Berkeley Marina

Meet across the street from the Sea Breeze Market in the small, meeting area outside of the bird sanctuary.

Where: Berkeley Marina, corner of University Avenue and Frontage Road

When: 8:00 AM



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Park at The Sea Breeze Market or on University at the junction of University Ave and Frontage Road in Berkeley.

Meet: 8:00

Description: Cloverleaf pattern for route is confusing on map because of overlap. Start across the street from SeaBreeze, cross freeway to Aquatic Park. Return across bridge for 3 miles. Continue south along frontage road to Emeryville and run along the bike path all the way to the pier-dock. Bathrooms nearby. Approx 7 miles. Return along street, past bathrooms to Powell Street and Frontage Road. Run all the way back to SeaBreeze for 10 miles +. Stay on bike path, Frontage Road to Gilman for an extra mile – 11 miles. Return to Sea Breeze for 11+ miles. Head around Cesar Chavez Park via University and Marina and return to Sea Breeze for total 14.5 miles. Once again to Emerybill but only Trader Vics close to 20 miles.

11 Mile Route starting at The Berkeley Marina, Sea Breeze Cafe

See you there!

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