Go WOW Team. Your Lifelong, Lifestyle Walk Run Fitness Club.

Welcome to our running, walking, lifelong community of fit women. Welcome to Go WOW Team!

Welcome to Go WOW Team

With fitness, friendship, and fun as our goal, Go WOW Team comprises some awesome women. Currently ranging in age from 20’s – 70’s we are many sizes, many shapes, and many abilities.

What do we have in common?

We are all women and we all strive to be our best. Many of us have never trained before or are returning after MANY years away.

Go WOW Team Rocks

Some of us walk for fitness. Some of us mix walking and running. Some of us are pretty serious runners and are training to improve our times. Most of us participate in a race once in a while.

I started Go WOW Team to bring fitness, through running, walking, and the outdoors, to women everywhere. WOW provides:

  • Safety
  • Organization
  • Professional Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Friendship and
  • Opportunity for you to explore your athletic potential
    with a like minded group of supportive women

Live too far away to join our neighborhood workouts? Go WOW Team provides virtual coaching to women throughout the world! We also can help you start your own neighborhood group, with direction and support from me, Coach Stephanie.

Now is the time to make this happen!

Join us soon for a neighborhood workout or a virtual coaching session.
We are here to help you find your “Athlete Within”.
There is no better time than right now to get started!

Go WOW Team!

New Logo


Meet and Greet Go WOW Team. Free Introduction and Orientation

bellaVistaSchool copy 2
This super cool gate offers an entrance to Bella Vista Park, hidden away in a secret spot in Oakland. Join Stephanie Atwood in a group workout here in the near future. All are welcome. Photo by Olivia Destandau

Go WOW Team offers an introductory meeting and orientation

four times a year for women who would like to learn more or newcomers who joined in-between training programs.

This event is not to sell you on Go WOW Team. It is intended to orient you to the workings of the club; help you get familiarized with the resources, goals, staff, etc.


  • Bella Vista Park
  • Sat. Sept 19
  • 10:00 – 11:00
  • Free

Since our club operates year-round and new members join all the time, some of you may not have all the details or may want to check in before joining.

Join us for this event if you ARE ALREADY a new member and never participated in an orientation or if you are THINKING of becoming a member and want to understand the details.

Go WOW Team is a year-round, all women’s workout club. We run, run-walk, and walk. We want you to join us!

Whether you are trying to qualify to run the Boston Marathon or want to walk for fitness, Go WOW Team accommodates both and many levels in-between. We are not in the running business; we are here for women’s empowerment.

What does women’s empowerment look like? With Go WOW we see physical movement as an essential part of a healthy life:

• We have skilled coaches to take you to whatever athletic level you want to achieve.

• We are organized so you can count on regular workouts every week

• We keep each other accountable so when you don’t show up we notice

• We allow many paces and accommodate many abilities. And…age is not an issue

• We choose certain events each year to train for but racing is not essential

• We are the lifelong fitness group of women that want to empower all women to find their athletic potential.

If you are a member already, please join us for this orientation to familiarize yourself with the inner workings of this club.

If you are not already a member, this is a free orientation to the way this club functions. We want you to understand how awesome this group really is.

Now, just RSVP on meetup and join us, either at 9AM for a free workout or at 10:00 for the orientation, or both.

As head coach and founder of this wonderful group, Go WOW Team, I look forward to sharing the secrets of “The Best Run Club in the Bay Area” – as voted by ABC7 Poll.

P.S. We are also famous for our run/walk program and our fitness walkers.

For more information about Go WOW Team (voted Best Run Club in the Bay Area) or Go WOW Living please contact us at our websites. Thank You.

Weekly Pep Talk Start June 22, 2015

The Weekly Pep Talk

Start June 22, 2015
by Coach Stephanie Atwood

Thanks for today’s quote about success from pinterest


Let’s high five our 5K newbie Faith Enemark

who aced her first race ever! We’re so happy for you Faith. And many congratulations go to all of you racers this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, don’t you agree?

