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FAQ’s and Comments

Go WOW Team! Go Kerry

From Piedmont Track 7/21/2010

Melanie A – We probably looked like Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks–but the drills were great–deceptively simple, but very strenuous

Donna R – Awesome, I love the way Stephanie changes it up each time. All the women are fantastic!

What is the time block for each of the Sunday workouts ?

Good question, thanks for checking in. The weekend workouts will depend on the distance or time we are working out that weekend and your pace. That said, I try to start right on time. Because we cater to different abilities and different goals you can always expect to work out at least 60 minutes and, by checking your own training schedule, you should have the details for your individualized goal.

Is it ok to have my daughter?
You are always welcome to bring drop-in guests (who can work out with us) or observers, if they don’t want to participate. There is a fee for participating drop-ins of $7/with RSVP or $10 when you just show up. Either way, WOW welcomes you.

What day of the week is the training/track in the Walnut Creek area and what time is it?
Track is scheduled for Wednesday with boot camp on Tues and Thursday, all at Las Lomas Track. That workout is 6:30 to 7:30PM. We try to get people in and out within the 60 minutes because it’s a week night and always busy for everybody.

Need more details, let me know  gowowteam@gmail.com

Photo: Coach Stephanie celebrating life at The Breast Cancer Hike with her daughters/C. Wills

April 10, 2010
Dear WOW- Just re-surfacing from the 1/2 marathon aches – I’m not sure how all my weird injuries disappeared for that day, but they did. I went from – should I run the 1/2? to will I be able to finish the 1/2? to I want to finish in under 2hrs! I ended up running 9:48 minute miles and I hope to run under 2 hrs next time, but I still can’t believe I finished!!

I would’ve never been able to get back into running (high school cross country was a long time ago…) without this team and Stephanie, everything from the lovely morning carpools to the hot pink WOW chalk at the last mile of a workout. I love this team and can’t wait to get 100% better and start training again with you all. – Rachel

March 10
You meet appropriate challenges – Melanie A

Friendly people and a great coach that kicks your butt and takes care of you! – Elke V

March 9– Hi Stephanie – I do appreciate your dedication to women in the East Bay. Thank you for that. But I feel I can get my work outs in for free running with Fleet Feet and other free groups. Can you please take me off your email list? Thanks again, Jessica

Hi Jessica – Thank you for the nice note. I always wonder why people talk about getting their runs for free. Of course, running and moving is free to all of us, as long we take advantage of it. What a gift!

What my meetup and The WOW Team offer is consistency (several times a week, with regularity), organization, ongoing communication, and a professional, caring, coach at the head who truly cares about bringing each participant to her unique, peak ability. Granted, the group dynamic does not allow for one-on-one but I have an eye out for each person in my group. I try to keep them injury-free, motivated, and directed to achieve realistic (but high) goals.

The final piece is the group dynamic. If you fit into a group, whether it’s free or paid, it’s a great feeling. If you don’t fit in, it’s time to go elsewhere.

If you want to honor being able to move, you have many ways to do it – The WOW Team, my individual coaching, or all the other options that have nothing to do with me or The WOW Team. I wish you well and I truly hope you take advantage of fitness through movement while you have the gift. Who knows when it may be taken away? Best, Coach Stephanie

Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking

February 26
Hi Stephanie. I’m looking for the directions to Sawyer Camp and can’t find them. Can you give them to me? Hoping I can make it.
Thanks. Brenna

Hi Brenna, Go to http://gowowteam.com/directions/sawyer-camp-trail-san-mateosan-bruno/ and follow the link on the page. It pinpoints where we meet. You’ll like the place. Very cool…Coach Stephanie

Love those WOW Team t-shirts!

February 21, lululemon hosts our Lafayette Reservoir Workout 

Combined WOW group gathering was great seeing members of other groups and meeting new participants. Thank you Lululemon for the morning feast that followed the workout. Rain may have dampened our hair and our clothes but not our spirits! The larger the group the greater the enthusiasm.  – Pat

The venue was great and the food at the end provided by the Lululemon group was wonderful. Can they do this every Sunday? Just kidding. A little less rain would have been helpful but we’ve been really lucky until today. Had a great time.  – Cathy

This was a beautiful location with hills for a fun challenge. Thanks Coach Stephanie for the ribbon! Great food provided by lululemon – especially the scones. Yum! – Jennifer W

Hi Stephanie….Just an FYI…I sent Lululemon a thank you card on behalf of WOW for the brunch yesterday. That was so fun! – Sharmaine

Hi Stephanie -The brunch was great this morning. Thank you so much for organizing that for us! Do you think there’s anyway I can get my hands on that granola recipe? It was sooooo good! Thanks, Sarah

February 14, Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek “Hi Stephanie, I am really enjoying the WOW events and I AM getting stronger. Walked 2 hrs Sunday (7 miles). Glad to have the cross-training and hydration/nutrition sessions. Hope to see you soon.” Pat

February 13, SF Java Beach Run “I had a great time at your meet-up; I must work on those HILLS – looking forward to other events.” Gina

February 2, Piedmont Track “ Thank you, Stephanie. I never want to go to track workouts, but when I do, I’m so happy I went. The workout was tough and exactly what I needed. ” Heidi

“ Stephanie sure knows her stuff! Great workout tonight! ” Sara

“ I love this group! Running up and down hills was the first part, then we headed out on The Bay Trail toward Emeryville for anything between 60 minutes to 8 miles. These gals are looking fine… ” Coach Stephanie

“ Tough day for me–sluggish . . . but being part of a group dedicated to fitness really does help me keep pushing on! See you all soon! ” . Sara

“ Enjoyed the good information, demo on running up and down hills. The location was perfect for that training. ” . Julie Y

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