Starting time for WOW Workouts on the weekends is usually 8:00am

RSVP on our meetup site please. Whether you are a paid member or a drop-in, we appreciate when you let us know you are coming. We will not be unhappy if something changes as we know this occurs for all of us. RSVP as early as possible. You can always change if needed. Go to our meetup site at and RSVP. Thank you.

Drop-in rather than join full time? You are welcome to do this. Please RSVP and pay your drop-in fee on the meetup site. If you have already paid a subscription to WOW, you may RSVP without paying any additional fee. Just RSVP and everything else is good!

The WOW Team website offers most of the information you will need for most of your questions. When you go to you will be on the home page. Click on the posts, check out the tabs at the top of the page, look at the side bar, etc. Our website offers most of the details you will need to be current on WOW issues including directions to our workouts, a calendar well into the future, the Weekly Pep Talk Newsletter in printed format, and more. Please use this resource on a regular basis.

WOW is on facebook and twitter@gowowteam. You can follow us on these social networks and make posts, too. If you want to make comments on our facebook page you will need to LIKE our page. Just click on the like icon.

When you come to workouts dress in layers, bring a sports digital watch (if possible), bring water.

WOW rarely cancels due to weather. Check the website, facebook, and meetup for a message if you are not certain about the workout.

The WOW Team provides aid for workouts over 60 minutes (water and sports drink) and for long runs/workouts over 2 hours or 10 miles we offer snacks, sports drink, and water. We also recommend you bring your own drinks and snack to be prepared and in case our stuff doesn’t sit well in your stomach.

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  1. Stephanie,

    I am looking for a GoWow group in Pleasant Hill. There are plenty of trails. North Walnut Creek would be OK too.

    Sounds like fun; I used to run and I miss it.

    Terra Wilson

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