June Birthdays – Jackie Ray, Christy Gerren, Ayana Dion, Jana Gomez, Melanie Archer, Lauren Ganes, Tres Fontaine, Vera Chrebtow, Marianne McCraney, Jennifer Watters, Happy Birthday Ladies!

Anne Olson leads Lake Chabot Saturday Workout – join Anne most Saturdays at Lake Chabot at 9AM as she leads the WOW women for a low-key workout. http://www.meetup.com/GoWOWTeam/events/223229098/  

Tres and I lead a Trail Clinic this Saturday. Open to everyone! Free to all current members. Fee-based if you are not a member. All are welcome! Everyone! http://www.meetup.com/GoWOWTeam/events/223136266/


See Jane Run Triathlon Discount Coupon 25% off for anyone. If you plan to do the triathlon on Sept 27 please take advantage of our discount code.
25% off is super!
Code: SJRAMB15300 . Please enter your Team as Go WOW!

Sunday, July 5

Go WOW Tri Training  Talk immediately after our workout at Lafayette Reservoir.

First training weekend at Shadow Cliffs is July 12! Training Details below:


Race details at See Jane Run website: www.seejanerun.com

Coach Pep Talk for the Week:

It is such a mixed blessing to train for and complete a race. If you didn’t live up to your expectations, you deal with a bit of a let-down because your opportunity for that particular race is now gone. If you performed at your expectation or better, now it’s over. What’s next?

This analogy with life always helps me stay close to the moment. All of our “moments” are fleeting. When they are wonderful it is important to take another few moments to appreciate them. When they are not so great, it is certainly a time for acceptance and evaluation. When our “moments” are unfortunate or even tragic, it too is a time for contemplation and learning. Throughout our lives, we will have many moments and many varied experiences. This, we all know.

From participating in training with all of you and completing our race together I want to share how much better the experience was because I was able to share it with you! Cheering each other on before the race began, and watching you as you finished, created a much deeper experience than if I had been participating solo. And, knowing what we had shared along the way to get to the starting line, was also special, and unique.

Life is a bit like a race, isn’t it? Strive for your best. Share your struggles and victories. Savor the experience. Move on. Live!
To our Success,
Coach Stephanie


We are moving all WOW Team Challenge records to the WOW Team/Strava Challenge When using Strava just list Go WOW Team Workout in the title of your workout to distinguish it from other non-WOW workouts. I’ve been listing all my workouts based on time, not miles. It’s also a perfect way to keep track of the hours you put in and have a record of your Go WOW Workouts to earn your 10 hour badge and your 50 hour badge. I did it! Who will join me?

P.S. You can add in your race time from this weekend since this was an official WOW Event!


Marathon Minute: from Coach Lauren

Read about fueling for a late afternoon workout in this week’s Marathon Minute. Thanks for the great article Coach Lauren!







Bay Area Go WOW News

Hi Ladies!

What a fun race weekend! I have to start by thanking Coach Lauren who weathered 2 days of expo madness to help out. Thank you Lauren. You are so amazing! Be sure to check out her wonderful photos on www.facebook.com/wowliving.

As for the racers, well, we had a hell of a time, didn’t we?  And, we had the special gift of being cheered on by our dear friend and former WOW Member Michaela Ristaino. So good to see you Michaela!

The half marathoners got a bit of a break with cooler temperatures but they did have to deal with a strong offshore “breeze”. That can get pretty tough by mile 10. All of our half marathon ladies had strong races. Congratulations to Gretchen T, Rosa K-R and pal Michelle, and Karen S. Small but mighty group. We also missed Kathleen Saba but know she will be back strong and fast, soon enough. Your race is out there, no doubt!

