Running strips away the differences in people

MARATHON MINUTE by Coach Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

December 9, 2014

“Running strips away the differences in people.”

expo Fil, Lauren,

This quote resonated with me when I read it in Runner’s World  a few months ago.  As part of a running  group you meet new people outside of your work, neighborhood, ethnicity or age group.  It is a rich experience to share moving and staying fit while learning about new people and establishing new friends at the same time.

As the New Year approaches new members will join our running group.  We will all maintain our old friendships, and still look forward to welcoming and meeting new members.

We all share the same goal of staying fit and we get inspired by hearing about our teammates’ struggles and successes, physically and emotionally.  While moving, we get a chance to chat and make new friends.  There is a wonderful support system that exists in our diverse group.

Let’s continue to support and celebrate our fabulous WOW team with our common goal of staying fit in the New Year.