by Lauren Ganes
February 2, 2015

027 (640x510)We all have good intentions when we join the WOW team.  We are going to get out there and run or walk every week-end and every Wednesday.  There are times we can’t make it to a workout and other times when, after we have skipped one or two workouts, we just get out of the habit of coming.  Running Buddies can help jumpstart your motivation.

This is a great time for running buddies to kick-in.  You should all have a list with the e-mails of your running buddies.  Please make sure to reach out and introduce yourselves via e-mail.  You can send a picture of yourself, share your goals, and even your struggles.  Each running buddy group has a veteran WOW member to help answer any questions you might have.

Just recently I was out of my comfort zone when I signed up for a bike ride.  I let other WOW women know how I was feeling and immediately had e-mails of support.

Give yourself the gift of power and e-mail your running buddies today.