The majority of WOW Women chose to do the 5K. We had a big crew send-off at 8:15 and had a lot of fun watching the finish too. It’s also pretty cool to hear your name being called out during the race, isn’t it? Jennifer S and I started at the front of the pack but once the gun went off I never saw her again. She was running really fast! 7+ minute miles. Good race lady!
I want you all to check out the photos taken by Lauren and look at your finish form. You can learn so much! I want to particularly commend Katie C, and Allison H for their excellent kick. Take a look at their feet! They were both off the ground with some real power being applied. Nice work!

Photos posted at www.facebook.com/wowliving

You all get a big hug and congratulations from me. It is so gratifying to be your coach and see what you are capable of while balancing so many other things in your lives. I love this group of amazing women. Now, on to some trail runs, triathlons, and fall half marathons. Are you ready?

We have several celebrations coming up and I want to make sure you know about them. On June 28, after our Sunday run, we will celebrate Our See Jane Run Victories along with the birthdays of 2 awesome WOW Coaches – Coach Tres and Coach Lauren. Please bring something to share to our Inspiration Point workout. We will all go for 60 minutes (post race workout) then celebrate at this beautiful vista point. Bring a dish for 4-8 and something to drink too since there is no water at this spot. Let’s party!

Go WOW Living is an evolution whose time has come! I have been dreaming about a global community of empowered women for many years. I have seen, in my own life, what empowerment does. I want all women to experience it. Follow Go WOW Living and me as we unveil the dream. We are starting with a logo and a Facebook page. There will be much more very soon…

How do you like track so far? We’ll meet at 6:30pm again at Piedmont for another romp around the track. It’s kind of nice for a change, don’t you think? Anyone who wants to join me and Coach Tres afterward for a birthday glass of wine is welcome to join us immediately after the workout. We’ll head to Grand Avenue for a bite to eat and a few birthday cheers.

Time to celebrate and enjoy a beautiful area at Inspiration Point this weekend.

To Success!
Coach Stephanie


Personal Training or Nutrition Sessions with Coach Stephanie. I have a few spots available for one on one consults and sessions for nutrition and/or training. Contact me directly if you want some additional time with me in a private session.

New, Free! Tuesday (summer) Community Boot Camp at Bella Vista Park in Oakland. Join me for this new community gathering – free boot camp at 8:30 every Tuesday morning. Details on Meetup

Summer Trails, Fall Triathlons, Fun Runs, Relays, and Half Marathon

Big Sur it is! You voted, we listened! Go WOW Team will be participating, once again, in the Big Sur 5K and Half Marathon in November. Mark your calendars now as you have to sign up early to be guaranteed a spot in the race. You also need accommodations and Lauren will be sending out some details on how to rent a house. Big Sur %K and Half Marathon are on the weekend of November 7 and 8.

October 10 – Broads Run Broadway! GO WOW is an official training partner for this race

November 22 – Berkeley Half Marathon and Relay!



Upcoming Events of Note: (this is not a complete WOW Team calendar)

  • June 27 – Trail Clinic with Coach Tres and Coach Stephanie
  • June 27 – Anne Olson leads a fun walk/run at Lake Chabot
  • June 28 – Informal Triathlon Talk, train for the See Jane Run Sprint Triathlon after Inspiration Point
  • July 11 – Plan Nutrition for Peak Race Performance. Coach Stephanie speaks at Road Runner Sports
  • September 5 – Run Walk Workshop. Train for Broads Run Broadway 5K
  • October 10 – Broads Run Broadway 5K Fun Run and Walk
  • November 8 – Big Sur Half Marathon and 5K
  • November 22 – Berkeley 5K and half marathon


Details for these special events are on meetup. For the full calendar of WOW Workouts go to our website at or http://meetup.com/gowowteam

Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation 2015 Calendar of Races – Want to race as a team? Join our Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation (BAWRF) and get in on the fun. Contact Coordinator Lizette if you plan to participate at Lizette.byer@gmail.com . Here is the link to the schedule of races and how to register. http://www.pausatf.org/data/2015/RRSchedule2015.html .


Be sure to look over our website at Go WOW Team website to realize ALL the VALUE of your WOW Membership.

