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  1. Thank you WOW team for inspiring me to run my second 1/2 marathon! I never would have imagined doing this a year ago – WOW, and Coach Stephanie and all the really nice women on the team have made all of the difference. The race on Sunday was so great – what a perfect day – and it was really fun to have Stephanie cheering me on at the finish, right before my husband and son.
    Thank you!!!And congratulations to everyone else, new runners and old. Robbi

  2. Dear WOW-

    Just re-surfacing from the 1/2 marathon aches – I’m not sure how all my weird injuries disappeared for that day, but they did. I went from – should I run the 1/2? to will I be able to finish the 1/2? to I want to finish in under 2hrs! I ended up running 9:48 minute miles and I hope to run under 2 hrs next time, but I still can’t believe I finished!!

    I would’ve never been able to get back into running (high school cross country was a long time ago…) without this team and Stephanie, everything from the lovely morning carpools to the hot pink WOW chalk at the last mile of a workout. I love this team and can’t wait to get 100% better and start training again with you all.


  3. I’m so glad that i joined the WOW team and wore the WOW Team shirt for my first ever 0.5 marathon. It had been a goal that i set for myself years ago: I immigrated, in the 1980s, to the USA and have called it home, so i wanted to try as many American experience as possible. And one experience that is fairly westerner unique is the marathon (where i came from running is not a recreational activity!). But busy making ends meet and having two small kids with a full-time job prevented me from doing things for myself (or it’s what i told myself!). Last March, I met Lauren G. who introduced me to the WOW team and Coach Stephanie, a phenomenal individual. I love the WOW team. The members are from all walk of life, young and old. Some are just out there doing their own things, some like to share, and some really care, like Kara W. of Alive Chiropractice, and Lauren G of Weight Watchers. Lauren and Coach Stephanie literally inspired me to overcome the self-created-inertia to reach the goal that i had set for myself years ago. And, i did it, but i could not have done it without the support of the WOW team. Of course, anyone can just go running but with WOW there is always a WOW warm welcome at the beginning and at the end, and that WOW welcome goes a long, long way: it made me get out, get going, and doing what is good for me!!!! Thank you, every member of the WOW team, Lauren, and especially Coach Stephanie. I’d like to dedicate my first 0.5 marathon ever to the WOW team, to Lauren G, to Coach Stephanie, and to the Healthcare bill!!!! Thank you!

  4. I didn’t start running with WOWFit with any road race ambitions, but when I saw the Twilight 5K was going to be run pretty much on my doorstep, well, I had to sign up.

    The best part of running my first race in, oh, eighteen-twenty years was having the WOW crew to meet and cheer. It was also exciting to have WOW runners to cheer in the Oakland Half the next day!

    I know people crabbed about traffic being held up, but the general mood of the whole city of Oakland that day was the most positive I’ve ever experienced. Those of us on the sidelines really enjoyed watching those of you running.

    1. Thank you Melanie, for your comments and your participation in The WOW Team. It was such a great feeling to see you come around the corner in the Twilight 5K! You were MOVING!

      I also heard that you were on the course the next day to cheer on the half marathoners. Great! Wasn’t it cool to see them go by? Let’s put this one on our list for next year. It felt really good, all around! – Coach Stephanie

  5. WOW! What a great training experience. With all the wonderful and dedicated coaches, my training was all what I needed so I could finish the half marathon.Rain or shine you were out on the tracks and trails to lead us to our next goal and mile marker. Thanks for allowing other family members to semi join in on the fun. Last Sunday was a beautiful day for the run and a perfect way to round out my daughters spring break from college.

    1. Dear Tami,

      A special “high five” to you lady! Congratulations! How wonderful to see your family there, too. OK, now the family needs to start preparing For San Jose. Mark your calendars…October 3! It’s coming! Go fo it! Coach Stephanie

    Although my own training didn’t go as planned, it was SO much fun just to be at the event on Sunday to cheer you all on! I loved seeing you all there, ready to put into action what you’ve all been working so hard to achieve over the last 12 weeks! Just in case you didn’t see me, I was at the start, holding the GIANT sign that said, “RUN AWAY WITH US!” I was also between miles 12 and 13 and it was so cool to see so many of you make it to the end with a smile on your face….I am so proud of all of you, whether you participated over the weekend or not. I had so much fun training with you guys and it helped me kick off my own training at the same time! I can’t wait till we start up again in a few weeks!! Until then, enjoy the feeling accomplishment and seeing it through to the end!
    -Jessica (Walnut Creek)

    1. Dear Jessica,

      What an asset you were throughout the training. Thank you for everything you contributed.

      As for your own half marathon training, let’s stick with making that base good and solid. Then, about 12 weeks before the SJR’n’R ramp up the distance and speed. I know you will be able to reach your goal. Have fun in Europe! – Coach Stephanie

  7. Dear WOW Team and Coach Stephanie.

    WOW, we did it! And I do mean WE. If it had not been for Jess & Coach Rob introducing me to the WOW Team, I would not have attempted the 1/2. The enthusiasm of my cheering section at Mile 12 gave me the energy to make that last mile. Thanks for being there to provide encouragement at the Start and Finish lines. Pat

    1. Dear Pat,

      WOW! You did it! I knew you could and now you did! As for Coach Rob, Jessica, and the rest of us cheering you on, well…that can make a big difference, I know.

