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Meet and Greet Go WOW Team. Free Introduction and Orientation

bellaVistaSchool copy 2
This super cool gate offers an entrance to Bella Vista Park, hidden away in a secret spot in Oakland. Join Stephanie Atwood in a group workout here in the near future. All are welcome. Photo by Olivia Destandau

Go WOW Team offers an introductory meeting and orientation

four times a year for women who would like to learn more or newcomers who joined in-between training programs.

This event is not to sell you on Go WOW Team. It is intended to orient you to the workings of the club; help you get familiarized with the resources, goals, staff, etc.


  • Bella Vista Park
  • Sat. Sept 19
  • 10:00 – 11:00
  • Free

Since our club operates year-round and new members join all the time, some of you may not have all the details or may want to check in before joining.

Join us for this event if you ARE ALREADY a new member and never participated in an orientation or if you are THINKING of becoming a member and want to understand the details.

Go WOW Team is a year-round, all women’s workout club. We run, run-walk, and walk. We want you to join us!

Whether you are trying to qualify to run the Boston Marathon or want to walk for fitness, Go WOW Team accommodates both and many levels in-between. We are not in the running business; we are here for women’s empowerment.

What does women’s empowerment look like? With Go WOW we see physical movement as an essential part of a healthy life:

• We have skilled coaches to take you to whatever athletic level you want to achieve.

• We are organized so you can count on regular workouts every week

• We keep each other accountable so when you don’t show up we notice

• We allow many paces and accommodate many abilities. And…age is not an issue

• We choose certain events each year to train for but racing is not essential

• We are the lifelong fitness group of women that want to empower all women to find their athletic potential.

If you are a member already, please join us for this orientation to familiarize yourself with the inner workings of this club.

If you are not already a member, this is a free orientation to the way this club functions. We want you to understand how awesome this group really is.

Now, just RSVP on meetup and join us, either at 9AM for a free workout or at 10:00 for the orientation, or both.

As head coach and founder of this wonderful group, Go WOW Team, I look forward to sharing the secrets of “The Best Run Club in the Bay Area” – as voted by ABC7 Poll.

P.S. We are also famous for our run/walk program and our fitness walkers.

For more information about Go WOW Team (voted Best Run Club in the Bay Area) or Go WOW Living please contact us at our websites. Thank You.

Weekly Pep Talk Issue 1 Nov 25, 2007 Revisited

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of The Weekly Pep Talk

Tackling the hills at Inspiration Point

To add perspective to the wonder of Go WOW Team I am publishing each of the Weekly Pep Talks starting from Issue 1. If you are one of our WOW Members who has been a part of this group since 2007 please comment here. And thank you so much for being part of this awesome group of women. Go WOW Team! – Coach Stephanie

Ask About Running
The Weekly Pep Talk
First Issue, November 25, 2007
This week is dedicated to runner Jane M. (we’ve had some great runs together!)
Monday, November 26 – Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hello to All!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Weekly Pep Talk; commentary on life for women who run. My name is Stephanie Atwood. Many of you know me from my work as a running coach. There is more to life than running yet, when Running Becomes a Part of Your Life, it will influence all other aspects. This was the impetus for writing this weekly digest.

We all have lives outside of our running yet; running has brought us together in one way or another. I want to share all kinds of news and information that are related to us as runners and as women!

I’m going to choose well known races throughout the country and the world and give you training schedules and tips for these specific
events. It’s always the right season for some great races. Training
schedules include:

• The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K
• See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon & 5K
• The Boston Marathon
• The Chicago Marathon
• The Bay to Breakers/San Francisco
• The New York City Marathon
• The Honolulu Marathon
• The Disneyland Marathon
• The London Marathon
• The Nike Women’s Half and Full Marathon
• The San Francisco Half & Full Marathon & 5K

If you notice that I’m predominantly indicating races in California,
and specifically the Bay Area, it’s because that’s what I know.
Please feel free to send me information on other runs. I’ll check
into them. I especially want to know if the runs are for women only
and, if they are well organized!

