Hydration Energy

Hydration Energy

by Coach Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

PenguinsAny time we exercise for over 60 minutes, in any kind of weather: sun, wind or rain, we need to remember to hydrate. How do you carry your water and electrolytes?

There are many options to choose from when you arrive at the sports store. There are elastic belts made by Nathan and Amphipod which have bottles attached as well as some extra pockets for your I.D. and keys. There are also hand-held bottles with pockets attached, again made by Nathan and Amphipod. And Coach Stephanie has the HipSisters band that is made of material and has 3 zippered pockets and a pouch. An 8 ounce bottle of water can be placed in the zippered pocket.

In order to decide on the hydration system that is right for you, ask other WOW Women what they like to use and why.

Warm, cold or rainy, remember to stay hydrated any time you run.