      That said, you “put one foot in front of the other” for 13.1 miles. NOBODY ELSE did that for you. Congratulations! Now…on to Europe and the San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in October. Try to talk Cathy into it this time…

  8. Dear WOW Team and Coach Stephanie,

    Thank you Stephanie for helping us all run strong races and achieve far more than we expect of our selves.
    I loved the race from beginning to end. Although my time did not show it, like Kiera, I had a bathroom issue. However, I know I ran faster than any previous race.
    The best part of the race was seeing so many of my team along the way, while running, or being cheered along the way. All of your support is so meanful. I’m grateful to you all.

    I’m looking forward to running with you all, Lauren

    1. Dear Lauren, You always come through for yourself and The WOW Team. Thank you for the dedication. Let’s go over details on race strategy and see how to cut out those mid race bathroom issues! Next? SF Half, here we come! Coach Stephanie

  9. THANK YOU EVERYONE who participated in the WOW Team. Regardless of whether you did the Oakland Half Marathon or Twilight 5k, just coming every week and putting in the work is an accomplishment in itself. Everyone should congratulate themselves for that. For those who participated in the Half Marathon I feel your great sense of accomplishment, pride, and SORENESS!

    I hope to see you out there training for San Jose Rock and Roll Half.


  10. Dear Stephanie and All –

    A big thanks for all the training opportunities these past three months. Even though I couldn’t attend many of the sessions, what I did do paid off _tremendously_! I wanted to run the half-marathon in 2h30; however, my highest, most idealistic hopes were for 2h15. When I ran past the 2h15 pace group in the middle of the race, I thought I was dreaming…I crossed the finish line at 2h09. What a great feeling.

    Stephanie’s great workouts and encouragement made such a difference – merci beaucoup!

    1. Dear Min ming,

      You looked strong, even at the end. I don’t know if you saw us but we were cheering you on at the last tenth of a mile. I hope you’ll train for another event with us. I think you’ve got a faster race in you yet! Coach Stephanie

  11. Even though my training didn’t go as well as I had wanted, I was really proud to be out in the Twilight 5K with my WOW Team shirt on. I am so appreciative of Stephanie’s unwavering support and the camaraderie of this team. It was a gorgeous spring evening in Oakland, and I made it around Lake Merritt faster than I ever have before. But I think my favorite part was enjoying a beer with Jeanetta, Melanie, Stephanie, and Melanie’s husband at the end. So much fun and I can’t wait to get back out with the group on Sunday mornings in a couple of weeks.

    1. Heidi, you are such a gem!

      You were really rocking at the end of the 5K! Impressive! Thanks for wearing your WOW T-shirt and for all you assistance during the training.

      Success! – Coach Stephanie

  12. Thank you all, especially Stephanie 🙂 The past three months of training have been supported by all of you! Your encouragement each week is well received. Although my race didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, I know that my love for running allows me to continue and focus on the next race!

    1. Dear Kerry, What dedication and joie de vivre you have shown in your running! We still have a few “kinks” to work out but your improvement this year has been incredible! Cheers to you! Keep up the spirit! – Coach Stephanie

  13. Thank you to my WOW team mates and Coaches Stephanie, Rob and Jessica for all the great training and support in preparation for this race. Although I did not meet me goal (bathroom mishap….urgghhh!), I still had an incredible run and experience. What a beautiful, perfect day for a race. I had an awesome time!! I missed you all at the end, but will see you at the next track workout! Congrats to all who participated in the race!! I hope you had as great of a time as I did 🙂

    1. Dear Kiera, When I saw you coming toward the finish line, your focus was amazing! You really stuck with it. You are strong and will reach that goal, I know it. Thank you for being a part of The WOW Team! – Coach Stephanie

      1. Thank you Stephanie! I can only imagine what my expression looked like. My fiance calls it my “war face” LOL!!!

  14. THANK YOU STEPHANIE and WOW TEAM! I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made to see your smiling faces cheering me on at the finish….when I really really felt like stopping! 🙂 I didn’t realize that when I wore my shirt with the name ‘Molly’ on it (in honor of my friend’s daughter who died of lymphoma) that people along the course would be yelling out ‘Go Molly!’ to me. It was great to hear but nothing was as good as hearing Coach Stephanie and the WOW team yell ‘GO JENNIFER! YOU CAN DO IT!’ as I headed toward the finish. That was so great and what the WOW team is all about. I appreciated it and look forward to more races together. Thanks! Jennifer

    1. Dear Jennifer, Such a great attitude! Congratulations for all your hard work and perseverance. We love having you as a member of The WOW Team. Go for it! – Coach Stephanie

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