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I am a new runner and have signed up for a bunch of upcoming events. I live in San Jose and was wondering if you have any training sessions out in this area? What does your group entail as far as commitment?  I am not sure if driving up the peninsula would be beneficial to me but I also feel this would be great to train and learn.  Also do you do triathlon training?
Can you find yourself? Were you there?

Thanks for your interest in the WOW Team. At present we are meeting at Sawyer Camp every other Saturday, trying to involve committed women who want to train for at least an hour at a good clip. If this seems to fit, we are there tomorrow and you are welcome to try us out for free.

Hi, I run 15 minutes only. My running is not so fast, I am just trying to keep moving. Is there a program that I can attend or do you recommend me to work on my running till I can join a meetup exercise?

Oh please come try the WOW Team! You will do great! We only ask that you can be on your feet for 60 minutes. You could walk the whole thing or, as many women do, walk 1 minute, run one minute, then walk again. When they get tired they just walk to complete the 60 minutes. You can do this!

I am interested in attending the track meet-up this Wednesday.
It would essentially be my first run and I just wanted to check-in if you think this Wednesday’s meet would be fitting for me. Additionally, I notice it says that members participate for free. Would I be considered a member if I am part of this meet up group? Thanks! Alejandra

Thanks for saying hello! You are welcome to join us for track on Wed. morning. Women work at different levels and newcomers get a bit more attention since they are new!

Meetup is not our official website. It is a means to let people know about our club and our workouts and for women to RSVP. So, you are not a member unless you pay to become a member. To join, take a look at the tabs on the top of the website for details and subscription choices.

That said, your first visit is free so, just come and try us out! Please do RSVP on meetup. You don’t have to pay anything, just confirm that you are joining us. To Fitness and Friends, Coach Stephanie

I’m interested in joining your See Jane Run Half Marathon & 5K Training Program and have a few questions: What is the cost? What is included in the cost? + I live in Burlingame …Will there be training in my area for this program? Advanced thanks, Maricel

Hi Maricel and thank you for contacting me about the WOW Team. Please take a look at our website for a few different ways you can join us. I think the best way would be the No frills weekend package since you live in Burlingame. However, read the details and then make an educated decision.

WOW trains in San Mateo every other weekend (on Saturday). You would have that to keep you going. You can also join us for other workouts listed on the calendar, on our website.

If you haven’t taken our survey, please do that so that we can talk for free for the 15 minute consult. All of this information is on the Go WOW Team website at different tabs. Check out those tabs! – Coach Stephanie

Hi Coach Stephanie – I’m trying to figure out what I get if I purchase the Neighborhood Membership. Do I have to pay extra for each workout or is it all included or what? BTW I’m in Contra Costa County. What do you offer out here? Thanks, Linda

Thanks for contacting me! When you pay, your membership starts at that time and there are no extra fees for regular workouts. For a breakdown of exactly what you get, please look at our chart to compare memberships. Here’s the link.

After the first month however, you will be automatically charged a monthly credit card fee of $27.95 to continue your membership. So, in order for your membership to continue, you would need to continue paying your subscription. Your rollover fee is good for as long as you remain a member and will never go up in price. You remain a member forever but if you drop your subscription you may be charged a higher monthly fee in the future.

As for the training runs in Contra Costa County, yes, we alternate areas and use Lafayette Reservoir, Walden Park, Arbolado Park, all in your area, as well as the Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda area. Take a look on our meetup site at http://meetup.com/gowowteam to view our current workouts and how they alternate. I hope this answers your questions and look forward to meeting you soon!

I see there is a charge for an individual walk, and then free to members. However, I don’t see how much it costs to become a member? Thanks, Rita

There are several options for joining the WOW Team and the details are listed on the website tab drop-down menu under Contact or Join Us. Here is the link

I am interested in signing up for the Oakland Run Fest 1/2 Marathon Success Clinic on January 7.

Another question: Does this price include the training and support that I had last year, when I signed up to run with WOW for the Oakland Half Marathon?

