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Good Fat, Bad Fat

Are these women getting too much fat in their diets?, Photo, courtesy of photobucket

Are you one of those people who thinks FAT equals BAD?

We’ve been taught to think this way and, in fact, the stores are full of gimmicky foods that state boldly "NO FAT" like that makes a can of cola good for you! Or those chips that are BAKED instead of FRIED are now great for you? NOT!

Fat is essential to living and we all need it to survive. Therefore FAT IS NOT ALWAYS BAD! There are 2 big problems however:

1. Most of us eat way too much fat for how much we need

2. There is FAT and then there is FAT. They may sound the same but there are big differences in FAT versus FAT

The GOOD FAT is called poly unsaturated or mono unsaturated and, generally speaking, is more like oil than lard. This type generally stays liquid even when it’s cool whereas most animal fat (lard) gets hard when it cools. Unsaturated is found in fish, seeds (sunflower, sesame, etc.) nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.) and certain fruits and vegetables like avocados and olives.

The BAD FAT is the saturated type that is found in meat like beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. There is also a scientifically manipulated fat called "trans-fat" that is another one of those experiments that, when tested over time, showed several negative side effects.

If you are like millions of others, you may have too much stored on your body. This will prevent you from living a healthy life. Additionally, you may be eating the type of fat that, when mixed with today’s sedentary lifestyle and/or super-sized portions, leads to high blood pressure, clogged arteries, strokes, and other possible life threatening conditions.

Limiting the BAD FAT by eating smaller portions or less frequent meals of saturated fat will make you feel better because digestion is quicker. You’ll feel lighter.

Eating the GOOD FAT will help your body function. You can’t live without fat but you can definitely live without excessive amounts of it.

The first step to changing from Bad Fat to Good Fat is to be aware. You’ve got the information. Now, it’s time to use it for your personal benefit.

Coach Stephanie is a fitness writer for Examiner.com. Here is a link to this article