Go WOW Team. Your Lifelong, Lifestyle Walk Run Fitness Club.

Welcome to our running, walking, lifelong community of fit women. Welcome to Go WOW Team!

Welcome to Go WOW Team

With fitness, friendship, and fun as our goal, Go WOW Team comprises some awesome women. Currently ranging in age from 20’s – 70’s we are many sizes, many shapes, and many abilities.

What do we have in common?

We are all women and we all strive to be our best. Many of us have never trained before or are returning after MANY years away.

Go WOW Team Rocks

Some of us walk for fitness. Some of us mix walking and running. Some of us are pretty serious runners and are training to improve our times. Most of us participate in a race once in a while.

I started Go WOW Team to bring fitness, through running, walking, and the outdoors, to women everywhere. WOW provides:

  • Safety
  • Organization
  • Professional Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Friendship and
  • Opportunity for you to explore your athletic potential
    with a like minded group of supportive women

Live too far away to join our neighborhood workouts? Go WOW Team provides virtual coaching to women throughout the world! We also can help you start your own neighborhood group, with direction and support from me, Coach Stephanie.

Now is the time to make this happen!

Join us soon for a neighborhood workout or a virtual coaching session.
We are here to help you find your “Athlete Within”.
There is no better time than right now to get started!

Go WOW Team!

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Weekly Pep Talk Issue 1 Nov 25, 2007 Revisited

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of The Weekly Pep Talk

Tackling the hills at Inspiration Point

To add perspective to the wonder of Go WOW Team I am publishing each of the Weekly Pep Talks starting from Issue 1. If you are one of our WOW Members who has been a part of this group since 2007 please comment here. And thank you so much for being part of this awesome group of women. Go WOW Team! – Coach Stephanie

Ask About Running
The Weekly Pep Talk
First Issue, November 25, 2007
This week is dedicated to runner Jane M. (we’ve had some great runs together!)
Monday, November 26 – Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hello to All!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Weekly Pep Talk; commentary on life for women who run. My name is Stephanie Atwood. Many of you know me from my work as a running coach. There is more to life than running yet, when Running Becomes a Part of Your Life, it will influence all other aspects. This was the impetus for writing this weekly digest.

We all have lives outside of our running yet; running has brought us together in one way or another. I want to share all kinds of news and information that are related to us as runners and as women!

I’m going to choose well known races throughout the country and the world and give you training schedules and tips for these specific
events. It’s always the right season for some great races. Training
schedules include:

• The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K
• See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon & 5K
• The Boston Marathon
• The Chicago Marathon
• The Bay to Breakers/San Francisco
• The New York City Marathon
• The Honolulu Marathon
• The Disneyland Marathon
• The London Marathon
• The Nike Women’s Half and Full Marathon
• The San Francisco Half & Full Marathon & 5K

If you notice that I’m predominantly indicating races in California,
and specifically the Bay Area, it’s because that’s what I know.
Please feel free to send me information on other runs. I’ll check
into them. I especially want to know if the runs are for women only
and, if they are well organized!

Right now, I’m focusing on the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5K Run – February 3, 2008. Starting today, you have 10 weeks to get prepared for this race. 10 weeks is enough time for either event. For the Half Marathon, you should already be running, even if not training officially for this race. I’ll give you an intermediate training schedule for the half marathon. For the 5K (3.1 miles) you can start from scratch and be ready for this fun event.

The entry fee goes up after 1/11/08 and there is a limit to the
number of participants. All race details are on the official website
http://xnet.kp.org/sanfrancisco/index.html. So, if you haven’t
already started training, Now Is The Time!!

This issue I’ll tell you about myself. The research was easy! In my
senior year of high school the entire class had to run a mile for the
President Kennedy Physical Fitness Test, as required for all
graduating seniors. We girls never ran on the track. In fact, we were
not allowed to run in high school running programs. At that time
there was no Title 9.

I failed miserably in my attempt, having no idea how to pace myself.
I felt abandoned by the P.E. Dept. having no concept of how to run
that far. Our “Girl’s” PE Program never offered any type of running
program in my entire 4 years of high school. Thank goodness things
have now changed.

However, this event piqued my interest in learning more about my
physical limits and “pushing myself”. My chosen graduation present
was a trip to a girl’s Outward Bound Course in the Cascade Mountain Range. Outward Bound introduced me to my inner ability to overcome both mental and physical fears and obstacles. In addition to rock climbing, rappelling, and 3 days alone in the woods with no food or sleeping bag, I completed running a “marathon” at the end of the 26 day course! It was life changing…

I loved learning that a woman like me could do these things! I
blossomed with the realization that I could overcome mental and
physical barriers that had seemed impossible. These barriers were
self-made and I could change them! This was a wonderful awakening for an 18 year old.

Graduating from high school created many life changes as I headed out on my own, not knowing what direction to go in. Living on my own, with a full time job and part time attendance at a community college, gave me ultimate freedom and limited time. I stopped exercising and gained more than 40 pounds. Oh, those morning doughnuts, endless cups of coffee and sitting all day were changing me in ways I hadn’t realized. I had so much to learn about what really mattered.

When I realized that change needed to occur I was positive that I
could make it happen. It would take work and believing in myself but
I knew I could do it! I started running after work in a park across
the street from where I lived. I ran when it was dark because I was
embarrassed for people to see me. Running/Jogging at that time was
not common, especially for women. One time around the block equaled 1/8 of a mile. It took about a month before I ran 8 times around that block, but I was on my way!

