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Time to Taper

Nike Womens Marathon time to taper

October 17 Marathon and Half Marathon Training is now in taper mode

For those of you who have trained long and hard for the upcoming marathon and half marathon at Long Beach, Nike, Redwoods, and others, the light is at the end of the tunnel!

Now is the time to rest, eat well, and mentally prepare for your event. Take the time to run the course in your mind. If you have already seen or raced on the course, this helps. If you have not been a participant before, try to drive the course ahead of your race. In the meantime, look at a map on the website and mentally “map out” your strategy. Think the course through. Consider the START and how to navigate the crowd; think aid stations- how you will utilize them and how much time you allot to them; think bathroom stops and how to avoid them or, in an emergency, what are your options; think nutrition – how long will you be on the course and what will you need to stay strong.

There are other questions to think about so, do this in a quiet place when you are in a relaxed mode. Run the course virtually, several times, always improving, always fine tuning your strategy.

The physical training is waning and the mental component is taking over. Take on this challenge and practice it. This is the final part of your training plan. This is the culmination of what you’ve been working so hard at for the last several months! Go for it! Your time is here!