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Race Preparation for the Oakland Run Fest

Race Preparation for the Oakland Run Fest

by Coach Lauren Ganes

Oakland Run Fest 2011Hooray! ORF is here! Now it’s time to celebrate all that hard work and training you have put in for the half marathon, relay and 5K!

This last week requires a little extra race preparation and, if you plan ahead, it will pay off on race day. For some of us, it will be our fifth year participating in the Oakland Run Fest!

Every runner needs to stay well hydrated this week. Half Marathoners need to focus on eating their complex carbohydrates and protein to keep their bodies well fueled and ready for race morning.

All runners should remember to wear their WOW shirts. Set out your clothes the night before and pin on your bib. What should be set out?
• Hat or visor
• Sunscreen
• Body Glide
• Jog bra
• Shirt (with bib pinned on)
• Shorts or pants
• Socks
• Shoes
• Identification and any necessary medical emergency information
• Extra clothes for before and after the race. These can be deposited at the Go WOW Tent before your race
For half marathoners only:
• Fuel Belt with electrolytes (gel, shot blocks)
• One small bottle with liquid in case you need it between aid stations

Stay strong, find your rhythm, and have fun! Go WOW Team!

Triathlon Practice Tips


by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Race Day Checklist and Practicing for Your Race

Ready, Set, Go!
Ready, Set, Go!

You have practiced swimming, biking, running BRICKS and the transitions, now what happens on race day?

When you arrive you will see rows and rows of bike racks.  Look around and get familiar with the site, noting the transitions areas where you come out of the water, where you exit to begin your bike ride, and where you exit to begin the run.  And of course look to see where the finish line is.  Now:

  1.  Place your bike on a rack, with your helmet hanging from your bike handle.  (If you wear glasses, place them in a glass case in your helmet).
  2. If you brought a balloon, tie it to the bike rack next to your bike.
  3. Set up your towel, shoes (and maybe sox), shorts and shirt, water bottle, and or dishpan for water to clean your feet, or bucket beneath your bike.  If you use a bucket you can turn it over to sit on it if needed, to put on your shoes. (You use the dishpan or bucket to carry your gear from the car to the bike set-up area)
  4. Now go get your bib and the tags for your helmet and bike. And be prepared to have your body marked with your bib number and maybe your age on your arms and legs.
  5. Leave your valuables, except your car keys, locked in your car.

Here is the packing list:

Pre Race:
o   Gear Bag
o   Sunscreen
o   Lip balm
o   Warm clothes or rain gear
o   Garbage Bag for rain
o   Pre race snack

o   Tinted goggles
o   Swim top or suit
o   Swim shorts or suit
o   Towel
o   Timing chip with Velcro strap (provided at race)
o   Optional: wet suit and goggle defogger

Transition 1
o   Towel
o   Race belt or pins for Bib; or shorts with bib already pinned on

o   Helmet
o   Shoes/sox
o   Bike
o   Bike tools
o   Frame pump
o   Glasses
o   Bike frame number
o   Water bottle
o   Optional: cycling gloves

Transition 2
o   Water
o   Fuel Food

o   Hat or visor
o   Optional:  elastic laces

Post Race:
o   Fresh Clothes
o   Personal items: comb, sunscreen
o   Garbage bag for wet clothes
o   Cash

Now you are ready to put the pieces together so that you will know what to expect on race day.

Marathon Minute December 24, 2013

Thank You Coach Stephanie

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

023 (480x640)I think Coach Tres would agree with me, based on our recent coach training, that our WOW Team has the very best coach, Coach Stephanie!

Coach Stephanie has created a safe and welcoming environment for women with a wide variety of capabilities. How lucky we are to have a coach capable of coaching a marathon runner as well as encourage the run/walker to run her first 5K.

I have always been impressed with how Coach Stephanie meets the needs of all runners.  She knows just what each individual needs to do to reach their personal goal.  Should they take 3 minutes for a lap on the track or should they run that lap under 2 minutes?  How far should someone run if they are training for a 10K? Coach Stephanie has all the training plans on-line for us, plus the gift of knowing just how fast you personally should run your work-out.  And then she organizes the work-outs so that all can participate, and still have time to stretch together and socialize at the end.

Our running together helps keep us fit physically and emotionally.  It’s wonderful to know that friends are waiting for us at each work-out.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie, we are all grateful to you for founding the WOW Team.  We all reap the benefits of your thinking, planning, organizing, and dedication to women staying fit.

Happy Holidays to All!