30 pounds lighter and a few years later I ran my first official
marathon and placed third female! Another milestone had been reached and I was hooked. I have been running ever since.

The essence of this story however, goes way beyond my love of
running. The true benefit has been the gift of fitness, discipline,
and the psychological/emotional lift that running has given to me.
Running has offered comfort and clarification to me during difficult
times when the rest of my life was in turmoil. There have been many
trials throughout my life (as there are for all of us) and running
has been a steadfast friend. There have even been epiphanies (of a
sort) during my running. Little assists and major realizations have
occurred and, as any runner knows, they just happen! How could I give that up?

Now, if I had to stop running for reasons beyond my control, I would
have the wonderful memories and knowledge of the commitment I made when I COULD run. I would carry within me the solace of knowing that I was given a gift and took full advantage of it while I was able.

You owe it to yourself to use this gift, too. The distance you run is
not the issue. How fast you run doesn’t matter. That you get out and
maintain your well-being; that you run to show your appreciation for
the ability to move; that you realize how much better you will be,
for those around you, when you take care of yourself through
exercise; these are what matter!

Amy Montemarano started a new website for women who travel and want to run with other women during their stay. She offers information forvacation sites and for business travel. Check out her website at www.womenruntheworld.com. Isn’t this a great idea? Thanks for putting it together Amy.

• Stay tuned for details about the Sunday running program that
will launch in early January, 2008.
• Start preparing for the upcoming running tours to England
this summer and the NYC Marathon in November of 2008.
• Hold on for the official launch of the Ask About Running

The easiest way to continue to receive this weekly digest is to subscribe to my Yahoo Group at AskStephanieAboutSports@yahoogroups.com and you’ll be on the
automatic mailing list.

Please send me your stories, comments, and questions about life and running. My E-mail is Stephanie@AskAboutRunning.com. I’m very
excited to see how this digest evolves.

And, if you are training for the Kaiser Half and 5K, be sure to open
the Training attachment on this E-mail or check the group site or
contact me directly. We’re going to have a lot of fun with our Weekly Pep Talk!

Stephanie Atwood

P.S. Photos were added in this current version for a nicer presentation. These early issues were originally published as emails from word documents.
Go WOW Team

The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 274 Start March 29, 2015

Quote of the Week: “If I can imagine it, I can achieve it.” – Anthony Robbins

WOW Woman of the Week: Shout out to returning Member Kathrina Weekes! Now you have to come see us a bit more often, OK? Promise? Is the See Jane Run 5K on your list for this year?


April Birthdays – Rebecca Novick, Elke Russell, Karin Tulloch, Jen Wuest, Kosheno Moore Takahashi, Emily Tharp, Colleen Blakelock, Julie Traylor-Cruz. Happy Birthday Ladies 


Coach Tip of the Week: Race let-down. It is common to put a lot of effort and expectation into your race training. Distance doesn’t matter. It is the mental, emotional commitment that you put into your training that makes reaching that goal truly important. When it’s over, then what?

It is extremely common for a sense of let-down and loss. Like, what just happened? You trained hard, you got nervous and excited. You raced! Now it’s over. Oh my!

You are not alone.

In coaching and training lingo this fits in with the concept of periodization meaning that, as in life, there is time and need for ebb and flow, up and down, high and low. So now that your race is over, give yourself a pat on the back for what you accomplished. Then give yourself permission to feel a bit lost, even depressed. It goes away…

You are not alone. I mentioned to our group on Sunday, we at Go WOW Team want to make fitness something you include in your life on a regular basis and hopefully, for as long as you can move. One of the benefits of this club is that, because we always meet, every week, all year. You just need to get yourself out here even when you are a bit down. We’ll get you moving!

On to See Jane Run!

As I also mentioned on Sunday, this is our first week of training for the See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon (also, on same weekend, the Zooma 10K and Half Marathon). So, welcome new trainees! We’ve got your back. Also, it’s not too late to join us for training. Now is the time! Jump in!

You long time members, or recovering ORF (or Livermore) racers, it’s all good! I look forward to training with you at all your individual stages. Let’s not forget to appreciate what we all have…the gift of moving our bodies!


Link to the WOW Team Challenge Form. Are you filling in your WOW Team Challenge Form? We have several members who have claimed their 10 hour dog tag. Who will be next?

  • Kim Conner
  • Allison Hickey
  • Kathleen Davis
  • Jacque Keller
  • Nicole Dryden

Please announce your 10 hour achievement on Facebook and keep track of your hours. We will reward you at our next Wednesday or Sunday workout and will put your photo on the Facebook Winners Circle and Go WOW Team page. Who else has gotten to Level 2 at 10 hours completed? Now, keep going to the next level at 50 hours! That’s some major miles…


Marathon Minute: from Coach Lauren – It’s short so I decided to post the whole things right here. You can also refer to it at the following link on our website.

Success Teams

by Member Appreciation and Go WOW Coach Lauren Ganes

Fitness and friendship, is there anything better than that? The warmth and support of the WOW team provides the opportunity for women to explore, succeed and reach goals they never dreamed of.

As a member of WOW for nearly 6 years it has been a privilege to watch women grow, whether walking, running or training for a triathlon.