I am excited to join this WOW training program because I haven’t been running consistently, and need some extra support to train for the Oakland Half Marathon in March. Let me know what I should do and expect. Thanks! –Lily


Welcome back Lily! The clinic at Chabot is additional to the 12 week training program and is $99 for that day. If you want to include the training program and attend the clinic you can choose from several options from a discount to totally free for the clinic based on your membership in WOW. Here are the details

Hi, Not sure if this is the right way to ask a question but thought I would give it a shot! I would like to participate in some of your weekend runs for the Oakland Marathon training and am wondering if the drop in rates posted are the same regardless of time of year based on the posting copied here from your website. Am I off base with this or is this only for members? Thank you for your time, Nicolette

Membership in WOW has several tiers. With the basic tier you can drop in and participate at random. We have several women who use the drop-in method. In 2012, weekday workouts for drop-ins will cost $10 and drop-in weekend workouts will be $7. WOW requests that you pre-pay and RSVP for these workouts at our meetup site.

Nicolette, I would recommend the weekend package that also includes a fabulous WOW T-shirt (or cap) and online learning module 1 From Dream to Reality. It’s a better deal, overall, and simplifies the process of having to pay each time you run with us. Here is the link.

Hi there, – I’m curious whether the weekend runs for this training program will be on Saturdays or Sundays. Also, where will the runs start? Many thanks,

Thank you for your interest Miriam. Here are your answers. WOW runs on Saturday in San Mateo and Sunday in the greater East Bay (including Oakland, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Alameda, and Walnut Creek. Our East Bay Workouts are in different locations every weekend. You may look on our calendar on this website to view the weekend locations through the end of January. I’m still working on the rest of the year but will have the weekday and weekend schedule finalized in the next few weeks.

We also do a practice run on the ORF course. The runs start at different locations and most of those are also listed on our website. Check it out! Go WOW Team!

I don’t understand why you charge a fee. Can you explain why I have to pay to run? Is this a business?

– Kathy

I appreciate your comments and, yes I am trying to run my
meetups in a business format. I am willing to put in the
time to organize meetups and keep them happening.

may also be aware that my paying members are covered under the RRCA Insurance Policy and I am a certified coach and personal

And finally, it costs money to post these meetups.

If I can reach the goal of coordinating workout opportunities
for women in the Bay Area, 365 days a year, it will not be
without costs. In my vision of the WOW Team, we will have
quality workouts, reliable information, basic liability for
leaders and injury coverage for members, and a common site for
all the workouts. Additionally, the group members will have a
sense of belonging and of commitment to each other.

This will take work and I am willing to put in the time.
However, I need the support from my members as well. This will
come from their time and/or their fees. If you are interested
in being involved you are always welcome to contact me and talk
over the details. The drop-in fee is as much a way to get a
commitment as it is to cover the insurance liability incurred
with each person.

When and if you are interested in reconsidering The WOW Team,
just contact me through the app to the right or through facebook. You’re always welcome. – Best, Coach Stephanie

I am looking for a walking group for my 78 age year old mother, who is in good shape. She can walk several hours at an easy pace.

Do you know any appropriate groups? She is not looking for an kind of competitive group. She has a personal trainer, so doesn’t need a focus on fitness, just some friendly people to get together during the day and enjoy the East Bay hills with. – thanks, Barbara

Hi Barbara, Sorry I can’t help you beyond saying that, depending on your mother’s fitness level, she might want to walk with us.

We don’t always walk in the hills and some of us run pretty fast. That said, we have Saturday Morning Walks at Lake Merritt with Christy, every Saturday, 5:30 Walks on Wed night that are co-ed, at Lake Merritt, and some of our weekend workouts include walkers, too, depending on who shows up.

Our group’s ages range from 25 – 70 and the focus is definitely fitness. My 70 year old woman finished her first half marathon this spring and was mighty proud of herself!

The issue I see with your mother is that she is older so will not be comfortable walking/hiking with many younger, faster groups. And, if she wants some kind of regularity, most groups aren’t as organized as we are at the WOW Team.

A first visit to our group is free. She may want to try us out. You may want to come with her.

I wish you luck and would also welcome your mother becoming a “walking leader” with us, to accommodate older (or less speedy women) who might want to join her. My dream is that the WOW Team could accommodate all kinds of women but I find that very few women step up to volunteer as leaders. – Good luck! Coach Stephanie Atwood

I’m looking for a training group for Nike Marathon and I was certainly interested in your program. I love to run, but I’m not very fast. I need a group to work with to keep me focused.

But I was concerned about the fee—is it $199 for 12 weeks? And then how much is it after the 12 weeks is over.


One time fee of $199 for 12 weeks, start any time. Subscription rolls over into $24.95/month for as long as you remain a WOW Member. You have access to all workouts, everywhere.

