Just re-surfacing from the 1/2 marathon aches – I’m not sure how all my weird injuries disappeared for that day, but they did. I went from – should I run the 1/2? to will I be able to finish the 1/2? to I want to finish in under 2hrs! I ended up running 9:48 minute miles and I hope to run under 2 hrs next time, but I still can’t believe I finished!!

I would’ve never been able to get back into running (high school cross country was a long time ago…) without this team and Stephanie, everything from the lovely morning carpools to the hot pink WOW chalk at the last mile of a workout. I love this team and can’t wait to get 100% better and start training again with you all. – Rachel

Teresha-ORFX600Hello Coach Stephanie! Thanks for your email. I looked through the website last night as well as WOW’s social media sites. I am so impressed!

I filled out the survey and look fwd to a call about joining. I am not in training for a race, I am just a stay at home mom looking to get back in shape. Thanks, Teresha

Thanks for the great work-out this evening. You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful skills of reaching every person in the group and meeting their needs.” – Lauren

“Coach Stephanie is fantastic! Never thought I’d be able to run 2 miles straight but she’s put new light in me!” – Christie

“Love this group of women! Ran my best Half marathon time with their support, encouragement and Stephanie’s expertise as a coach.” – Kara

“Enjoyed the webinar with Coach Stephanie. Way past my bed time but so worth getting to hear some great advice.” – Tammy

“I felt very welcome with this group and I like that! I’m just getting back into shape and I could go at my own pace. Thank you everyone for making me feel welcome. Stephanie was really supportive…very nice.”- Kayla

“Well organized and filled with supportive and experienced women. Highly recommended!” – Lily

“Invaluable. They care about you and truly make you feel that they are interested in your well being.” — Maryann S

“Thanks for the words of encouragement. I love running with you guys. Even though I was wiped out it is always worth it in the end. My speed is really improving. I am regularly hitting 9 to 9 1/2 minute miles when I use run/walk method! And I owe it to all the advice you always share freely. I look forward to running regularly with the group when I move back to the Bay Area..What a delight that will be…In the meantime, I will shoot for Sat or Sun depending on my schedule.You truly are a fabulous coach and I am so glad I found out about WOW! Have a great day!” – Karen

“I love the diversity in this group! The support and motivation this group provides is like nothing I’ve ever experienced!” — Torie R

“Awesome women.” — Colleen B

“Walked with Christy G on this Saturday morning 8:30 walk Lake Merritt.. Really enjoyed the walk and the company looking forward to next week. I encourage all to come out…

Thank you Christy G…”
— Dawn P

“I’m so glad I joined the group for this highly informative day. Thanks so much for putting this together! “- Laura L

“Hi Stephanie – It was so nice meeting you this morning! I really enjoyed the workout and will definitely be back. See you soon!” – J

“Thank you WOW team for inspiring me to run my second 1/2 marathon! I never would have imagined doing this a year ago – WOW, and Coach Stephanie and all the really nice women on the team have made all of the difference.

The race on Sunday was so great – what a perfect day – and it was really fun to have Stephanie cheering me on at the finish, right before my husband and son.
Thank you!!!And congratulations to everyone else, new runners and old.” – Robbi, a personal best at the Oakland Half Marathon, March 27, 2011

“Hey Stephanie, Thanks for checking in on me re: Sunday’s run. Couldn’t find the “Reply” button so am writing you back here. It went well! I ran faster than I’ve run in a long time, my pace better than the last run. This group is a godsend for me. Even though I missed you guys by an hour (i.e., forgot about Daylight Savings), it was comforting to know the gals had run the same route before me, and enjoyed their smiles as they passed me on their way back. LOVE the Emeryville route by the Bay! – Lily, Oakland Half Marathon Training, 2011

“My 2010 WOW team memories start with me joining the team in January 2010. I received great encouragement from day one, and was able to go from running 5k races to actually completing a half marathon! Never would I have imagined that I could accomplish that.

