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Gymboss Interval Timer the Run Walk Success Tool

Go WOW Women love the Gymboss Interval Timer because it does half the work!

Gymboss Interval Timers

You still need to move but Gymboss does the thinking. Well, actually you need to set your intervals yourself but once this is done you can focus on moving and let your interval timer remind you when you get your walking break. It’s simple and makes working out stress-free. Enjoy!

This handy little tool will help you to set your run/walk time so you don’t have to keep doing the math! Comes in hot pink! What could be better for Go WOW Team?

Buy your’s now!  Here’s the link.
Gymboss Interval Timer

From Jennifer W
“I got mine last week and it’s great for those of us who are doing interval run/walking. No more need to keep looking at my watch, which was throwing off my gait. Easy to set up, and plenty loud enough. I love it!”

From Mary Sue
“Love, love, love my Gymboss! Like Jennifer said, so great for us run/walkers. And so easy to use.”

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