Please read the details below as that question is very similar to yours. Thanks! – Coach Stephanie (6-19-2011)

Hello Stephanie – I learned about the WOW team through Weight Watchers and I’m interested in joining. I run 3x a week and walk as part of my commute each day. I also work out at my gym a few days a week and of course, attend Weight Watchers each week! (Lifetime member following the points plus program) Can you tell me how I can join? I did sign up for Road Runners Club of America – so am I a member yet?

You are not a member of WOW yet. When you join our club, you also become a member of RRCA but it doesn’t work the other way! To become a member of the WOW Team, you need to go to our website at http://gowowteam.com/join-us

The initial membership is for 12 weeks and includes as many regular workouts as you can attend. WOW currently offers 9 workouts a week, throughout the Bay Area.

Your membership also includes a one-on-one consult with me to help determine where you are in your fitness at this time and establish realistic goals for the future. I am certified as a personal trainer and running coach and find this early orientation invaluable in creating success for new members.

You will get a very cool WOW fuchsia t-shirt and BPA Free water bottle, the Weekly Pep Talk newsletter, discounts on races, daily training programs for races from a 5K to a marathon and more!

The reason for the 12 week, initial investment is that WOW wants you to look at the importance and value of fitness. We want you to make a commitment and get all the pieces together for the greatest possibility of success. Are you worth it? You bet!

The other option you have to participate is to join our meetup site at http://meetup.com/gowowteam and drop-in. This way you pay as you go. Prices are on the website.

We also invite you to try a free workout of your choice, before you determine if you want to join or not. Just RSVP by filling out the form to your right. (4-17-2011)

I’m interested in joining in for the Emeryville Walk-it challenge. I understand that members can participate in the walk-it day on May 22nd for $15. How can I qualify for that? Thanks!

If you are a “member” of WOW you are eligible for the discount price to register for the Walk-It 5k on May 22. You must have signed up for the 12 week program to qualify. Otherwise you are considered a drop-in. Members must fill out a paper form, rather than apply online. I’ve included the attachment for you. Just bring it with you to a workout or mail to the address on the form.

Is there a safe place to put my stuff while we run? Nicole

Hi Nicole, we are talking about early morning track in SF at Kezar. Generally, we can leave stuff out (on a bench on the track) and not worry about it. I bring a duffel so you can put keys, etc. in it. It is probably best to lock things in your car but, if you are taking a bus, or carrying clothes, etc. to change in to, let’s talk. Fortunately, there aren’t many people around at that time of the morning!

Can’t find where to pay on the WOW website. Can you guide me where to go? Thanks Lesley

Hi Lesley – On the WOW Website there is a tab at the top with JOIN US. Check that tab and the menu attached or, just follow this Join us. Thanks for asking!(3-7-2011).

Hello! I think you provide a valuable service, but I was wondering: do you guys do regular (i.e. strength training, etc.) boot camps too? I did the Oakland half-marathon last year, and had a great time, but did some damage to my knee in the process, so I’m looking for a good alternative. Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you! Jill

Hi Jilll, It is becoming more and more clear that strength training and endurance need to come before speed. Your question is very appropriate and, yes, we have added a boot camp component to our weeknight workouts. We focus on strength, core, and flexibility in addition to running on weeknights. Please check our main calendar at gowowteam.com/calendar or go to the calendar tab on this website for the different levels available and their locations. (3-6-2011)

I’ve been meaning to join one of your workout groups for ever but admit I’m nervous. I walk somewhat regularly (3-4x week for an hour) but am really heavy and have an achy back. I need to get stronger to overcome the effects of age and weight on my body.

You have hit the nail on the head! It appears that larger, heavier women are afraid to join a walk/run club because they are not sure they can be successful. And, when they don’t join, the prophecy is fulfilled! Please give us a try.

We now have our walk-only group on Tuesday morning and 15 minute Boot Camp on Wednesday specifically geared to women who are larger or out of shape. Our Sunday workouts, too, include walkers. Your first visit is free. Why not give us a try! We will only get the number of walkers joining us when women, like you, are brave enough to come out and give it a go. My dream for the WOW Team is fitness forever, for ALL WOMEN. Thanks! (posted 3-5-2011)

Is the Tuesday morning also $1 to try? I would like to try but
and see if is something that i would like to do. Also would the
price be cheaper if i only wanted to do the Tuesday morning
walks and not the bootcamp?

