I never like to cancel our workouts and am not intimidated by a bit of rain. Using the adage “discretion is the better part of valor” in this instance I bow down to the Weather Gods.

For any of you who can make it to tomorrow night’s workout at Las Lomas, that is one alternative. You can also move inside to a gym and do the workout on a treadmill. Ask for help if you’re not sure how to modify the settings on the treadmill.

The workout itself is loaded on our website at  

If you have further questions, you can email me through

Plans are on for the rest of the week. Sorry about tonight…

Coach Stephanie

Track Jan 18-24

Good form Jeanetta!

San Francisco Workout Tuesday, January 19 at 6:00 AM
Intermediate to Advanced at 7 – 10 minutes/mile – 10 minutes warm-up including dynamic stretch. 1X1600 (at your 10K race pace)*, 2 minutes rest, 2X800 with 1 minute rest, 4X400 with 1 min rest. Hill repeats to 6:45, 1 – 2 laps walking/jogging cool-down, Stretch.

Piedmont (Wednesday, January 20) and Las Lomas (Thursday, January 21) at 6:30 PM
Intermediate to Advanced at 8 – 10 minutes/mile – Track Workout – 800 meter warm-up plus dynamic stretch. 2X400 hard (at your 10K race pace)* Rest 2 minutes, 4X800 hard, rest 2 minutes, 1X400 hard plus 2 laps jogging cool-down, Stretch.

Run/Walk at 10 – 14 minutes per mile – 400 – 800 meter walk/run warm-up (depending on your speed) plus dynamic stretches. 2X200 hard, Rest 2 minutes. 4X400 hard, Rest 2 minutes, 1X200 all out then cool down with 2 laps walking or running. Stretch.

Novice Runners or Walkers 14 minutes and more– 400 meter warm-up walking/jogging plus dynamic stretches. Move (run or walk) HARD for 1/2 lap, Easy 1/2 lap. Rest with group until next set begins. Repeat until 7:15. Easy cool down walking or jogging plus stretch.

Track workouts will cause you to SWEAT and raise your heart rate! If you have any reason why this is not wise, please inform us. We assume you have spoken with your doctor about exercising hard. Thank you!