Post on Winners’ Circle every week –Open to all WOW Members, current and former – Be sure to join if you haven’t already!  http://www.facebook.com/groups/244142088969843/295132213870830/

Photos: by Lauren Ganes, Thanks!

#1 She did it!  Faith finished her first 5K under 30 minutes!

#2 Kim, Nicole, Marybeth, Faith, Allison

#3 Karen finishing the half marathon

#4  Gretchen finishing under 2 hours for the half marathon

#5  Katie powering it into the finish

#6  Allison, look at her kick!



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The Weekly Pep Talk Start December 13, 2011

The Weekly Pep Talk, December 13, 2011

Quote of the Week: “One is defeated only when one accepts defeat.” – Marshall Foch

Woman of the Week:
Christy Gerren
, Christy just keeps on going! One of these days she will fulfill that dream of completing a marathon…

Link to WOW Team Resources for Non Members and Members

Become a WOW Team Mentor

If you are an enthusiastic WOW Member who would like to share the benefits of WOW Membership with new members please consider being a MENTOR.

The basic requirements are that you care and will show up (we’ll work out a schedule ahead of time). WOW wants you for the upcoming season from January 7 through race day of the Oakland Running Festival in March. Here is the link for details.

Dear Ladies,

What a year! I am blown away by what you women have accomplished!

I was thinking about Iris, who just completed her fifth half marathon for the year. Are you impressed or what? Iris, you rock!

And then there’s Michaela. She had never run more than a 2 mile race and, within 7 days completed 2 hilly races, the first was 7.6 miles, the second 13.1! Incredible!

Now we can’t ignore Pam or Kathrina who, in May ran and walked a 5K with no prior race experience then went on to honor their teams by racing their legs off in the December CIM Relay – farther than either of them had ever raced before! Kathrina is talking marathon and I think she will do it. Pam and Kathrina, I’m lovin’ it!

How about Julie? Just about to turn 70 and competed in her first 2 half marathons in 2011! Can you believe it? When Julie turns 70, you ladies in the 70 – 79 category better watch out!

Now, the WOW Team is made up of women who are all like Iris, Michaela, Julie, Pa, Christy, and Kathrina. We work hard, we strive for personal goals, and we keep going.

Do you know why? Because the purpose of running with the WOW Team is not to run the fastest; it is to set a goal, get some feedback from a coach who really cares, train with your buddies, and keep moving for the rest of your life!

When I see the friendships that are created, like that between Heidi and Ellen (who have been with WOW for many years), who have weathered the ups and downs that life gives us, I am touched by the simplicity and significance of time spent together.

We share a bond far beyond that of miles and speed yet we are able to attain athletic goals, seemingly beyond our reach, through the camaraderie, support, and certainty that we are there for each other now and will continue to be there, week after week, for the foreseeable future.

WOW Women Rock! Here’s to a great 2011 and who knows what’s in store for 2012. I think we’re in for a MARVELOUS NEW YEAR!

Go for it! – Coach Stephanie

P.S. You new ladies who showed up at Lake Merritt on Wed or Sunday are getting an early start on training for the Oakland Half Marathon, 5K and Relay. Keep it up! Control the holiday SPREAD with exercise!

Recap Walnut Creek Half Marathon and 5K

Be sure to look on Facebook and our WOW Team website for the details. Lauren wrote a great Marathon Minute and took wonderful photos of the day! Congratulations Michaela R, Iris T, Julie Y, Sarah K, Fiona, Robbi C, and Rowena R!

Credit also goes to Eileen, Lauren and me for being out there in freezing temps to cheer on the troops. Temps were barely above freezing but it was well worth the frozen feet!

Sunday Celebration Recap

The party at Robbi’s house was lively and full of good talk and food! Lesley’s kale salad took first place and the recipe is on the WOW Team Facebook site. Rowena’s rice and seafood salad took a close second. Recipe please?

Check out the wonderful photos, recipes, and comments on Facebook. Thanks Robbi for hosting the party, Lauren and Ellen for taking photos; and each of you who brought the yummy food to share!