Right now, I’m focusing on the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5K Run – February 3, 2008. Starting today, you have 10 weeks to get prepared for this race. 10 weeks is enough time for either event. For the Half Marathon, you should already be running, even if not training officially for this race. I’ll give you an intermediate training schedule for the half marathon. For the 5K (3.1 miles) you can start from scratch and be ready for this fun event.

The entry fee goes up after 1/11/08 and there is a limit to the
number of participants. All race details are on the official website
http://xnet.kp.org/sanfrancisco/index.html. So, if you haven’t
already started training, Now Is The Time!!

This issue I’ll tell you about myself. The research was easy! In my
senior year of high school the entire class had to run a mile for the
President Kennedy Physical Fitness Test, as required for all
graduating seniors. We girls never ran on the track. In fact, we were
not allowed to run in high school running programs. At that time
there was no Title 9.

I failed miserably in my attempt, having no idea how to pace myself.
I felt abandoned by the P.E. Dept. having no concept of how to run
that far. Our “Girl’s” PE Program never offered any type of running
program in my entire 4 years of high school. Thank goodness things
have now changed.

However, this event piqued my interest in learning more about my
physical limits and “pushing myself”. My chosen graduation present
was a trip to a girl’s Outward Bound Course in the Cascade Mountain Range. Outward Bound introduced me to my inner ability to overcome both mental and physical fears and obstacles. In addition to rock climbing, rappelling, and 3 days alone in the woods with no food or sleeping bag, I completed running a “marathon” at the end of the 26 day course! It was life changing…

I loved learning that a woman like me could do these things! I
blossomed with the realization that I could overcome mental and
physical barriers that had seemed impossible. These barriers were
self-made and I could change them! This was a wonderful awakening for an 18 year old.

Graduating from high school created many life changes as I headed out on my own, not knowing what direction to go in. Living on my own, with a full time job and part time attendance at a community college, gave me ultimate freedom and limited time. I stopped exercising and gained more than 40 pounds. Oh, those morning doughnuts, endless cups of coffee and sitting all day were changing me in ways I hadn’t realized. I had so much to learn about what really mattered.

When I realized that change needed to occur I was positive that I
could make it happen. It would take work and believing in myself but
I knew I could do it! I started running after work in a park across
the street from where I lived. I ran when it was dark because I was
embarrassed for people to see me. Running/Jogging at that time was
not common, especially for women. One time around the block equaled 1/8 of a mile. It took about a month before I ran 8 times around that block, but I was on my way!

30 pounds lighter and a few years later I ran my first official
marathon and placed third female! Another milestone had been reached and I was hooked. I have been running ever since.

The essence of this story however, goes way beyond my love of
running. The true benefit has been the gift of fitness, discipline,
and the psychological/emotional lift that running has given to me.
Running has offered comfort and clarification to me during difficult
times when the rest of my life was in turmoil. There have been many
trials throughout my life (as there are for all of us) and running
has been a steadfast friend. There have even been epiphanies (of a
sort) during my running. Little assists and major realizations have
occurred and, as any runner knows, they just happen! How could I give that up?

Now, if I had to stop running for reasons beyond my control, I would
have the wonderful memories and knowledge of the commitment I made when I COULD run. I would carry within me the solace of knowing that I was given a gift and took full advantage of it while I was able.

You owe it to yourself to use this gift, too. The distance you run is
not the issue. How fast you run doesn’t matter. That you get out and
maintain your well-being; that you run to show your appreciation for
the ability to move; that you realize how much better you will be,
for those around you, when you take care of yourself through
exercise; these are what matter!

Amy Montemarano started a new website for women who travel and want to run with other women during their stay. She offers information forvacation sites and for business travel. Check out her website at www.womenruntheworld.com. Isn’t this a great idea? Thanks for putting it together Amy.

• Stay tuned for details about the Sunday running program that
will launch in early January, 2008.
• Start preparing for the upcoming running tours to England
this summer and the NYC Marathon in November of 2008.
• Hold on for the official launch of the Ask About Running

The easiest way to continue to receive this weekly digest is to subscribe to my Yahoo Group at AskStephanieAboutSports@yahoogroups.com and you’ll be on the
automatic mailing list.

