The Winners’ Circle

Well, even those WOW Women party once in a while. Napa Weekend 2012!

The Winners’ Circle is the WOW Team Members’ private group on Facebook.

WOW also has a public page called Go WOW Team. If you need the link to the Winners’ Circle please look in your Welcome New Member Packet or contact Coach Stephanie.

Post on Winners Circle every week – From Eileen’s great idea of starting a living WOW journal I am requesting that each of us post a training entry of some sort each week, on the Winners Circle. I will start today and encourage everyone to follow suit. This is a way for you to be accountable to each other and to share your thoughts and feelings about your training – ANY ASPECT! Let’s see where we can go with this. Here’s the link.

Remember you have to be a member to post anything on The Winners’ Circle but everyone can join and post on Go WOW Team on Facebook – our public page.

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