Marathon Minute Fuel for Longer Runs

How to Fuel for Longer Runs

by Lauren Ganes – WOW Team Marathon Coordinator

A few weeks ago Iris remarked that she felt tired after Sunday’s run. I had reflected upon my Sunday run and recognized that I would have felt better if I had used one more gel. I had used all my water and electrolyte liquid by the end of the run, but I still had another gel with me.

Fueling your body during training work-outs is extremely important. It helps you know just how to fuel your body for race day. The best time to fuel is before you get tired, or begin to slow down.

The idea is to keep your energy level stable through the use of gels or shot blocks and maintain your hydration with water and electrolyte drinks. It is important to drink both water and electrolytes on the long runs and you should stop at each aid station on race day. If you are not going to stop at the aid stations and you are carrying your own liquids, make sure you drink them along the route.

There will be 8 water stations at the Oakland Half Marathon. The electrolyte drink has not been announced. The gel, GU, will be offered, but I don’t know at which mile. Directions on the gels recommend taking them every 45 minutes and I’ve found that to be accurate for myself.

The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated, and make sure you try out the energy fuel you are going to use before race day. You want to make sure your body can tolerate the electrolyte liquid and the other electrolyte fuels. You don’t want to be sick on race day.

I also recommend that you carry water with you, just in case the race runs out.

Here is to happy hydrated running!

Note: Lauren ran her first half marathon in December, 2005 and her 10th half marathon on February 6, 2011.

Marathon Minute

MARATHON MINUTE January 20, 2011

It’s January, the time most of us begin making plans for the rest of the year. Many of you have made the decision to run a half marathon(s) or a marathon in 2011. Bravo to you for making a commitment to remain active and fit!

Did you know that for many of the races you receive a discount for registering early? For instance, by registering for the Oakland Half Marathon before February 28, you will pay $80.00 instead of $90.00. (We’ve already missed an even earlier discount).

In addition, because we are Members of the WOW team we receive an additional discount for a number of races (including the Oakland Marathon). To get the password for your discount you need to contact Coach Stephanie for the code.

So don’t procrastinate, make a decision, check with Coach Stephanie, and register in time to receive discounts for your races.

I just signed up for the Oakland Half Marathon! For this discount code I had to use all capital letters and no spaces before the number to receive the discount, otherwise it says the discount has expired.

Sign-up now, and let’s make it a record number of WOW Team members running in the Oakland Half Marathon on March 26, 2011!

The Marathon Minute 7-14

The Marathon Minute is brought to you by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator for the WOW Team. Lauren is trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year, needing a 4:30:59 to get in. Join her in her training. Make your comments on these posts. Thanks!

July 14, 2010

Fueling for Long Runs

Yesterday, at the track, a couple of people asked me how I fuel for long runs. The question made sense, because we are scheduled for a 13-14 mile run this Sunday.

The most important day to fuel your body for Sunday is Friday. That is the day to make sure you are eating a healthy diet that includes complex carbohydrates (vegetables and whole grains) and some protein. You also want to be making sure you drink plenty of liquid over the next few days. Saturday is the day to eat lightly, but still focus on hydration. You don’t want to have a heavy stomach when you run on Sunday morning.

On Friday consider having meals that include salad and or vegetables, potatoes or whole grains, some bright colored fruit and a small amount of chicken or fish. I like to eat sweet potatoes. I also enjoy quinoa which I prepare in a rice cooker. I probably will have some spinach either as a salad or in an omelet.

Greek yogurt is another one of my staples, and I eat it with berries, or another fruit and cereal.

On Saturday night I will drink a large glass of water and also some Gatorade. (Any electrolyte you can tolerate)

On Sunday morning I’ll get up early enough to have a small breakfast of ½ whole grain English muffin with peanut butter and jelly. I have some hot water, and I also have some more Gatorade, (some people have coffee). I get my caffeine later from my gel.

On Sunday I will try to remember to take a mouthful of water every 15-20 minutes, even if I’m not thirsty. (This is a work in progress for me.) I will definitely drink at any time that I feel thirsty. I will take a gel or shot block every 45 minutes. It’s important to use the gel or shot block before you actually need it. Rather than taking it when you get tired, keep your energy and blood sugar level up, so you are not exhausted at the end of the run.

After my run I like to drink low-fat chocolate milk or make a smoothie with banana or other fruit and protein powder. It’s important to eat some protein within 30 minutes to aid with muscle recovery.

I’m happy to send out some recipes I’ve collected and to talk to people in the future about how to fuel our bodies for running. I’m also very interested in hearing about what other people do.

The WOW Team encourages fitness, through running and walking, for all women, all sizes, all ages, all abilites, all year round. Join us!

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