Injuries: Reminder to Stretch and Strengthen

Injuries: Reminder to Stretch and Strengthen

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

images (12)At the RRCA Coaches’ training I was a bit surprised by the answer to a question the instructor asked. He asked if there was anyone in the room who had never been sidelined by an injury? Out of 35 people, only one person had not been.

Recently I met a woman who has run countless marathons and has never been injured. She feels this is because strength training is part of her weekly routine.

Coach Stephanie provides runners with training that slowly adds distance and slowly adds speed to the work-outs to help avoid injuries.

Another way to help avoid injuries is to focus on strengthening your core, as well as your quads, hamstrings and hip flexors. You will notice a difference in your training if you add some of these exercises to your weekly routine. You will notice that Coach Stephanie tries to include some of these before our Wednesday night runs.

Check-in with your Buddies and see what they do each week to stay strong. It’s always fun to try something new.

In the next few weeks I will go into more details about the execution of exercises to help us stay strong to avoid injuries.