The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 274 Start March 29, 2015

Quote of the Week: “If I can imagine it, I can achieve it.” – Anthony Robbins

WOW Woman of the Week: Shout out to returning Member Kathrina Weekes! Now you have to come see us a bit more often, OK? Promise? Is the See Jane Run 5K on your list for this year?


April Birthdays – Rebecca Novick, Elke Russell, Karin Tulloch, Jen Wuest, Kosheno Moore Takahashi, Emily Tharp, Colleen Blakelock, Julie Traylor-Cruz. Happy Birthday Ladies 


Coach Tip of the Week: Race let-down. It is common to put a lot of effort and expectation into your race training. Distance doesn’t matter. It is the mental, emotional commitment that you put into your training that makes reaching that goal truly important. When it’s over, then what?

It is extremely common for a sense of let-down and loss. Like, what just happened? You trained hard, you got nervous and excited. You raced! Now it’s over. Oh my!

You are not alone.

In coaching and training lingo this fits in with the concept of periodization meaning that, as in life, there is time and need for ebb and flow, up and down, high and low. So now that your race is over, give yourself a pat on the back for what you accomplished. Then give yourself permission to feel a bit lost, even depressed. It goes away…

You are not alone. I mentioned to our group on Sunday, we at Go WOW Team want to make fitness something you include in your life on a regular basis and hopefully, for as long as you can move. One of the benefits of this club is that, because we always meet, every week, all year. You just need to get yourself out here even when you are a bit down. We’ll get you moving!

On to See Jane Run!

As I also mentioned on Sunday, this is our first week of training for the See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon (also, on same weekend, the Zooma 10K and Half Marathon). So, welcome new trainees! We’ve got your back. Also, it’s not too late to join us for training. Now is the time! Jump in!

You long time members, or recovering ORF (or Livermore) racers, it’s all good! I look forward to training with you at all your individual stages. Let’s not forget to appreciate what we all have…the gift of moving our bodies!


Link to the WOW Team Challenge Form. Are you filling in your WOW Team Challenge Form? We have several members who have claimed their 10 hour dog tag. Who will be next?

  • Kim Conner
  • Allison Hickey
  • Kathleen Davis
  • Jacque Keller
  • Nicole Dryden

Please announce your 10 hour achievement on Facebook and keep track of your hours. We will reward you at our next Wednesday or Sunday workout and will put your photo on the Facebook Winners Circle and Go WOW Team page. Who else has gotten to Level 2 at 10 hours completed? Now, keep going to the next level at 50 hours! That’s some major miles…


Marathon Minute: from Coach Lauren – It’s short so I decided to post the whole things right here. You can also refer to it at the following link on our website.

Success Teams

by Member Appreciation and Go WOW Coach Lauren Ganes

Fitness and friendship, is there anything better than that? The warmth and support of the WOW team provides the opportunity for women to explore, succeed and reach goals they never dreamed of.

As a member of WOW for nearly 6 years it has been a privilege to watch women grow, whether walking, running or training for a triathlon.

We have Coach Stephanie to thank for not only founding the team, but for providing an environment where women feel safe to challenge themselves with the bonus of creating lasting friendships.

And thinking about friendships, and how meaningful the WOW team is, reach out to the members of your Success Teams today. Say hello, wish them well (email or phone) and, if you haven’t seen them recently (or ever!) encourage them to work out with us real soon. Everyone benefits when we share in the success of fitness by working out together.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie for supporting us all in our quest to stay fit!


Bay Area Go WOW News

Hi Ladies!

The last few weeks have been hectic and exciting and brought out the best in you WOW Women. Congratulations to all racers and especially for the time you devoted to training. That’s where the commitment lies. That’s where the improvement comes from. It’s also a place that I know many of you appreciate having those WOW Buddies out there to keep you pounding the pavement, week after week.

I want to offer a special congrats to those ladies who ran the half marathon. The amount of training is significant and they followed through week after week. I think almost all of our runners had personal bests.

  • Rosa Kaderas-Redmond came in under 2 hours with almost 2 minutes to spare and 2 minutes better than last year.
  • Nicole Dryden finished her fastest half marathon yet by about 4 minutes!
  • Allison Hickey ran her first half marathon race with control and, of course, a best time ever!
  • Cecilia Han just gets out there and moves! I’m not sure about your time.
  • Lizette Byer ran the whole race with her daughter making this possibly the best half marathon she’s ever run!

We’re super proud of you all!

I want to thank all of you who jumped in to help out with details where you could. The leaders of the relay teams took on extra responsibility to make sure their teams had the pieces together. Thank you Leaders!