Thank you for your interest in walking with Christy. You are welcome to show up on Tuesday morning and just walk, for the first try. No money is necessary. See what you think. Please RSVP so she knows to look for you.

What I have found is that, when people have no money involved in their commitment, many of them stop participating.

My goal is to get you thinking lifetime fitness and good health. Your monetary commitment will help to get you out there, getting fit, and using calories.

Therefore, I will return your money $1 each workout, up to 24 times (a full 12 weeks) if you complete it with us. You are also welcome to join our Sunday walks through the WOW Team. Christy can tell you more about these when you walk together.

Finally, we offer scholarships and financial aid based on helping out in other ways. If you have more time than money, tell me what you can offer us in a trade and, we can go that way, too.

I hope this helps and hope to meet you one of these days. – Regarding Oakland Women’s Walking and Weight Loss for Large Gals (posted 2-26-2011)

Was wondering what else you’ll be doing besides walking around the Lake; or it that it?

On the early morning workout, it is only walking, brisk walking. On the 15 Minute Boot Camp in the evening, it is a combination of strength, core, flexibility during the boot camp and cardio through walking. We’ll finish with some stretching. – Regarding Oakland Women’s Walking and Weight Loss for Large Gals (posted 2-25-2011)

Are you still having your groups on Sunday @ 9:00? Last weekend I went to Camp Sawyer @ 9:00 and no one was there.

Oh dear! I’m sorry we missed you! We meet at Sawyer Camp every other Saturday! We meet in the East Bay on Sunday. Weekend workouts starting in February will happen at 8:00.

The WOW Team is growing and has workouts in several locations at the same time. In March we will be starting up Saturday workouts in Contra Costa County.

I’m sending you some information about our group. Also, please feel free to call, after filling out the survey. Let’s talk about your goals or any other fitness questions you have.

Be sure also, to check our website and facebook. Also join us on our main meetup site, please (posted 2-2-2011)

I am very interested in joining the Wow team; just wanted to find out if the there is a fee each time you meet?

Thank you for your interest in the WOW Team. We are an ongoing club that meets year round. There are different ways to join and one of them is to drop-in, paying as you go. The other way is to join our 12 week program that rolls over, after that, into a monthly subscription. You can then attend any of the workouts at any of the locations throughout the Bay Area.

The purpose of the 12 week program is to meet with each woman, through a clinic or an individual personal training session, to assess her fitness level now and set a realistic fitness goal to accomplish within that 12 week period – Something for her that is realistic and doable within 12 weeks. All of the resources of the WOW Team are available to help her reach her individual goal.

I’m sending some attachments your way so you can understand us better. Please fill out our free survey and let’s talk.

We encourage all women to join us and offer expertise, friendship, and organization to make your fitness expectations a reality. (posted 2-2-2011)

I’m looking for a walking group in the Piedmont Avenue area. Can you direct me? I am not a competitive runner, but want to walk for exercise.

You’ve come to the right place! The WOW Team definitely wants and encourages walkers. That said, we want fitness walkers, women who will push themselves for an hour. If you are ready to walk for fitness, get your heart pumping, build up a sweat, and breathe hard, WOW will take you right now! Your pace doesn’t matter but your attitude is what it’s all about. Your first visit is free so, what do you have to lose?

Does the WOW Team offer aid stations for the long runs?

The WOW Team provides aid for workouts over 60 minutes (water and sports drink) and for long runs/workouts over 2 hours or 10 miles we offer snacks, sports drink, and water. We also recommend you bring your own drink and snack to be prepared and in case our “stuff” doesn’t sit well in your stomach.

I am a new member to your WOW team! Well I signed up nearly a month ago, but have not yet made it
to an event. Could you explain how this works? I gather there is a monthly membership fee? or an event fee? or drop-in fee?

Membership in WOW has several tiers. With the basic tier you can drop in and participate at random. We have several women who use the drop-in method. In 2011, track workouts for drop-ins will cost $10 and drop-in weekend workouts will be $7. WOW requests that you pre-pay and RSVP for these workouts at http://meetup.com/gowowteam

Tier 2 brings you into training mode. WOW has chosen specific events to train for. These will include:

The Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon and 5K in March


The See Jane Run Half Marathon and 5K in June
The San Francisco Half Marathon and Progressive Marathon/5K in July
The San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in October
The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October
The CIM Marathon and Relay in December

Additionally, the WOW Team sponsors certain events throughout the year including:

The UN Peace Race 5K/10K Walk and Run in September
Celebrate the 60’s All Comers Track Meet in January (2012)

What is the difference between members and non-members? Just signing up on line?