We have Coach Stephanie to thank for not only founding the team, but for providing an environment where women feel safe to challenge themselves with the bonus of creating lasting friendships.

And thinking about friendships, and how meaningful the WOW team is, reach out to the members of your Success Teams today. Say hello, wish them well (email or phone) and, if you haven’t seen them recently (or ever!) encourage them to work out with us real soon. Everyone benefits when we share in the success of fitness by working out together.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie for supporting us all in our quest to stay fit!


Bay Area Go WOW News

Hi Ladies!

The last few weeks have been hectic and exciting and brought out the best in you WOW Women. Congratulations to all racers and especially for the time you devoted to training. That’s where the commitment lies. That’s where the improvement comes from. It’s also a place that I know many of you appreciate having those WOW Buddies out there to keep you pounding the pavement, week after week.

I want to offer a special congrats to those ladies who ran the half marathon. The amount of training is significant and they followed through week after week. I think almost all of our runners had personal bests.

  • Rosa Kaderas-Redmond came in under 2 hours with almost 2 minutes to spare and 2 minutes better than last year.
  • Nicole Dryden finished her fastest half marathon yet by about 4 minutes!
  • Allison Hickey ran her first half marathon race with control and, of course, a best time ever!
  • Cecilia Han just gets out there and moves! I’m not sure about your time.
  • Lizette Byer ran the whole race with her daughter making this possibly the best half marathon she’s ever run!

We’re super proud of you all!

I want to thank all of you who jumped in to help out with details where you could. The leaders of the relay teams took on extra responsibility to make sure their teams had the pieces together. Thank you Leaders!

The volunteers who helped out at the Expo on Saturday were invaluable. We got a good bunch of names to add to our mailing list.

The group on Sunday who helped set up and managed the tent included Lauren Ganes, Sandy Baird (Dr. Baird), and Joanie Zecherle. All three of these ladies spent hours out there serving us, helping us, encouraging us racers. It was a big sacrifice of time and does not go without appreciation.

Thank you again everyone and congratulations to all you fine racers. It was fun, wasn’t it? Now we head into training for the See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon.

Our orientation on Saturday and trail run on Sunday showed interest in both the 5K and Half. Currently I know we have Marybeth Temples, Kim Connor, Holly Haley, and Faith Enemark planning to do the 5K. Who else is training for either one or the Zooma races in Napa (same weekend)? Keep me posted. I’ll try to keep a list for you to know who is doing what. Also, just to see how many read this far, we have a 20% discount at See Jane Run by using code PROMO20. Be sure to enter you team as Go WOW Team.



New, Free! Wednesday Community Boot Camp at Bella Vista Park in Oakland. Join me for this new community gathering – free boot camp at 8:30 every Wednesday morning. Details on Meetup

Vote for a Fall Half Marathon and 5K. I’m soliciting votes for a fall half marathon and 5K Destination Race. We always have so much fun with these! Any suggestions are welcome but I am especially looking into the Wine Country Race in October or Big Sur again in November. Both of these races fill early so, once we determine our race, you’ll need to make a commitment. Make your comments on Facebook please.

Keep the Spirit!

Coach Stephanie

Upcoming Events of Note: (this is not a complete WOW Team calendar)

  • May 16 – Saturday Trail Runs, check with Tres on the series of trail runs that she will lead for intermediate runners. First one is May 16 at 1:00. Details on Meetup.
  • May 23 – Saturday workouts with Susan Haworth in Alameda. Susan has offered to help out with some Saturday fun workouts for all levels. Starting On May 23, with about one each month. Details coming soon on Meetup.
  • May 31 – practice on See Jane Run Half marathon Course
  • June 20 – 21 – See Jane Run Expo and Race Weekend

Details for these special events are on meetup. For the full calendar of WOW Workouts go to our website at or http://meetup.com/gowowteam


#1  San Leandro Marina with Kathrina (Kathy) 2nd to the right

#2  Victory!

#3  See Jane Run from 2012?

#4  Oakland Run Fest Go WOW Tent 2015 with Ann Ritzma, Pat Chase, Anne Olson, Elaine Porter, Lauren Ganes

Note: If you have a question please post your question on the WOW Team facebook page  and I’ll do my best to post a response there within 1 business day. Go WOW Team!

Marathon Minute – Hydration and More

JANUARY 21, 2013, by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Lauren (2nd from left) and buds after the ORF 2010

WOW Women walkers training for the Oakland Marathon walked 17 miles on Saturday! BRAVO!

Sunday there were over 30 WOW women at Point Isabel staying fit by moving for 60-80 minutes. Coach Stephanie reminded us about the importance of hydration and that for runs over 60 minutes we should carry some water or sugar free electrolyte liquid. Some women wear belts that have a pocket for water bottles, and other women use hand-held bottles. Both Amphipod and Nathan provide excellent belts and hand-held bottles.

The Oakland Running Festival is one of the best organized marathons I’ve ever participated in. This year the half marathon will have 8 aid stations with water and lemon/lime Gatorade. There will also be a port-a-potty at each aid station. In addition, some aid stations will have a salty snack and Gu gel.

It’s important to try the Gatorade out on a training run to make sure it agrees with your stomach. If it doesn’t, there are many other products that you can try.

