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Go WOW Team incorporates the Go WOW Living philosophy into neighborhood workouts.  Go WOW Teams are local workout groups that meet on a regular basis and have members who volunteer to make that happen.

Coach Stephanie Atwood oversees the international organization and makes guest appearances at the local level. If you join Go WOW Team in your neighborhood we want you to commit to regular participation and the friendship and bonding that come with that level of involvement at the local level.

Basic Membership is good for a full 365 days so start when you want. Join today for just $59!

Join our half marathon training program and share those miles with a buddy.

Women Love Run/Walk Workouts

Go WOW offers runners and walkers an opportunity to improve and/or maintain. Did you know that our main focus and most popular training mode is run/walk*.  Work up to a marathon by run/walk training with Go WOW Team.

*This doesn’t mean you race with running and walking unless you want to. Run Walk is a Go WOW training mode. Stay injury-free but still maintain a race pace that will allow you to be as competitive as you wish (including qualifying for the Boston Marathon).

Join Go WOW Team the official East Bay women-only training program for the

Train for the full marathon, half marathon or 5K race, join Go WOW Team to train.

5K, Relay & Half Marathon

Train for spring races or just keep the fitness going with the East Bay’s Premiere* Women’s-Only Run, Walk, and Run/Walk Club – Go WOW Team.

All for one and one for all! at the Oakland Run Fest

Train for a half marathon, relay or 5K race with Go WOW Team

Why train with Go WOW Team?

  • Sunday training runs at various locations throughout the Bay Area
  • Tuesday and Wednesday evening workouts (optional)
  • Run, run/walk, and walking groups with competent, caring leaders
  • Voted Best Run Club with ABC7 Best of the Bay
  • Daily training plan includes cross training, strength workouts
  • Sports Nutrition Advice from certified nutritionist & best selling author Stephanie Atwood
  • Discount registration for selected race events
  • Group Facebook Page
  • Go WOW gift
  • Only $59  – includes annual Go WOW Membership!

  Ready? Set? Sign up now!

Marathon Training

The Go WOW Team marathon Training Program will be an 18 week program for women who have successfully completed at least 2 half marathons within the past 2 years. The emphasis will be on endurance but the training will include speed work, tempo runs, and long runs.

Go WOW will choose different marathons each year, as the group determines. Ask us what we are training for this year.

Boston Marathon Qualifier and Coach Stephanie Atwood wants to train you!

Go WOW Team | Marathon Training | Go WOW Living

General Questions?

If you have general questions about Go WOW Living, the global program for empowering women to strive high and live well, please go directly to the Go WOW Living Website.

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