Stretching and Strengthening

Stretching and Strength

by Coach Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Plank_nIn order to continue running you need to stay injury free.  How can you do this?  Stretching, Strengthening and Foam Rolling.

At our work-outs we always do a dynamic warm-up to prepare our bodies for the longer physical activity of running.  And after our run, we do the static stretches to stretch out the contracted muscles.

For some women it is also necessary to add some additional stretching during the week, which might include yoga classes.

Running requires strong hips, glutes and a strong core.  The stronger you are, the less likely that you will become injured.  Squats, clamshells, and bridges strengthen your hips and glutes.  Crunches and planks strengthen your core.

Another component to staying injury free is to foam roll.  Find the area that is tight and roll over it back and forth for about 30 seconds.  This helps to release “knots” or built up scar tissue.

It is often difficult to get into a routine, but once you begin with just a few exercises and make it a habit, you feel stronger and often add a few more exercises to your repertoire.

What stretch or new exercise will you start with?

From Coach Stephanie: Here’s a link to a beginners stretching video.