Now is the perfect time to find out which electrolyte liquid, gel or shot block is best for you.
With the right balance of electrolytes and gels you will have the energy to cross the finish line with a smile on your face!

Track for the Week of April 9 – 15, 2012

Work out with The WOW Team. It’s fun!

Everyone warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (2 – 4 laps)

Intermediate Workout (6 months or more base work)

1 X 1 mile at hard pace (5 – 10K, Recover with 400m jog or walk (don’t stop completely)

1 X 2 miles at hard pace (5 – 10K) pace yourself to finish all 8 laps and try to be consistent, Recover with 800m jog or walk (don’t stop completely)

1 X 800m at 5K pace, Recover with 400m jog or walk (don’t stop completely)

1 X 800m at 5K pace, Cool down with one or 2 laps walk or jog


Novice or Maintenance

2 X 1 mile with 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy, 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy – walk or jog but be consistent for the entire lap, Rest 2 minutes between sets.

1 X 800m with 1 lap hard, 1 lap easy. Proceed to cool down.

Cool down walk or jog 1 full mile, 4 laps. Go for the endurance!


Not sure of your pace? Talk to Coach Stephanie. She has an answer for you.

Please make any comments on our public Facebook page or on the Winners’ Circle. Thank you!

The Weekly Pep Talk Only 20 Days…

The Weekly Pep Talk #184
Start March 5, 2012

Words to live by: "One of the best things to do sometimes is simply to be." – Eric Butterworth
Woman of the Week:  Mary Sue W, who usually runs with us at Sawyer Camp, when we see her. It is always a real pleasure to have you join us!
Coach Stephanie’s Tip:  Water, water. What an essential life element. Please remember to drink water on a regular basis for a healthy lifestyle. When you are training and sweating you want to add additional water to the mix. For workouts over an hour, you may want to add some electrolyte mix to that water because you are losing nutrients in your sweat and from evaporation. Small bits (2 oz. or less) on a regular basis is way better that big guzzles when you are excercising.
Dear WOW Women and Interested Readers,
What fun last weekend watching the trainees starting from Snow Park and heading out on their chosen courses. Everyone did really well! I was, as usual, very proud to be a WOW Team Member!

For some of you this was a first 13.1 miles and you did it with such aplomb. Rowena, Kathrina, and Kyoung completed their first half marathon distance last Sunday. Hurrah! Lizette had a great run and ran most of the way with Ann R, and Robbi C. I ran with Colleen, Michaela, and Fiona, interspersed with Julie, Ellen and Christy. Lily and Kyoung disappeared early. Where did you ladies go? I had so much fun talking, getting to know you better, watching how you’ve improved. Then there was that one guy…never found out if he was single or not…

Beth W, Eileen, Ellen, Iris, and Lesley showed up at Snow Park then headed off to do their leg of the relay. Read some of their comments in The Winners’ Circle.

BTW, ‘loved those WOW t-shirts!

You should all feel good about where you are in your training and where you are going. For some of us, this race will not be our peak and there will be other races in the future. For those of you who are uninjured, well trained, psyched and confident, this is your time! How Exciting!

This weekend is our final long run, to be done at a moderate pace for 14 miles or 3 hours, whichever comes first. We’ll be at beautiful Point Isabel. Our relay participants will be doing 80 minutes, at a moderate to strong pace. Isn’t it great to be able to see the end so near?
If the day is nice and you have time, let’s meet for coffee after our workout this weekend.
March 17/18 is a taper weekend for ORF and also the start of training for See Jane Run. On Sunday we have scheduled guest speaker, Dr. Sandy Baird, from Inner Sport in Berkeley. Sandy will be talking to us about preventing and managing knee pain in runners. She can be reached at drsandy@innersport.com. Sandy will be talking at about 10:00 and will also offer one-on one consultations. Her bio is very impressive and is listed in full on the meetup site.
Also on Sunday, March 18, let’s bring snack food to Walden Park and do a little pre-race “getting psyched up“ celebration. With only 10 miles to run for the half marathoners and 90 minutes for the new See Jane Run Trainees, let’s celebrate with a little good food and casual conversation, along with the talk (and evaluations) from Dr Baird and a Q and A Session from your coach.

For new recruits or women continuing on with training for See Jane Run, I will also go through the 12 week training plan and other details for newcomers. Should be a fun day.

March 25 – Post Race Pasta Feed at Michaela’s!

Wonderful WOW Member Michalea R. and husband Tony have offered to host a post-race pasta feed for WOW Members and their families. You Must RSVP so we know who is attending. Starting between 4 – 5 on Sunday, March 25, Michaela and Tony will provide killer home-made pasta sauce (vegetarian, I believe) with meatballs on the side. Each of us is asked to bring a side salad or other side dish and a beverage of choice. RSVP on meetup please (It’s not posted yet) but will be soon. We’ll send directions to all who RSVP. Thanks Michaela and Tony!

Welcome Saturday Power Walkers!

We have a new group of women who are POWER Walkers training every Saturday with coaching from me, every other week. Welcome to Dawn P, Michelle S, Willie, and Donna R. These ladies walk fast! They start at 7AM then stay to walk with the WOW Fitness Walkers at 8:30. The goal is probably Nike Womens or San Jose Rock’n’Roll in October. Ready to start training with the WOW Team Power Walkers? Info on meetup…

Training for See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon starts soon

ü  Virtual Kickoff on March 15,

ü  Neighborhood Kickoff on March 17

ü  Practice starts March 18

 Workout and Event Details are on Meetup at http://meetup.com/gowowteam

Here’s to Fitness, Friendship and Fun, the WOW Way!
Coach Stephanie
P.S. Lauren is back! Yahoo!!


