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The Weekly Pep Talk Feb 22-28, 2010

Lauren G, glad to have the hills out of the way. On to the food at our Lafayette Reservoir Run
Go Ellen Go!

The Weekly Pep Talk – February 22-28, 2010

This week is dedicated to Sarah T. Thank you for helping with the SF WOW Team!

Dear WOW Members and Interested Readers,

Did you all have as much fun as I, last Sunday? What a great day! In spite of the weather it was a super experience. I can’t say enough good about lululemon coming through with that fantastic brunch. Thank you to Sylvia, Lindsay, and Baker Junnell. Thank you to Sylvia’s family for their help, too. Thank you to the entire lululemon staff for their support of The WOW Team. When can we do it again?

Week 8 of 12 weeks! WOW! This weekend is a 12 miler or 2 hours and 40 minutes (whichever comes first); next week 13 miles; the week after 14 miles; 10 miles, then…Race Day! You 5K Trainees are on the same time plan with a lighter mileage schedule. In fact, your training time is up to 60 minutes and will stay there for the remainder of the training. VERY CIVILIZED!

Volunteers needed for our 13 mile practice run March 7 – Volunteers needed for our upcoming training workout on the Oakland Half Marathon Course. Bring out the spouse? The WOW Team and LMJS will practice on the actual course on March 7.

I need:

1. A bicyclist or runner to accompany me while marking the course in the morning. Time requirement (6:30 to 8:00 AM approximately)

2. People to “man” the aid station at 6 miles (approximately). This can be any age. We’ll offer water, energy drink, gu, and oranges (maybe). This could be an individual, a family, friends, whatever. Time requirement from (8:00AM to 10:00 approximately). Please let me know if you are interested in assisting. Contact Coach Stephanie at coachstephanie@gowowteam.com

We have new photos from Lafayette Reservoir on facebook


There are also some photos on the website so check’em out. Thank you to Lauren G and Ellen G for taking these great photos.

Granola, please? – Dear lululemon, Sarah K loved your granola. Do you have a recipe you would share? Thank you very much. The WOW Team.

Confirming this weekend – I apologize for the delay on the WPT (Weekly Pep Talk). It kind of got away from me and now it’s already Friday. You can usually find all the information you need on our website and on the meetup sites for each region.

Saturday’s workout is in San Francisco at 8:00 and includes a 60 minute tempo run starting at Judah and The Great Highway and will head over to Land’s End. It’s a hilly course – 6 miles out and back. For competent runners only, led by Sarah T. Go WOW Team on Meetup

Sunday we offer two separate locations for all WOW Members. Walkers, runners, run/walkers, Running Festival trainees and general fitness women – Everyone! We’ll meet at 8:00 at Arbolado Park in Walnut Creek or Sawyer Camp in San Mateo. You can RSVP at http://meetup.com/gowowteam or Go WOW Team on Meetup, or http://meetup.com/go-wow-team-sobay

Details for all these workouts are on the main WOWwebsite at http://gowowteam.com

Beyond Training – Running and Racing Your Best

Join running professionals Coach Stephanie Atwood, Dr. Selina Shah, and Chi Running/Walking Instructor Hazel Wood for an afternoon symposium about running your best and getting the most out of your training. Details for this March 13 Workshop in Walnut Creek are available through THE WOW Website or http://stridebystride.com. Register before March 6 and save 20%.

Make comments, please. I love to hear from you! Go to http://gowowteam.com/comments and write away!

The WOW Team Challenge – Level 1 Bags are ready. Turn in your times and claim your prize! Details on the website at http://gowowteam.com/wow-team-challenge/

We’re a Team! The Shape up SF Walking Challenge is back in 2010 – The WOW Team is signed up and ready for you to join. Just go to the link below and look for our team under the join team menu. We’re listed as Go WOW Team. Anyone, anywhere can join and get prizes for walking, running, exercising of any sort. It’s fun and it helps keep us on our fitness targets. http://www.shapeupsfwalkingchallenge.com/home

Race Discounts

March 27/28 – The Oakland Half Marathon and Twilight 5K = $5 WOW Coupon Code – Whether you register for the Twilight 5K on March 27 or the Half Marathon on March 28, you can save some money by using our WOW Team Discount. It is also a bit cheaper to sign up on Active.com rather through register by mail. The link is http://www.shapeupsfwalkingchallenge.com/home

When asked about the name of the group put Go WOW Team! The $5 discount code is WoW2010. It is case sensitive. The same discount applies to all races. We were given 50 total slots so sign up soon! Please let me know if you have questions.

April 18 – Martinez Brickyard – 4 or 8 Miler in Martinez $17.00 Discount Price for WOW Members

May 16 – Bay to Breakers – 12 K, 7.2 miles. Group Discount for $39.00

July 25 – SF Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Progressive Marathon – Discount TBA

Here’s to fitness and fun as a group. Thank you for being a part of The WOW Team!

Coach Stephanie – coachstephanie@gowowteam.com

* * * * *

“Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you.” – Tom Hopkins