Free Running Groups

I thought you might like the article I wrote about The WOW Team in my examiner column this week. Follow the link. Thanks!

Free Running Groups

Questions? Contact Coach Stephanie at

Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking

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  1. The WOW team workouts are much like masters swim team workouts, or any other team workout – you get professional coaching, with all the associated benefits:

    – workouts designed to improve your pace and endurance. Your coach designs the workouts so you don’t have to!
    – someone else organizes the routes and venues so you don’t have to, and she brings drinks and treats (can’t beat that!)
    – expert attention to your running form, so important to ensure performance improvement and avoid injuries
    – and last but maybe most important, we are a TEAM! You get the benefit of being part of a supportive group of women who encourage and celebrate each member’s accomplishments!

    I’m excited to be part of the WOW team! The many benefits are well worth the participation fee. Thanks Coach Stephanie for offering this great service to women fast and slow, so we can ALL reach our full potential as runners and walkers.

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