The volunteers who helped out at the Expo on Saturday were invaluable. We got a good bunch of names to add to our mailing list.

The group on Sunday who helped set up and managed the tent included Lauren Ganes, Sandy Baird (Dr. Baird), and Joanie Zecherle. All three of these ladies spent hours out there serving us, helping us, encouraging us racers. It was a big sacrifice of time and does not go without appreciation.

Thank you again everyone and congratulations to all you fine racers. It was fun, wasn’t it? Now we head into training for the See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon.

Our orientation on Saturday and trail run on Sunday showed interest in both the 5K and Half. Currently I know we have Marybeth Temples, Kim Connor, Holly Haley, and Faith Enemark planning to do the 5K. Who else is training for either one or the Zooma races in Napa (same weekend)? Keep me posted. I’ll try to keep a list for you to know who is doing what. Also, just to see how many read this far, we have a 20% discount at See Jane Run by using code PROMO20. Be sure to enter you team as Go WOW Team.



New, Free! Wednesday Community Boot Camp at Bella Vista Park in Oakland. Join me for this new community gathering – free boot camp at 8:30 every Wednesday morning. Details on Meetup

Vote for a Fall Half Marathon and 5K. I’m soliciting votes for a fall half marathon and 5K Destination Race. We always have so much fun with these! Any suggestions are welcome but I am especially looking into the Wine Country Race in October or Big Sur again in November. Both of these races fill early so, once we determine our race, you’ll need to make a commitment. Make your comments on Facebook please.

Keep the Spirit!

Coach Stephanie

Upcoming Events of Note: (this is not a complete WOW Team calendar)

  • May 16 – Saturday Trail Runs, check with Tres on the series of trail runs that she will lead for intermediate runners. First one is May 16 at 1:00. Details on Meetup.
  • May 23 – Saturday workouts with Susan Haworth in Alameda. Susan has offered to help out with some Saturday fun workouts for all levels. Starting On May 23, with about one each month. Details coming soon on Meetup.
  • May 31 – practice on See Jane Run Half marathon Course
  • June 20 – 21 – See Jane Run Expo and Race Weekend

Details for these special events are on meetup. For the full calendar of WOW Workouts go to our website at or


#1  San Leandro Marina with Kathrina (Kathy) 2nd to the right

#2  Victory!

#3  See Jane Run from 2012?

#4  Oakland Run Fest Go WOW Tent 2015 with Ann Ritzma, Pat Chase, Anne Olson, Elaine Porter, Lauren Ganes

Note: If you have a question please post your question on the WOW Team facebook page  and I’ll do my best to post a response there within 1 business day. Go WOW Team!


Stretch! Don't forget!

Track for the weeks of March 19 through April 1, 2012

March 19 – 25

Warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (3 – 4 laps)

Timed 2 mile for our See Jane Run Trainees and 5K/Relay Participants
3 miles at Half Marathon Pace, steady, race pace for 3 continuous miles. You can do it!

Cool-down of 2 – 3 laps


March 26 – April 3

Warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (3 – 4 laps)

8 X 400m with 2 minutes rest in-between each lap. Pace should be based on your former race time or timed 2 miles

Cool-down of 2 – 3 laps


Not sure of your pace? Talk to Coach Stephanie. She has an answer for you.

Please make any comments on our public Facebook page or on the Winners’ Circle. Thank you!



Track workout for the week of Feb. 20 – 28, 2012

Do 1 mile warm-up followed by dynamic stretches

10 X 400 with 400m RI (Active Recovery)

Cool down 1 -2 laps walking or jogging


Don’t know your tempo pace? Check with Coach Stephanie

If you are a novice to the track, don’t worry about the pace. Try to finish 1/2 of each 400m (1 lap) going hard. Then rest until the experienced runners finish 2 laps. Repeat five times. This applies to runners or walkers.

Don’t forget to breathe, use strong legs with soft foot landing, and pump those arms!

Please post your comments on our facebook page. Thanks!


For the week of December 25 – 31, 2011

Intermediate to Advanced – Track Workout – 10 – 20 minute warmup plus dynamic stretches. 1 mile with 2 min recovery X 2 (at your 10K race pace)* 4 laps jogging cool-down, Stretch.

WOW winners at the UN Peace Run, September 2011

Run/Walk – 10 – 20 minute walk/run or easy jog warm-up (depending on your speed) plus dynamic stretches, 1 mile with running 1 lap hard, one lap for recovery, half lap hard, half lap recovery X 2, 1 lap hard, one lap for recovery. Walk 1 lap then repeat. 2 laps walking or jogging cool-down, Stretch.