WOW Has Been Demoted. Please VOTE!

Don’t forget to vote for WOW asBest Bay Area Running Club! We have descended fromfirst to second place and need YOUR VOTE! Get friends and family, too!http://sf.cityvoter.com/the-wow-team-bay-area-women-s-run-walk-club/biz/282250 Go WOW Team! As a heads up, if you look and WOW is already in first place, hold off on voting. We want to be strategic here. However, for us to stay even 1 vote ahead of the other teams is an excellent strategy and will keep us in first place (once we get there!)

Success Teams are Forming! Join us! 
March 8 – Mentor, Beth W will be holding another Success Team Call. Pam, Colleen, Beth, and Lizette have room for one more participant. If you are interested please tell us on facebook and we will invite you to Beth’s call or another group as it forms. Beth’s group meets on Thursday at 8PM. All WOW Members are invited to be in a Success Team. Each group only has 5 members but you are not limited to which group you can join.
Eileen K, also a mentor, will be offering a call on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM. If you are available at this time let us know (on facebook) and you will be invited.
I will also be offering a Success Team Call on Saturdays, at 4:00, starting on March 3, immediately before our regular coached call at 4:30.
Robbi C is also forming a group and details will be posted soon.
Thanks to all of the leaders for hosting these call. You may contact Beth, Robbi, Eileen, or me, to learn how to participate. Go to the Winners Circle to start the dialog, please. 

If you are interested in learning more, in general about Success Team Calls, you can look at a brief slide presentation at https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=ddqwb8vg_17jkmw8c9 and let us know that you would like to attend. These Success Calls are really fun and uplifting. Try to participate if you can.

Still Needed! – Oakland Expo Volunteers Needed – The WOW Team needs volunteers to help at the Oakland Run Fest Expo. We can use members or friends and family. Here is what we need:
Friday, March 23 – Setup. 2 volunteers plus Coach Stephanie
Saturday, March 24 – Expo opens about 8AM. We’ll do 2 hour shifts until closing time (need to check times) so need 10 – 15 volunteers (this is the day you have to pick up your race bib so you’ll be coming anyway). This day it is best to have WOW Members at our booth if possible because you will be talking with the public and handing out postcards, etc. about the WOW Team.
Sunday, March 25 – The WOW Team has a booth at the race pavilion where we can leave stuff and meet and so on. We need non-participants so this is a good one to recruit family and friends.Times needed are from 45 minutes before (half marathon) race time to about 1:00. We will also need some clean-up here, after the race.  
ORF Helpers: Thanks to the ladies below. I need more!
Iris T – Friday
Ellen G – as needed
Lauren G – as needed
Colleen B – expo
Eileen K – expo

Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon in October – Lizette has offered to help with this. Laura did it last year. Could you two get together and, the rest of you let Lizette know if you want to enter? She needs your name soon to get us in the lottery. Thanks Lizette.
Post your love for the WOW Team on Yelp.  http://www.yelp.com/biz/go-wow-team-oakland
Recap from prior weeks:
Coaching calls are now happening on Saturday at 4:30 PM. The phone number has changed. Please RSVP on the Winners’ Circle for this week.. Thanks!
Be sure to look over the Resources Page on the WOW Team website to realize ALL the VALUE of your WOW Membership. Here is the link http://gowowteam.com/resources
Post on Winners Circle every week – From Eileen’s great idea of starting a living WOW journal I am requesting that each of us post a training entry of some sort each week, on the Winners Circle. I will start today and encourage everyone to follow suit. This is a way for you to be accountable to each other and to share your thoughts and feelings about your training – ANY ASPECT! Let’s see where we can go with this. http://www.facebook.com/groups/244142088969843/295132213870830/
Register now for your chosen race at the Oakland Run Fest. WOW Members get a $5 discount. The code is on our web page under the Resources Tab “For Members Only”.
Arrive early; win a prize – WOW Sunday workouts start at 8:00. Please try to be at the meeting area, ready to rock and roll at that time or sooner.  To reward those of you who follow through with this I’m offering a drawing when I have goodies to give away.


Upcoming random races and opportunities:
March 25, 2012– Oakland Running Festival, http://www.oaklandmarathon.com
April 14thRedwood City, Sequoia Stampede, http://www.seqstampede.com/Stampede.html
April 22, 2012– Auburn Endurance Capital Marathon, http://www.endurancemarathon.org
May 5,http://www.ocmarathon.com/The OC Marathon and Half Marathon
May 6, 2012– Divas Half Marathon in San Francisco Bay – http://www.runlikeadiva.com
Join California’s Longest Party on May 5-6, 2012! Gather your friends, co-workers or families (12 member teams).  Decorate 2 vans.  Dress your best (costumes optional).  Walk 128 miles or run 199 miles (3 times each, 5 miles in rotation) from the Wine Country, across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight, to Santa Cruz.  Please view TheRelay.com, call 650.508.9700 or email run@therelay.com.
May 17 – 19 –Fargo Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay, 10K, 5K, and Youth Run, http://www.fargomarathon.com
May 20– The 101st Running of Zazzle Bay to Breakers – Discount Code for WOW Members on our website at gowowteam.com
June 3, 2012See Jane Run Half Marathon and 5K in Alameda – http://www.seejanerun.com/t-See-Jane-Run-Half-Marathon-and-5K-registration.aspx
July 29, 2012Sept 21, 2012 7th Annual Run at Work Day http://www.thesfmarathon.com
Aug 26, 2012– Santa Rosa Marathon / Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run – thesantarosamarathon.com
Sept 21, 20127th Annual Run at Work Day
November 18, 2012– The Lady Speed Stick® Women’s Half Marathon Scottsdale-Tempe

Please VOTE!

