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Go WOW Team. Your Lifelong, Lifestyle Walk Run Fitness Club.

Welcome to our running, walking, lifelong community of fit women. Welcome to Go WOW Team!

Welcome to Go WOW Team

With fitness, friendship, and fun as our goal, Go WOW Team comprises some awesome women. Currently ranging in age from 20’s – 70’s we are many sizes, many shapes, and many abilities.

What do we have in common?

We are all women and we all strive to be our best. Many of us have never trained before or are returning after MANY years away.

Go WOW Team Rocks

Some of us walk for fitness. Some of us mix walking and running. Some of us are pretty serious runners and are training to improve our times. Most of us participate in a race once in a while.

I started Go WOW Team to bring fitness, through running, walking, and the outdoors, to women everywhere. WOW provides:

  • Safety
  • Organization
  • Professional Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Friendship and
  • Opportunity for you to explore your athletic potential
    with a like minded group of supportive women

Live too far away to join our neighborhood workouts? Go WOW Team provides virtual coaching to women throughout the world! We also can help you start your own neighborhood group, with direction and support from me, Coach Stephanie.

Now is the time to make this happen!

Join us soon for a neighborhood workout or a virtual coaching session.
We are here to help you find your “Athlete Within”.
There is no better time than right now to get started!

Go WOW Team!

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Marathon Minute – 1 Mile

1 Mile

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

IMG_1120 (480x640)It was such a wonderful feeling to join so many WOW women on a run Sunday morning!  This Sunday morning WOW Women covered a variety of distances:  15 miles, 14 miles, 10 miles, 7 miles, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, as well as a variety of intervals of 9:1, 4:1, 2:1 and straight running or walking.  It is such an honor to be part of this supportive group of runners!

1 mile this Sunday represented a huge difference.  For the marathoners (Lizette, Marta and Julia), training for the CIM marathon, 15 miles was a short, but fairly fast run.  For the half marathoners (Lauren, Vera, Jessica, Kelly and Leti), training for the Berkeley Half marathon, 14 miles was a long slow distance run.  Whatever distance we train for, there is always a challenge.  It was just interesting that our challenges this Sunday were different by 1 mile, but exponentially different for the final race.

Our congratulations to Rosalind Makris on running her first 5k this weekend!  Roz has walked full marathons, but this was her first running race.  Way to go, Roz!

Sending best wishes to Jackie Ray who will be running the Big Sur Half Marathon this weekend. Good luck Jackie!

For the Berkeley Race be prepared:  bring some water and/or electrolyte liquid. the first aid station is at 2 ½ miles, the second is at 5 miles, the next is at 8, then 10 and 12.  One station will have GU.

For CIM:  there are 17 aid stations, the electrolyte is Powerade, and they will also have GU.

WOW Women continue to stay strong!

The Weekly Pep Talk – WOW was Smokin’

The Weekly Pep Talk #187
Start March 26, 2012

Words to Live By: “Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.” –  Aristotle

Final Chance: Please Vote! Get the family and friends to help out. Let’s make the Wow Team the Best Running Club in the Bay Area! http://sf.cityvoter.com/the-wow-team-bay-area-women-s-run-walk-club/biz/282250 . Deadline March 30. Thanks to everyone who has already voted but please bring your friends and family on board, too. We need those votes!

Happy Runners. Oakland Run Fest 2012. Photo by Lauren Ganes

Marathon Minute from Lauren Ganes is ready for reading. Go to http://gowowteam.com/marathon-minute-16 for an update on the ORF.

WOW Members, please share your race stories on the Winners’ Circle. This is your time! (WOW Member but not on the Winners’ Circle? Check your membership resource letter for details on how to participate.)

Dear WOW Members and Interested Readers,

There will be two more weeks of condensed Weekly Pep Talks. I am taking off tomorrow for a trip to Boston and New York with my college age daughter and we are spending a week exploring colleges and 2 new cities for the first time! I have been all over the world but never to Boston and only once to New York. I am excited! Both, for time to spend with my youngest daughter and for an adventure to share!

Rowena and Julie. Rowena ran her first half marathon! 2012

As for the WOW Team, I have to repeat Ann R’s quote from the Winners’ Circle “WOW – wee!” What a group! You showed your stuff this weekend and it is documented in race times, photos, and satisfied trainees. I am so proud of what each of you have accomplished! You should feel terrific (if a bit sore!)

Many of you were mentioned in Lauren’s Marathon Minute so, before thinking we fogot you, please check it out! In addition to what Lauren already wrote about (and photographed) I want to salute Laura L who ran 8 minutes faster in her 5K race this year over last! Additionally Laura took some dynamite photos AND was the impetus and organizer for her school to add a youth running program for students to train for yesterday’s race. You totally rock Laura!

Elaine P and Ann R finished the 5K bright and early then had to rush off for family and work matters. I loved seeing you out there, finishing strong. Please know that See Jane Run 5K and Half holds bigger and better things for both of you! Go for it!

I have known Amanda M for several years. To see the transformation in this woman from then until now is incredible! I am so proud of what you have accomplished Amanda and also see what kind of strength there is in family. You ran for your father, you have a husband who is right there with you (literally, since you ran together!) and a lovely baby daughter to carry on the love from generation to generation. Much was accomplished yesterday. Good job!

Christy and Ann, pre race! Oakland Run Fest 2012, photo by Lauren G

In her usual quiet and determined manner Christy G crossed the finish of the Oakland Half Marathon for the second time. The WOW Team congratulates you and I am especially proud. Thanks for the wonderful training workouts we’ve shared!

We also saw Beth W, who has been an incredible mentor, run the relay with her “best cupcake buddies”. The ladies are making ORF Relay a tradition and we applaud traditions and women’s fitness so you are doing it right!

