Marathon Minute March 17, 2014

Visualization: Race Strategy

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Coach Stephanie, Christie, Eileen, Robbi , and Iris after our races. Photo by Laura Lance.
Coach Stephanie, Christie, Eileen, Robbi , and Iris after our races. Photo by Laura Lance.

Many WOW women are participating in races this coming week-end.  From half marathons, to relays, to 5K’s, no matter the distance, each racer needs to spend some time visualizing the race.

You want to think about the starting line, and focus on getting into your own rhythm right away.  If you are running in a 5K you will be running as fast as you can the entire time.

If you are running the half marathon, remember not to go out too fast. You want to have enough energy to finish strong.

Relayers want to run quickly, but make sure you also have energy to finish strong.  For all racers it is important to visualize crossing the finish line, and for the relayers to mentally practice passing the chip to their team mate.

Take time to picture yourself on the course, breathing easily. Remember to keep shoulders relaxed, arms and, of course, legs moving rhythmically while landing gently on your forefoot.

Thinking about your form and visually practicing what to expect on the course makes race day easier.

Bravo to Tricia and Janet who have trained so well for their first half marathon this week-end in beautiful Zion National Park!  Stay strong, and let us hear about it.

Our energetic thoughts will be with Coach Stephanie, Jill, Heidi, and Kathleen as they run the Oakland Half this year. And we will also be cheering for Andrea, Eileen, Edie, Julie Y and Marta as they do the 5K in Oakland.

Enjoy the moment and all the celebrations along the route. You have trained well for this.  Keep your head up as you cross the finish line—the cameras are clicking and you don’t want to be looking at your watch. Remember to wear your WOW t-shirt so we can find you in the crowd.

Don’t forget to visualize yourself crossing that finish line!