Happy December Birthday to Yael W, Robbi C, Noel Y, Dorothy D

Happy December Anniversary to Mayra M and Carlos

Interested in carpooling or contacting a member? Go to the Winners Circle (for members only) and get in on the dialog.

Need more information about the Oakland Running Fest? Check out the WOW Team website HOME Page and click around!

Upcoming – Mark your Calendars (not including the regular workouts. All details for all WOW Events and Workouts are posted on meetup)

Monday, December 19 – Online call about the Oakland Run Fest

December 24- 30 – No Official WOW Workouts (Arrange some through the Winners Circle?)

December 31 – Run and ORF Intro at Sawyer Camp

January 1 – 4 No official WOW Workouts

January 3, Oakland Marathon Training Talk at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek – 6:30PM

January 5, Online Training Call for Oakland Half Marathon and 5K with WOW Team Coach Stephanie

January 6, Mentors and Assistants welcome dinner at the home of Coach Stephanie

January 7, Training Clinic with Coach Stephanie at Chabot College – 10AM – 4PM

January 8, First day of training for the New Year! Meet your WOW Team Buddies! Start training for the Oakland Run Fest Half Marathon or 5K.

February 3, Runner’s Feast – Winter Seasonal Dinner – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, delicious Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

May 4, Runner’s Feast – Spring – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

August 3, Runner’s Feast – Summer – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

November 2, Runner’s Feast – Fall – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

Track Mar 24-25

Tonight’s tack workout will offer our weekend racers a chance to practice their race pace and visualize themselves crossing the finish line.

We will focus on breathing, rhythm, and a sense of “lightness and control” as we move effortlessly (but with determination) through 40 minutes around the track. There will be no timing but, if you bring a watch, this is a time to check your consistency. If not, just enjoy moving…

Coach Stephanie will be available on Wednesday and Coach Rob on Thursday, to go over your personal race strategy.

Anyone who is not racing this weekend is welcome to join the workout, as always. Our next major goal is the SF Half Marathon on July 25 with the Martinez Brickyard Run on April 18, the Bay to Breakers on May 16, and the WOW/Weight Watchers 5K on June 6 (tentative).

Reminder: While The WOW Team chooses races to help us stay on our fitness “track”, this is neither a requirement or an expectation for you to join us and work out with us.


WOW Workouts Mar 8-14

Work out with The WOW Team. It's fun!

For the Week of March 8-14, 2010

Join The WOW Team – Fit Women of the World for fun and some honest sweating as we walk or run our way to lifelong fitness.

Here’s what WOW is up to this week.

Wednesday, 6:30 PM Piedmont High School Track for all abilities

Thursday, 6:30 PM Las Lomas Track in Walnut Creek. Track for all abilities

Saturday, 8:00 AM, SF Zoo – Java Beach on Sloat. 60 minute tempo run. Runners only.

Sunday, 8:00 AM. Two separate locations:

  • Practice at The Emeryville Marina
  • Practice at Walden Park in Walnut Creek
  • For directions and details on the routes, look at the Directions Tab at the top of the home page

    Oakland Running Festival Trainees. Here is this week’s long run/workout

    • 5K – 60 minutes*
    • Novice Half Marathoners –3 hours, 20 minutes or 14 miles, whichever comes first
    • Intermediate Half Marathoners – 14 miles (1 miles warm-up) plus 13 miles steady pace
    Fitness Forever/Maintenance – 60 minutes or more. You choose.

    EVERYONE does a 5 minute walking warm-up. After that you are free to break into your chosen workout style. If you are timing yourself, wait until you reach mile one to start measuring your time/mile.

    *Depends on your ability – go for at least 50 minutes “pushing yourself”. The rest is to increase your time on your feet.

    Questions? Contact Coach Stephanie at coachstephanie@gowowteam.com
    Coach Rob at coachrob@gowowteam.com

    Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking