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Go for the Gusto

Go for the Gusto!

Iris T and Roob C at the See Jane Run Half Marathon, 2011 – Photo by Lauren Ganes, WOW Team Marathon Coordinator

I have had the pleasure of reading and posting pre-race articles from WOW Coach Kerry Sullivan and WOW Team Marathon Coordinator Lauren Ganes, along with a plethora of photos from our taper run, also taken by Lauren.

The bond that develops with the women in the WOW Team is much stronger than a single race. But, to run, to push limits, to support, to make new friends, and to have fun, week after week, is what the WOW Team is about. When we make the commitment to ourselves and each other, to make our well being a priority, we “win” races and much more.

The sense, yesterday, at the finish of the last training run before race day was one of exhilaration and hope for those who will run on Sunday. Many of you have had to overcome injuries to be at the place where you can now participate in a race. I am so excited for each of you!

Last year at this time, Lauren ran her best half marathon ever, at age 62, and had the second best time in her age category, at the San Francisco Marathon. Kerry, injured, cheered Lauren and the rest of us on, from the sidelines.

This year, Lauren will cheer on Kerry and those of us running as she stands on the sidelines, injured. Two of my team-mates from our winning team last year will be on the sidelines this year. Filomena and Lauren, you will be missed. All of you who are injured will be in our hearts on race day.

For those of you who are psyched and as ready as you can be, Go for the Gusto! I will be holding a Tuesday night phone-in from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. Please RSVP if you can make this call. It is specifically a call about details for this weekend and to wish success to the participants. I will answer any and all questions and we will coordinate meeting places, etc. Join us at any time during this 90 minute call. Please RSVP to CoachStephanie@gowowteam.com and I will send call in details.

Also, any of you who want to post a cheer on facebook, please do! Wish your team-mates a good race. You must “LIKE” the page (at the top) to be able to post a message.

Racers, think of us as the wind beneath your wings this Sunday. Here is a list of participants:
Aisling Forbes, Kelly Woodard, Kosheno Moore, Julie Yokoyama, Kerry Sullivan, Jeanetta Mack, Heidi Harrison, Marilee Fahlman, Kenia , Marina Shenderovich, Pam Skiles, Kathrina Weekes, Christy Gerren, Iris Torres, and me, Stephanie Atwood

Go for it!
Coach Stephanie

P.S. Wear your WOW Shirts and Caps so we can find you on race day!

Link to Taper Week by Lauren Ganes

Link to Blessing in Disguise by Kerry Sullivan

Blessing in Disguise

Coach Kerry talks about the true joys of running…

Photo by Lauren Ganes

The blessing in disguise, with being sidelined from a few of my favorite local races, was the ability to spectate. Last year, the San Francisco Marathon was the first race I spectated when I could not run it.

At the time, I was pretty bitter that I could not race in it. The San Francisco Half Marathon was, in fact, the race I had wanted to run since moving to the Bay Area three years ago. After having ran Nike Women’s in 2005, I “patiently” awaited my chance to run the streets of San Francisco once again.

Throughout the race, I remember feeling excitement for those that I knew when they passed, but unfortunately, it was quickly replaced with this feeling of frustration that washed over me each time I would be reminded that indeed my body was hurting.

Once time passed and I was on the mend, I still was no where near ready to run the Oakland Half Marathon in March. However, since the race was adjacent to my neighborhood, I grabbed a cup of coffee, brought my DSLR camera, and stood on the corner of Lake Merritt and waited.

I had a handful of people to cheer on from multiple groups of friends. At this point, I was back to running smaller distances so the bitterness I felt at San Francisco 9 months prior was no where to be found during the Oakland Half Marathon.

Instead, it was replaced with appreciation.

I suggest taking the opportunity to support a local race that you have not signed up for, or better yet, volunteer.

When floods of runners pass you, the perspective you gain is worthwhile. What each of you take away from watching another race might be different, but I can guarantee that it will impact you.

It takes losing something to realize its importance to you.

For me, personally, this race is not about the time, but the fact that I have the ability to run it.

Good luck to all those out there this weekend!

Coach Kerry Says…

Kerry Sullivan will be joining the WOW Team as Coach later this summer. She has been part of the WOW Team for several years and has been honing her coaching and training skills to become the best coach possible. Kerry writes from the heart! Please join her blog at her blog Running on Faith to learn more about Kerry’s attachment to running. – Coach Stephanie

July is finally here! I am training for the San Francisco Half Marathon and July always felt distant, in the future. I cannot say, though, that I feel unprepared.

In fact, all the hard work of those training for the half marathon is gaining momentum for the big day!

As I finished my 15 mile long run last Saturday, I muttered to myself “Put me on the course now! I feel ready to go!” For those who do not know me, those are never words you hear from me while training.

However, following the WOW Team’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan has allowed my body to acclimate to a gradual increase, whether that is mileage or time on your feet. I am proud to see multiple higher mileage weeks – 15, 14, 13, and many 10 milers – under my belt before we take to the streets of San Francisco in a few weeks. Actually, this is my first training cycle with two long runs above a half marathon distance in almost two years!

Since I am no stranger to running injuries, I took my time working back up to this distance and have balanced workouts out with strength and core training with the other runs that my training plan prescribes – tempo and interval sessions – each week.

It is during these tempo and interval workouts where I see my body gradually work more efficiently over the training cycle. I spread these two workouts over the week and make sure to incorporate the resistance training, possibly a fun run, and some recovery to balance the hard work that the WOW team’s training calls for.

With that hard work, comes unbelievable reward! We are almost there. Allow that momentum to build and have faith in your training.

6 Weeks to SF Marathon and Half

The WOW Team is gearing up for the SF Marathon, Half Marathon and Progressive Marathon!

Here is a list of participants:
1. Aisling F

2. Coach Stephanie
3. Filomena B
4. Iris T
5. Heidi H
6. Lauren G
7. Julie Y
8. Jeanetta M
9. Beth R
10. Kathrina W
11. Pam S

Here is the training mileage (or time) for the weekend workout

Progressive Marathoners – 60 minutes with 5 minutes warm-up then 50 minutes steady and 5 minutes cool-down

Novice to Intermediate Half Marathoners – 11 miles or 130 minutes, whichever comes first

Intermediate, Experienced Marathoners – 11 miles with 1 mile warm-up, 6 miles at HMP, 1 miles steady, 3 miles at HMP

Half Marathon Practice Run Sat. July 3

Practice Run on the SFM First Half Course, Saturday, July 3, 2010

The WOW Team will be practicing on the actual SFM Half Marathon (First Course) on Saturday, July 3. Starting from the Ferry Terminal in SF we will run 13.1 miles including crossing the Golden Gate Bridge before ending our run in Golden Gate Park.

Please RSVP at Go WOW Team on Meetupor http://meetup.com/gowowteam if you plan to attend. This run (on Saturday) will be for HALF MARATHON RUNNERS or women who plan to run a distance out and back.. Saturday is for RUNNERS ONLY.

Next week’s Sunday July 11 workout in Golden Gate Park will be for walkers, runners, and run/walkers including those practicing the second half marathon route.

You must bring your own snacks and water though we will stop at Crissy Field, the Golden Gate Bridge vista point (SF and Marin), and a water stop in Golden Gate Park on 25th Avenue. We will end near a bus to get us back to the Ferry Terminal. If you drive, allow time to park on the street. If you take public transportation, check the schedule. The Ferry Building (meet at sidewalk across the street from Market Street) is served by BART and SF Muni.

Bring: Money (for a meal and bus fare), water, layers, snacks, and be ready to rock!

Register for the race soon if you haven’t already done so! The first half marathon race is almost full.