My favorite memory is that of Coach Stephanie running out onto the course to cheer me on near the end of the half marathon. Such a complete surprise and a wonderful moment..”

I’ve continued to run more 5k’s and 10k’s, and I hope to run the Bay to Breakers and two more half marathons in 2011. Thank you to the WOW team for all of your help towards reaching my goals..”

-Carol H. re WOW Memories of 2010

“I will never forget the amazing experience of my first marathon!!! It was worth the early mornings, late nights, missed trips/parties, exhaustion, soreness, and fatigue. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂 I loved seeing the WOW Team ladies out on the course doing their thing and making us proud!!! Go WOW Team!.”

– Jen W-G re CIM Marathon Dec 5, 2010

“The weather cooperated this year with mild temperatures and NO RAIN! Each lady did her part for the relay and those of us running the marathon completed the distance. On to 2011! Join us next year. It’s really fun!

– Coach Stephanie re CIM Marathon and Relay December 5, 2010

“It was a great weekend. Everyone did well!

– Kim L re CIM Marathon and Relay December 5, 2010

The weather was great, the race was well organized and the dinner with the WOW Team was fantastic. Great job ladies!

– Filomena B re CIM Marathon and Relay December 5, 2010

“Great weekend! Well done ladies!

– Aisling F re CIM Marathon and Relay December 5, 2010

“This was a great weekend. The organizing by Stephanie, Lauren, and Robbie was incredibly helpful in smoothing things out. Hotel rooms, dinner, were prepaid and all taken care of. The pre-race dinner and details section was very useful as well. Thanks to all who made this a lovely weekend

– Beth W re CIM Marathon and Relay December 5, 2010

“By the way, I tried to comment on the Wow page yesterday but was unsuccessful. I wanted to say that the support the Wow team members provides is phenomenal.

I attended the alternate Lake Merritt run/walk. And, I want you to know that Jennifer (joined Christy) came out just to make sure there was someone there to get the group off which was pretty impressive considering her health issues. She then stayed behind to sign in any latecomers and later caught up to Christy and me in a cardiac walk around the lake which turned out to be incredibly beautiful.

So, yes, I know we are pretty tough – I will be there, tonight. I am really inspired, encouraged, and motivated…– Iris T re alternate workout on December 5

“The all-running workout looked incredibly strenuous. I think I would’ve conked out halfway through, even if uninjured. Was glad to have a strength workout alternative.

– Melanie re East Bay Track (November 17, 2010) Melanie participated in the strength and technique workout that required no running. You always have choices!

“hi ladies! just wanted to report that i came in at 1:56 at the big sur half on sunday, beating my under 2 hrs goal!!! thanks for the encouragement. i’ll be back at the track after thanksgiving. have a great holiday.

– Katie re Big Sur Half Marathon (November 14, 2010) Katie participates in the SF track workouts every Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM

“Stephanie, I feel that even though we might have a lot of people the workout can be tailored to us individually. I really appreciate your flexibility and enthusiasm.

– Beth W re Track (October 27, 2010)

“Thanks, Stephanie. It was tough, but very rewarding! I heard April did a great job, too! I think she’s hooked! It was nice to see another familiar face on the sidelines, cheering us on, so THANK YOU!!

– Jessica M re San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (October 3, 2010)

“Thank you Stephanie for all of your advice and support- I never would have attempted this without it!
I didn’t get any photos, but I checked my time when I got home – 2:27:39. I was aiming for 2:30, so felt good about this.

– Robbi C re San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (October 3, 2010)

“Thanks! Couldn’t have done it without you!

– Justine G re San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (October 3, 2010)

“Thank you for letting me run with you all! It was very inspiring and I’d like to come back again.

– Kosheno M. re Sawyer Camp Workout (Peninsula, September 2010)

“I’m in for sure! I’ve already registered for the race.”

– Kiera N re Training for the Oakland Marathon (September 2010)

“It is a varied midweek workout and you can set your own pace and as much challenge as you want.

— Kathryn L re Track Workouts (April 2010)