Don’t forget to vote for WOW as Best Bay Area Running Club! Get friends and family, too! http://sf.cityvoter.com/the-wow-team-bay-area-women-s-run-walk-club/biz/282250 

#1 – Go WOW Team – self portrait of WOW Cap by Coach Stephanie
#2 – Heidi H coming in to the finish of SF Half with a PR – photo by Lauren G
#3 – Kosheno M running the Oakland Half in 2011 – photographer unknown
#4 – Somd of the girls at the end of Oakland last year – Photographer Scott?

Note: If you have a question and are not yet a member of the WOW Team, post it on our Go WOW Team public facebook page and I'll do my best to post a response there within 1 business day. Members can post on The Winners Circle, our private facebook page. I'll check in on both. Go WOW Team!

Great Group

These feisty, fit women, braved the Bay Area cold (OK, so we’re wusses when it comes to COLD, REAL COLD!) and put in a solid 60 minutes or more at Inspiration Point yesterday.

Our trusty, competent photographer, and marathon coordinator, Lauren Ganes took the group photo.

Happy Holidays WOW Women! You are AWESOME!

Coach Stephanie

FAQ’s and Comments

Go WOW Team! Go Kerry

From Piedmont Track 7/21/2010

Melanie A – We probably looked like Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks–but the drills were great–deceptively simple, but very strenuous

Donna R – Awesome, I love the way Stephanie changes it up each time. All the women are fantastic!

What is the time block for each of the Sunday workouts ?

Good question, thanks for checking in. The weekend workouts will depend on the distance or time we are working out that weekend and your pace. That said, I try to start right on time. Because we cater to different abilities and different goals you can always expect to work out at least 60 minutes and, by checking your own training schedule, you should have the details for your individualized goal.

Is it ok to have my daughter?
You are always welcome to bring drop-in guests (who can work out with us) or observers, if they don’t want to participate. There is a fee for participating drop-ins of $7/with RSVP or $10 when you just show up. Either way, WOW welcomes you.

What day of the week is the training/track in the Walnut Creek area and what time is it?
Track is scheduled for Wednesday with boot camp on Tues and Thursday, all at Las Lomas Track. That workout is 6:30 to 7:30PM. We try to get people in and out within the 60 minutes because it’s a week night and always busy for everybody.

Need more details, let me know  gowowteam@gmail.com

Photo: Coach Stephanie celebrating life at The Breast Cancer Hike with her daughters/C. Wills

April 10, 2010
Dear WOW- Just re-surfacing from the 1/2 marathon aches – I’m not sure how all my weird injuries disappeared for that day, but they did. I went from – should I run the 1/2? to will I be able to finish the 1/2? to I want to finish in under 2hrs! I ended up running 9:48 minute miles and I hope to run under 2 hrs next time, but I still can’t believe I finished!!

I would’ve never been able to get back into running (high school cross country was a long time ago…) without this team and Stephanie, everything from the lovely morning carpools to the hot pink WOW chalk at the last mile of a workout. I love this team and can’t wait to get 100% better and start training again with you all. – Rachel

March 10
You meet appropriate challenges – Melanie A

Friendly people and a great coach that kicks your butt and takes care of you! – Elke V

March 9– Hi Stephanie – I do appreciate your dedication to women in the East Bay. Thank you for that. But I feel I can get my work outs in for free running with Fleet Feet and other free groups. Can you please take me off your email list? Thanks again, Jessica

Hi Jessica – Thank you for the nice note. I always wonder why people talk about getting their runs for free. Of course, running and moving is free to all of us, as long we take advantage of it. What a gift!

What my meetup and The WOW Team offer is consistency (several times a week, with regularity), organization, ongoing communication, and a professional, caring, coach at the head who truly cares about bringing each participant to her unique, peak ability. Granted, the group dynamic does not allow for one-on-one but I have an eye out for each person in my group. I try to keep them injury-free, motivated, and directed to achieve realistic (but high) goals.

The final piece is the group dynamic. If you fit into a group, whether it’s free or paid, it’s a great feeling. If you don’t fit in, it’s time to go elsewhere.

If you want to honor being able to move, you have many ways to do it – The WOW Team, my individual coaching, or all the other options that have nothing to do with me or The WOW Team. I wish you well and I truly hope you take advantage of fitness through movement while you have the gift. Who knows when it may be taken away? Best, Coach Stephanie

Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking

February 26
Hi Stephanie. I’m looking for the directions to Sawyer Camp and can’t find them. Can you give them to me? Hoping I can make it.
Thanks. Brenna

Hi Brenna, Go to http://gowowteam.com/directions/sawyer-camp-trail-san-mateosan-bruno/ and follow the link on the page. It pinpoints where we meet. You’ll like the place. Very cool…Coach Stephanie

Love those WOW Team t-shirts!

