Staying Motivated, Training Year-round

by Coach  Lauren Ganes,  Marathon Coordinator

how to stay motivated for running and trainingAfter training and participating in a big event like a half marathon or marathon you might find that it’s hard to get into training mode again.

Running should be fun. After a big event or an injury it’s nice to just “stay in the moment” and enjoy the beauty of the trail with eyes and ears. Skip the Garmin, and run for an hour chatting with a team mate.

Sometimes after an injury it’s hard to know just how to re-enter training.

If you have been only doing road races, you might want to train for a trail race. You also might want to change race distances, try a 10K or a 5k. Changing things up often sparks a new motivation.

The WOW team makes it fairly easy to re-enter training. You can usually find a team mate doing intervals of 1:1, 4:1 or 9:1. Sharing the interval with other women really makes the time pass quickly.

And of course knowing that your team mates are at a work-out is always the best motivation to get you out walking or running.

Thanks, WOW women for supporting our desire to keep moving and stay motivated!