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  1. Hi there
    Having just completed Book 1 and first 6 days following I’m happy to report a reduction in my weight by four pounds in this short space of time. I knew I had a problem area of ‘belly fat’ but this began to reduce after first 10 days. Fantastic! visually therefore mentally so much better. Didn’t originally consider myself very too much overweight at 9 st 2lb but nonetheless as a healthy eater generally, felt sluggish. This has proved itself as the best detox ever. Thank you Stephanie & Team

    1. Thank you Mary Anne for your kind words and success!

      I am always delighted when I hear of the results that people get from following the program.

      As for page numbers, it is unfortunately a problem with Kindle books that page numbers cannot be used. This is because different Kindle styles create a different amount of pages and breaks in pages, thus, no page designations are possible! Take good care and keep us posted!


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