WOW Members have joined us through a subscription and have access to all WOW benefits including a t-shirt, water bottle, weekday and weekend workouts, live member-only calls, race discounts, and more. To join WOW go to the tab on this site or click here.

Non-members receive the Weekly Pep Talk, are able to attend our free live call once a month, and may pay as they go to join WOW workouts.

I am also interested to hear about your Oakland marathon training. Has that started? I would love to hop aboard and start working out with you.

Yup, it’s happening! Join us soon. Register here for the training.

Also, how does the weekly pep talk work? It is like a webcast call/ talk?

Answer coming soon…

… I’m looking to join a running group. I live in Tracy and there aren’t many groups out here. I am very interested in your group, but had a few questions. First, I was wondering if your group participates in marathons together, even 10k and half marathons. I am new to the group running but I love to run!! Second I was wondering how much it is to be a part of your group. Please let me know. Thank You

I’m confused about this training schedule (as usual). But why are the 1/2 marathoners running 14 miles for a 13.1 mile race? Or am I reading the program wrong?

Good question. Yes, we are doing over-distance on purpose. It is a common training technique these days with overdistance being a part of the process. Doing 14 miles for a half marathon training workout makes everyone know that 13.1 is possible – a huge morale booster!

Where can I find the training schedule and meeting places for the Oakland Marathon Training?

WOW meeting places and the schedule are posted at http://gowowteam.com/calendar or go to the tabs at the top of our home page. For training programs and other information about the WOW Team please request the free programs through our information box and tell us your interests.

Where do training runs take place?

Sunday workouts are in various locations in the East Bay including Alameda, Berkeley, Lake Merritt, and Emeryville. During training for the Oakland Running Festival we will also run on the actual course and have 3 of our weekend workouts in Walnut Creek on the Iron Horse Trail and others. Take a look at our calendar to get a sense of the locations.

Saturday runs are in the South Bay at Sawyer Camp, San Mateo every other Saturday. If you are training for the marathon, this is where WOW does all its longer runs.http://gowowteam.com/calendar

I was wondering where your east bay trainings are usually held and when you start training for the Oakland Marathon. Thanks!

Thank you for contacting WOW! about training for the Oakland Running Festival – the full, half or 5K races. You can start training with us at any time but no later than January 8, 2011! Please take a look at the details on our website and, if you still have questions get back in touch with us.

Try to come to our Weekly Pep Talk Live call every other Tuesday night at 8:00pm. It’s open to your questions and it’s free! Details on facebook at http://facebook.com/gowowteam under the EVENTS Tab. You MUST RSVP to be invited to this call. Fill out our information request form and tell us of your interest. WOW offers free calls to EVERYONE, every other week. In-between the calls are for members only. – Coach Stephanie

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  1. We would like to invite you to our 5K/10K race, which is a fundraiser for the Burlingame School District on Labor Day. Lots of free games for kids, and this is set up to be friendly to families. If you can invite your members, we’d love to have them! burlingamespiritrun.com!

  2. I have been running steady since 2009. I ran 6 half marathons in 2011. I have run 5 so far in 2012. I would like to have some one-on-one coaching regarding race strategy (am I running too many races to allow for sufficient recovery) and training to maximize my performance (I would like to do under 2 hours in the half – PR is 2:00 and be in the top 10 for my age group – 50) and stay healthy. Do you offer that type of coaching?

    1. Hi Julia,

      11 half marathons in 18 months! You are motivated for sure! I do indeed take on a few clients one on one. We work on the pieces to get you to improve.

      Being in the top 10 for your age group is a strategy in itself. You need to pick the races where you have a chance to place well. 50+ is plenty competitive! I just turned 61 and know how tough the 50’s were but, if you work strategically, target your 100% races, and believe, I’m sure I can help you!

      I charge $125/hour and can definitely get you results. How high you go is a matter of your determination, good training, and God given talent. I can help with the training part!

      Please call if you would like to talk further. I’d love to help you improve. FYI, I am at your same pace having run all my halfs in 2011 under 2 hours and in 2012 (recovering from an injury) at 2:05 and 2:01. I also ran CIM Marathon in December 2011 in 4:03 so I am very familiar with the pacing for a 2 hour half marathon!

      Coach Stephanie
      415 682-8819

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