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Due to the business of the past few weekends, I had not been able to make a WOW workout on the weekend. However, this weekend I planned on running more local and it worked out that I could participate in this Sunday’s workout at Point Isabel. I had the pleasure of running with Kelly and it made the 10 miles click away. To all those who finished another week of training, congratulations!

Coach Kerry’s photo was taken at Point Isabel by our very own wonderful photographer Lauren Ganes

What I am finding with my training plan, that Coach Stephanie is providing, is the confidence to conquer my next week of workouts. The workouts are challenging, yet I know that I am meeting them with my best effort. As a result, I am making sure that all the hard work translates to a fun, enjoyable race.

This will be my first half marathon in over a year and it will be #7 total. Since moving out to California 3 years ago, I always wanted to do the San Francisco Half Marathon. Last year, I did not make it to the starting line due to [somewhat] preventable injuries and an overambitious training plan.

If there is anything I’ve learned from not being able to train [and I’ve learned a lot from that], it is this – be patient, yet proactive. I wanted so much to try again the next week, and the next to see if “time would heal all wounds.” Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t…maybe only with break-ups, and even then it can get a little tricky.

My point is that what you are doing when you aren’t running is as important as what you do when you are running. What many training plans lack is a disclaimer that says,

“This training plan will work muscles, muscles that when overworked can lead to injury. So be sure to do something else except running, only.”

Next week, I hope to talk about some routines that can keep you moving through a full training plan.

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