Lizette B, finished with a personal record of 2 hours and 3 minutes and a bit was also on a clip in the news last night on television so we will be needing to get her autograph soon. Go Lizette! Now, on to a century ride in June…

Christie A, one of our newest members participated in her first race, ever, as a relay partner in yesterday’s relay. Christie’s team included Iris T, Vera C, and Lesley T. Good run Christie! Now, a half marathon is in order right? See Jane Run here we come!

Coach Stephanie, Christie, Eileen, Robbi , and Iris after our races. Photo by Laura Lance.

I want to thank the leaders of the relay teams, Iris T and Eileen K. You ladies got it together! Eileen’s Team included Ellen Gordon, April Nicolas, and Kathrina Weekes.

I want to thank all the volunteers who helped at the expo and, especially Iris T, Pam Skiles, and Husbands Andy Ganes and Adam Byers who went to extra efforts to show up early, late and help as needed.

I want to give a big THANKS to Laura and Lauren who took so many wonderful photos!

I also want to commend Lauren for her tenacity in recovering gradually so that, after a year, she was able to successfully complete another half marathon, injury-free.

I saw a group of women out there yesterday pushing themselves, each other, and having fun. What could be better? I want to congratulate each of you for what you accomplished. For each of you that was a different thing. We had so many successes yesterday, measured by the goals each of us had set and by the strength in what our team represents – lifetime fitness, friendship, and fun.

And, how about the party at Michaela and Tony’s house? Was that the very best ending possible to a wonderful day? Thank you, thank you Michaela and Tony for welcoming us to your home and introducing us to incredible cooking!

Here is a list of participants from my memory. If I left your name out, please let me know. Each of you deserves so much credit.


Elaine Porter
Ann Ritzma
Jeanetta Mack
Laura Lance


WOW Team A

  • Eileen Killory
  • Ellen Gordon
  • April Nicolas
  • Kathrina Weekes

WOW Team B

  • Iris Torres
  • Vera Chrebtow
  • Christie Areias
  • Lesley Turner

Beth Wrightson – The Cupcake Relay Team

Half Marathoners

Lauren Ganes
Robbi Cook
Lizette Byers
Christy Gerren
Coach Stephanie
Colleen Blakelock
Rowena Robles
Julie Yokoyama
Coach Stephanie
Kyoung Lee
Pat Chase
Lily Chien-Davis
Michaela Ristaino
Fiona Burger
Amanda Moynihan
Anna Santos

What a group!


See Jane Run Training

OK, it’s time to ramp up the training! See Jane Run, here we come. 5K and half marathon, we’re taking you down!

This coming week I want everyone to work on form. Minimum workout is 60 minutes, Maximum is 100 minutes. Please don’t go over 60 unless you’ve already done this amount. Then up it by 10 minutes from wherever you are. If you are new with WOW I recommend working at 1/1 with a woman who is a similar pace. Touch base with Beth to find out who can work out with you.

If you just finished your half marathon, this is a recovery week. 60 minutes is good. Just “stay in the game” this week. Nice and easy, fun movement.

If you are a relay or 5K veteran, let’s get a 60 minute workout in with medium speed (tempo speed for 4 minutes with 1 minute easy recovery walking).

Beth will lead the workout on Sunday at San Leandro Marina. Christy leads the walk on Saturday. Lauren and Michaela are leading the workouts on Wednesday. Thanks to all my wonderful workout leaders!

Coach Stephanie

P.S. I’ll be back on Wednesday, April 4. See you then!

“I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed.” – Robert Schuller

Interested Readers?
I am offering a FREE ebook (Kindle, Nook, iPad, computer screen) of my latest novel to anyone in your club who would consider writing a short review for a blog, newsletter, or local newspaper.

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The novel is about a sixty-five-year-old medical researcher who develops a serum that reverses aging in human cells. After injecting himself with the serum, he monitors his progress through his distance running. When he posts a world-class time of 17:35 for his age group in a local 5K, a mysterious triumvirate of pharmaceutical CEOs known as the Medical Mafia wants the serum at any price. The bodies pile up along the Outer Banks as a Russian mobster and a couple rogue FBI agents attempt to get their hands on the serum and formula.

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Thanks for considering this request. Sincerely, Joe C. Ellis

Please VOTE!
Don’t forget to vote for WOW as Best Bay Area Running Club! Get friends and family, too!http://sf.cityvoter.com/the-wow-team-bay-area-women-s-run-walk-club/biz/282250 

Note: If you have a question and are not yet a member of the WOW Team, post it on our Go WOW Team publicfacebook page and I’ll do my best to post a response there within 1 business day. Members can post on The Winners Circle, our private facebook page. I’ll check in on both. Go WOW Team!

Marathon Training Starts August

Monday, August 15 is the first day of the WOW Team 16 Week Intermediate Marathon Training Program. Are you planning to run with the WOW Team?

Don’t miss out on our dynamic and (partially) free clinics!

August 6 – Burlingame, follow this link for details

August 7 – Emeryville, follow this link for details

August 13 – Walnut Creek, details posted soon

The WOW Team CIM Marathon Training Program is for an intermediate level runner who already has a solid base and can handle the increase in mileage and speed that we will use. Our clinics can help you determine where you are with your training and make a confident decision to train (or not) for 26.2 miles.

Our half marathon training program starts at exactly the same time and offers 17 weeks of training for the Walnut Creek Half Marathon. This is an intentional plan to allow our trainees to put in several weeks of 60 minute runs before increasing the time they put into their training. It is our hope that, during those first 6 weeks, you will become faster and stronger while remaining uninjured and confident for the next phase of your training.

Here is the training schedule with distances planned for the WOW Marathon Training Team. Follow this Fall 2011 Marathon Training Team Saturday Locations