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2012 Speaker Series

Inspirational Women in Fitness

Join Coach Stephanie of the WOW Team as she brings you an exciting addition to women’s fitness.

The Fit Women Series, From Couch to Accomplished, offers in-person and virtual conversations with women who have made fitness their business and/or their lifestyle.

Lucretia AusseMeet Lucretia Ausse, Chi Running Teacher on August 1 in Walnut Creek

Lucretia Ausse is a runner who can hold her own. She has incorporated Chi Technique into her own running and as a teaching method for others.

In her words – After a 25 year break from running, I came back fast and hard. Within 9 months, I ran a hilly, rural 20-mile road race. Within 4 hours of finishing, both of my legs seized and I was left with plantar faciitis in both feet, that steadily increased in severity over the next year.

Being stubborn (and after my doctor’s advice that I curtail my running), I continued to run with a “no pain, no gain” approach while taking Aleve to manage my pain which allowed me to move somewhat normally.

When the pain started radiating up to my knees and hips, in desperation I did an internet search for “pain free running” and ChiRunning was the first result. I attended a workshop a month later and my running life was changed for the best, forever. That was 2006 and I’ve had no recurrence of plantar faciitis since.

The ChiRunning form not only altered my technique; it changed my focus from short-term goals to a lifelong practice. I run for the joy of it, and teach the same way. Whether you’re interested in just beginning to run, or you’re coming back after a break, or would like to run with more ease and no injuries, this is where to start. It’s never too late to experience the joy of running.

ChiWalking and ChiRunning encourage balance in your body and yourself. Learn to move from your center, your core, and not use your legs to walk or run! You’ll learn proper body alignment and movement techniques that will give you a powerful sense of balance and stability, as well as relaxation and spaciousness in your body and mind.

Like all of our inspirational speakers Lucretia has overcome obstacles and found a place in running to push herself and help others. Come and hear her story.

August 1 – August 22 – Details on our Speakers’ Series Continue

From world class racers to fitness experts in nutrition, Chi Running, psychology, injury prevention, to women who started running after fifty (or have run for most of fifty years!), this series offers insight into the women who have overcome obstacles and chosen to make good health an integral part of their lifestyle. Each woman will share a segment of her own personal struggle and where she is now with fitness in her life. Finally each will offer tips and tricks to help us in our pursuit of a fit lifestyle.

Come meet these women and hear their stories at our Wed workouts starting June 20. Locations alternate between Walnut Creek and Piedmont. Their talks will come right before our clinic each week on improved running, just for us women. Be there on time. This is an honor and a gift to have them present their stories.

All are welcome! The talks are free*

August Speakers

August 1, Walnut CreekLucretia Ausse will talk about Chi Running and Walking

August 8, Piedmont – Dr. Sandy Baird, Specializing in ART (Active Release Therapy) and already treating several WOW Members. Sandy will share how she moved from civil engineering at UC Berkeley to chiropractic, currently with Innersport Chiropractic in Berkeley.

August 15, Walnut Creek, Ask Coach Stephanie, an evening to get all your questions answered from Go WOW Team Coach Stephanie. Start making your list now!

August 22, Piedmont – Dr. Michelle Cleere, PhD, will share her journey from an obese childhood to an accomplished athlete and skilled sports psychologist and motivator. Changing the way she thought, changed her life and Michelle explains “Perhaps you think there’s something special about me and that you can’t do the same. I can tell you that’s not true.” Come and listen to Michelle’s story and her commitment to help people change the way they think. With the right guidance and support, all of us can do it. Mental Training Elite Performers, Web/blog: www.drmichellecleere.com

*Your first workout with WOW is complimentary and all talks are free. After that, if you wish to participate in the track clinics or join WOW there is a fee. Please join us on meetup at www.meetup.com/gowowteam or view our web site at www.GoWOWTeam.com for more information and to RSVP. Thank you. Go WOW Team!

Speaker Series
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Speaker Series
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