February 21, lululemon hosts our Lafayette Reservoir Workout 

Combined WOW group gathering was great seeing members of other groups and meeting new participants. Thank you Lululemon for the morning feast that followed the workout. Rain may have dampened our hair and our clothes but not our spirits! The larger the group the greater the enthusiasm.  – Pat

The venue was great and the food at the end provided by the Lululemon group was wonderful. Can they do this every Sunday? Just kidding. A little less rain would have been helpful but we’ve been really lucky until today. Had a great time.  – Cathy

This was a beautiful location with hills for a fun challenge. Thanks Coach Stephanie for the ribbon! Great food provided by lululemon – especially the scones. Yum! – Jennifer W

Hi Stephanie….Just an FYI…I sent Lululemon a thank you card on behalf of WOW for the brunch yesterday. That was so fun! – Sharmaine

Hi Stephanie -The brunch was great this morning. Thank you so much for organizing that for us! Do you think there’s anyway I can get my hands on that granola recipe? It was sooooo good! Thanks, Sarah

February 14, Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek “Hi Stephanie, I am really enjoying the WOW events and I AM getting stronger. Walked 2 hrs Sunday (7 miles). Glad to have the cross-training and hydration/nutrition sessions. Hope to see you soon.” Pat

February 13, SF Java Beach Run “I had a great time at your meet-up; I must work on those HILLS – looking forward to other events.” Gina

February 2, Piedmont Track “ Thank you, Stephanie. I never want to go to track workouts, but when I do, I’m so happy I went. The workout was tough and exactly what I needed. ” Heidi

“ Stephanie sure knows her stuff! Great workout tonight! ” Sara

“ I love this group! Running up and down hills was the first part, then we headed out on The Bay Trail toward Emeryville for anything between 60 minutes to 8 miles. These gals are looking fine… ” Coach Stephanie

“ Tough day for me–sluggish . . . but being part of a group dedicated to fitness really does help me keep pushing on! See you all soon! ” . Sara

“ Enjoyed the good information, demo on running up and down hills. The location was perfect for that training. ” . Julie Y

Contact us at go

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The WOW Team encourages fitness, through running and walking, for all women, all sizes, all ages, all abilites, all year round. Join us!


WOW Workouts May 24-30

Part of the trail at Sawyer Camp in San Mateo. Photo/L. Ganes

Mon May 24, 2010 – Week 4 of SF Half Marathon Training

Tue May 25, 2010
6:30pm – 7:30pm – Track and Core Bootcamp for Women
Where: Las Lomas Track, Walnut Creek – Extra Fee

Wed May 26, 2010
6:00am – 7:00am – Kezar Track, SF – speed workouts every Wednesday AM
Where: Kezar Stadium, north central section of the track, near Arguello and Lincoln

6:30pm – 7:30pm – Piedmont track workouts MOVED TO LAKE MERRITT
Where: Meet near the arches and the Lakeside Library, near the Grand Lake Theater, inbetween Lakeshore and Grand Avenue

Thu May 27, 2010

6:30pm – 7:30pm Track and Core Bootcamp for Women
Where: Las Lomas Track, Walnut Creek – Extra Fee

Fri May 28, 2010

Sat May 29, 2010

8am – 9am Sawyer Camp, San Mateo – 60 Minutes – 10 miles – Runners, Walkers, and Run/Walkers
Where: Meet near the south gate. For details look at the directions tab on the home page

Sun May 30, 2010 – Point Isabel, El Cerrito- 60 minutes to 10 miles
Where: Near Mud Puppies Cafe, look on our website under directions. Meet near the bike path entrance, please, away from the dog walking area- 8AM


No longer running but love to walk…

WOW Women Love to Walk - With Strollers, Dogs, or Walking Sticks!

Hi Coach Stephanie – I saw your post to Yanicke and I’m curious about your workouts. I am no longer running, but love to walk. Am not training for marathons.

My questions:

  • Can I bring my 18 month old toddler with me in a stroller (I’m a solo mom)?
  • What do your workouts consist of? I saw the details of an intermediate workout: “10 min warm-up, 6 X 800 hard with 1:30 RI, 10 min. cool-down, stretch”- what does that mean for someone who is walking?
  • Do you have regular workouts that are nearby?
  • I see you’re at the Berkeley Marina – Thank you! K. in Berkeley

    See Coach Stephanie’s answer below in the responses…

    Weekly Pep Talk Start March 8, 2010

    The Weekly Pep Talk – March 8-14, 2010 Almost There!

    This Week is dedicated to Sara N. Your time will come. Do not lose heart.

    Dear WOW Members and Interested Readers,

    We are getting so close to the Oakland Running Festival, the FINAL GOAL for many of you! Are you getting excited? Do you feel prepared? If you have been sticking with the program you are going to be ready for The BIG DAY! It’s just around the corner!

    Last Sunday The WOW Gals were at The Berkeley Marina and many of you completed the 13 mile or 3 hour workout. Everyone had a good workout and the weather was ideal. I was very impressed at the tenacity of each member as she came through the aid station, re-supplied and kept going!