Walkers – 10 – 20 minute walking warmup plus dynamic stretches. Walk HARD for 1/2 lap, Easy 1/2 lap, Steady 1 lap. Repeat 3 – 4 times. Stretch.

Track workouts will cause you to SWEAT and raise your heart rate! If you have any reason why this is not wise, please inform us. We assume you have spoken with your doctor about exercising hard. Thank you!

*If you don’t already know your 10K race pace, let’s talk!

Bring layers of clothing and water. WOW works out in rain or sun. Be prepared. If the weather is inclement, have a change of clothes in your car or near-by. After the workout is when you can get cold.


Here is the track workout for the week of:

September 5 – 11


    Warm-up 10 – 20 minutes. To include jogging and dynamic stretches

    5 X 1000m at your designated pace* with 400m active (jogging) recovery

    Photo of Coach Stephanie and Leti D from UN Peace Run at Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, by Don Gosney

    5 – 10 minute cool down and stretching

    You’re done!

    * Your designated pace is based on your timed 2 mile or other race time. Contact us on facebook if you have a questions about this.


Here is the track workout for the week of August 8 – 14

Warm-up 5 – 10 minutes

Hill repeats:
at Kezar we will do a circuit of run hard, run easy, run up hill hard, downhill easy.

4 X Circuit

not Kezar do 30 seconds hard on the flat, turn around and return to base of hill easy, on the flat, 30 seconds uphill hard, downhill easy and relaxed using gravity to get you down the hill. No putting on the brakes, please.

Repeat 4 times. Rest 2 minutes.

Run one mile at mid-distance pace or 10 minutes steady but FAST.

Cool down 5 – 10 minutes


Good job!

Track Feb 1-7

Watch the turnover

This week’s track workout is the same for all levels, all paces, all women!

The WOW Team 50 Workout – For 50 minutes you will MOVE!

Part 1 – Start with 2 laps warm-up, nice, easy steady walking or jogging, your choice. EASY.

Part 2 – 4 laps HARD at your 10K pace (intermediate), or your run/walk race pace, ” if you are new to the track. After 4 laps hard, recover with 1 lap EASY.

Part 3 – 8 laps HARD (same as above). After 8 laps hard, recover with 2 laps EASY.

Part 4 – 2 laps HARD (same as above). After 2 laps hard recover with 1 lap EASY.

Part 5 – 2 laps HARD (same as above). Push your final lap to use up all your energy. After 2 laps hard, recover with 1-2 cool-down laps, EASY.

This workout will continue for 50 minutes. We will call the time at 50 minutes. Wherever you are in the workout, cool down with a minimum of 1 EASY Lap and finish off the workout with STRETCHING.

The purpose of this workout, for experienced runners, is to work with your 10K pace throughout and stay consistent on each lap for the HARD segments. If you don’t know your 10K pace, talk to us in advance to help you understand what it is.

For everyone, the purpose of this workout is to keep moving for the entire 50 minutes and push yourself on the HARD segments. Use the EASY laps to recover so that you can put 100% effort into the HARD parts. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Go for it! Go WOW Team!

Track Jan 25 – 31

San Francisco Workout Tuesday, January 26 at 6:00 AM
– 10 minutes warm-up including dynamic stretch.2X (4X400) with 1’30” rest, 2’30” between sets (at your 10K race pace)*.  Hill repeats to 6:45, 1 – 2 laps walking/jogging cool-down, Stretch.

Kerry S and Coach Stephanie at Piedmont High School Track

Intermediate to Advanced at 7 – 10 minutes/mile

Piedmont (Wednesday, January 27) and Las Lomas (Thursday, January 28) at 6:30 PM

Intermediate to Advanced at 7 – 10 minutes/mile – 10 minutes warm-up including dynamic stretch. 2X (4X400) with 1’30” rest, 2’30” between sets (at your 10K race pace)*.  Hill repeats to 6:45, 1 – 2 laps walking/jogging cool-down, Stretch.

Run/Walk at 10 – 14 minutes per mile – 400 – 800 meter walk/run warm-up (depending on your speed) plus dynamic stretches.  4X200 hard, Rest same as above, 2X200 hard plus 2 laps steady running and cool down jogging/walking for remainder of workout. Stretch.

Novice Runners or Walkers 14 minutes and more– 400 meter warm-up walking/jogging plus dynamic stretches. Move (run or walk) HARD for 1/2 lap, Easy 1/2 lap. Rest with group until next set begins. Repeat until 7:15. Easy cool down walking or jogging plus stretch.

Track workouts will cause you to SWEAT and raise your heart rate! If you have any reason why this is not wise, please inform us. We assume you have spoken with your doctor about exercising hard. Thank you!