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Whether a member or not, there are many resources available to you. We have listed below the free, non-member and subscription level resources that come to Go WOW Women.

We want you to participate at your own level. We mean this in terms of time, cost, and motivation. Check out the details below and, if you have still have questions give us a call or send us an email. Go WOW Team loves all women who want to stay fit, active and share in our community. Let’s get started!

Start your own WOW Team neighborhood group. We’ll help! We’re just putting together a book for you. Let us know your questions! go@gowowliving.com. Let’s expand and share the Go WOW LOVE in your city or state!

At Last The Best and Go WOW Living are offering all products recommended by Coach Stephanie, including supplements, books, and more. Check it out! http://atlastthebest.com

Go WOW Team is our team website! http://gowowteam.com

For Reference:

WOW Team Website and Members Only Area – sign up, learn more, subscribe to our podcast and gowowliving.com

Please RSVP to all Bay Area workouts at Meetup http://meetup.com/gowowteam This is where you find details on each workout and event and will also be notified from this list if we have to cancel a workout

The Winners’ Circle Members Only Facebook Page – you must be invited to join this private group but it’s well worth it! Please join Facebook if you haven’t and LIKE my personal page. I’ll invite you at that point. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/244142088969843. 

Go WOW Living and Go WOW Team Facebook Pages – open to anyone. Full of good stuff and encourages everyone to like us and post www.facebook.com/wowliving

Facebook Links – Please LIKE us on our public page at http://facebook.com/gowowteam and http://facebook.com/wowliving and, for Members only, ask for an invitation to The Winners’ Circle (details in your New Member’s Welcome Letter)

RSVP on Meetup – Whether you are a member or drop-in, please RSVP on http://meetup.com/gowowteam . Members do not have to pay an additional fee, just click through when you RSVP. Your Meetup RSVP also assures that if we need to cancel, you will be notified!

Amazon Books by Best Selling Author Coach Stephanie Atwood

Books are also available online at our new website at http://atlastthebest.com and on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback.

Belly Fat Blow-out 2! http://amzn.to/19hyouV Sequel to the bestselling Belly Fat Blowout 1. Lose inches, balance blood sugar, reduce night sweats, burn fat and be a better athlete.
Belly Fat Blowout Book 1 http://amzn.to/ZkB8A2 . Now in paperback, too.
Run Faster Race Even Better http://amzn.to/WYNXje
Run Faster Race Better http://amzn.to/Wi5Qfg Now in paperback, too.
Journal – A Day of Achievement and Inspiration – in paperback only http://amzn.to/1o9OCjr

Please leave a review on Amazon.com if you can. I love the feedback and the positive reviews help sell the books. 20 words are all it takes! Thanks – Coach

Share your updates and photos with us on The Winners’ Circle. Let’s help each other stay accountable and let each of us know that we are important. That’s what running buddies do! That is why the WOW Team exists! Let’s get this done together. Go Running Buddies!
Note that meetup and the Go WOW Team website offer directions by clicking on the maps and location links. It’s better, oftentimes, to look over our pre thought out descriptions than just setting your GPS and heading out. Some of our locations are difficult to find using GPS because they don’t have a precise address. When you RSVP if for any reason we need to cancel, we can notify you. Please RSVP. Thanks!

Questions, comments? Post them on Facebook, if possible. Meetup works too.

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