    Claire D and Elke V led the pack, while Joanne G and puppy swept the course. Julie Y has made tremendous progress and her tenacity is laudable. Heidi H is so steady and determined. And then we have Ann B, Stephaney C, Jennifer B and Jennifer W, Jessica M, Brenna J, Gini H, Kathryn L, and Kathleen G. Each of you is …Click here for the rest of the news…


    There’s lots more to this weekly pep talk! Don’t miss all the good stuff… See for yourself.

    Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking

    WOW Workouts Mar 8-14

    Work out with The WOW Team. It's fun!

    For the Week of March 8-14, 2010

    Join The WOW Team – Fit Women of the World for fun and some honest sweating as we walk or run our way to lifelong fitness.

    Here’s what WOW is up to this week.

    Wednesday, 6:30 PM Piedmont High School Track for all abilities

    Thursday, 6:30 PM Las Lomas Track in Walnut Creek. Track for all abilities

    Saturday, 8:00 AM, SF Zoo – Java Beach on Sloat. 60 minute tempo run. Runners only.

    Sunday, 8:00 AM. Two separate locations:

  • Practice at The Emeryville Marina
  • Practice at Walden Park in Walnut Creek
  • For directions and details on the routes, look at the Directions Tab at the top of the home page

    Oakland Running Festival Trainees. Here is this week’s long run/workout

    • 5K – 60 minutes*
    • Novice Half Marathoners –3 hours, 20 minutes or 14 miles, whichever comes first
    • Intermediate Half Marathoners – 14 miles (1 miles warm-up) plus 13 miles steady pace
    Fitness Forever/Maintenance – 60 minutes or more. You choose.

    EVERYONE does a 5 minute walking warm-up. After that you are free to break into your chosen workout style. If you are timing yourself, wait until you reach mile one to start measuring your time/mile.

    *Depends on your ability – go for at least 50 minutes “pushing yourself”. The rest is to increase your time on your feet.

    Questions? Contact Coach Stephanie at coachstephanie@gowowteam.com
    Coach Rob at coachrob@gowowteam.com

    Go WOW Team! Ongoing fitness for women through running and walking

    WOW Workouts Feb 8-14

    Go WOW Team!

    For the Week of February 8-14, 2010

    Here’s what WOW is up to this week. Join The WOW Team – Fit Women of the World for fun and some honest sweating as we walk or run our way to lifelong fitness.

    Tuesday, 6:00 AM Kezar Track, San Francisco, 60 minutes for runners only, not walkers, yet.

    Wednesday, 6:30 PM Piedmont High School Track for all abilities

    Thursday, 6:30 PM Las Lomas Track in Walnut Creek. Track for all abilities.

    Saturday, 8:00 AM, Java Beach at the Zoo. Tempo Run 60 minutes

    Sunday – 2 Separate Workouts
    8:00 AM, Harbor Bay Ferry, Alameda 45 minutes to 10 Miles

    8:00 AM Heather Farms, 45 minutes to 10 Miles

    Oakland Running Festival Workouts
    5K – 45 to 60 minutes (5 min warm-up, 30 minutes steady, remainder of time DPA*)
    Novice Half Marathoners – 2 hours (120 minutes)
    Intermediate Half Marathoners – 10 miles
     Fitness Forever? – 60 minutes or more. You choose.
    *Depends on your ability – go for at least 30 minutes “pushing yourself”. The rest is to increase your time on your feet. 

    Questions? Contact Coach Stephanie at coachstephanie@gowowteam.com
    or Coach Rob at coachrob@gowowteam.com

    Go WOW Team!

    10 Miler Feb 14

    The WOW Half Marathon Training Team will be moving for 2 hours or 10 miles (whichever comes first) on February 14! That’s getting up there! Be sure to bring extra water or energy drink, a snack, and layers of clothing. The 5K Titans will cover a civilized 45 minutes to 60 minutes in preparation for their upcoming 5K Race on March 27.

    February 14, 2010

    WOW Workout10 Miler at Harbor Bay – Alameda – Follow the link

    10 Miler at Heather Farms Park – Walnut Creek – no route link yet but look at Go WOW Team on Meetup for details

    WOW Workouts Feb 1-7

    The Berkeley UN Peace Race at Cesar Chavez Park
    For the Week of February 1 – 7, 2010

    Here’s what WOW is up to this week. Join The WOW Team – Fit Women of the World for fun and some honest sweating as we walk or run our way to lifelong fitness.

    Tuesday, 6:00 AM Kezar Track, San Francisco, 60 minutes for runners only, not walkers, yet.

    Wednesday, 6:30 PM Piedmont High School Track for all abilities

    Thursday, 6:30 PM Las Lomas Track in Walnut Creek. Track for all abilities.

    Saturday, 8:00 AM, Sawyer Camp, San Mateo. Tempo Run 60 minutes to 9 miles

    Sunday – 2 Separate Workouts
    8:00 AM, Point Isabel, 40 minutes to 9 miles.

    8:00 AM Walden Park, 40 minutes to 9 miles.

    Oakland Running Festival Workouts
    5K – 40 minutes
    Novice Half Marathoners – 100 minutes
    Intermediate Half Marathoners – 9 miles

    Fitness Forever? – 60 minutes or more.

    Questions? Contact Coach Stephanie at coachstephanie@gowowteam.com
    or Coach Rob at coachrob@gowowteam.com

    Go WOW Team!