Please send me your stories, comments, and questions about life and running. My E-mail is Stephanie@AskAboutRunning.com. I’m very
excited to see how this digest evolves.

And, if you are training for the Kaiser Half and 5K, be sure to open
the Training attachment on this E-mail or check the group site or
contact me directly. We’re going to have a lot of fun with our Weekly Pep Talk!

Stephanie Atwood

P.S. Photos were added in this current version for a nicer presentation. These early issues were originally published as emails from word documents.
Go WOW Team

Nike Wants You for their Commercial

Nike wants YOU* (or some other woman in the Bay Area) to be featured in an upcoming commercial.


To be filmed in the Bay Area (location still to be determined) on June 8.

They will be checking in with Go WOW Team on May 20 (not May 19) at 6:15, at our Lake Merritt workout, to interview any interested women right before our run.

Jordan Shively works for a filming company and will be conducting brief interviews (1-2 minutes). The general demographic is a running woman between the ages of 25 – 38 (if you look those ages, you don’t need to be those ages). He was fairly vague beyond the age demographic and gender.

*They will also be hiring extras so you have a couple of chances to participate.

Just show up if you are interested. If you need to check in with Jordan call 925 699-5808
– Coach Stephanie

Race Preparation for the Oakland Run Fest

Race Preparation for the Oakland Run Fest

by Coach Lauren Ganes

Oakland Run Fest 2011Hooray! ORF is here! Now it’s time to celebrate all that hard work and training you have put in for the half marathon, relay and 5K!

This last week requires a little extra race preparation and, if you plan ahead, it will pay off on race day. For some of us, it will be our fifth year participating in the Oakland Run Fest!

Every runner needs to stay well hydrated this week. Half Marathoners need to focus on eating their complex carbohydrates and protein to keep their bodies well fueled and ready for race morning.

All runners should remember to wear their WOW shirts. Set out your clothes the night before and pin on your bib. What should be set out?
• Hat or visor
• Sunscreen
• Body Glide
• Jog bra
• Shirt (with bib pinned on)
• Shorts or pants
• Socks
• Shoes
• Identification and any necessary medical emergency information
• Extra clothes for before and after the race. These can be deposited at the Go WOW Tent before your race
For half marathoners only:
• Fuel Belt with electrolytes (gel, shot blocks)
• One small bottle with liquid in case you need it between aid stations

Stay strong, find your rhythm, and have fun! Go WOW Team!

WOW What a Team

2004 WOW October farewell to Michaela 002 (640x480)

Studies have shown that runners are more successful when they are part of a group.  By being part of a group, you know you will have someone to run with, and that someone is there waiting for you at a specific time.  So often we would not get out of bed early in the morning, or go out if it is cold or rainy; however, you don’t want to let your buddies down, so you show up.

We are all so grateful to Coach Stephanie for creating the WOW Team which fosters warm, caring support for all women, from walkers to marathoners and every distance in between.

So many times I am struck by the generosity of spirit shown by WOW Women.  Last week one of our members moved out of state, and so many women came out to say good-bye.  Another woman was coming back from injury and afraid to run for the first time back, and another member stepped up and said, “Come on, let’s go for a short run”.

It’s always a joy to have a new member join.  Not only do WOW Women cordially welcome new members but they all love watching the progress of the new member growing stronger with each work-out.

It is so inspiring to be a part of this diverse group of women.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie for providing this gift to all of us!

The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 261 Start September 29, 2014

Where Did the Time Go? It’s Almost October!

Welcome to The Weekly Pep Talk Edition 261
Starting September 29, 2014

by Coach Stephanie Atwood

Words of Wisdom:  “A snowflake is one of God s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!” –  Anonymous


WOW Woman of the Week: I have to thank Tres Fontaine big time for all that she does for this club. Tres you are an awesome athlete and also as generous as they get. Lucky WOW!


Good-bye Michaela (sigh…)

It’s official. Go WOW will be losing our dear friend Michaela Ristaino to her new location in Florida! Too far to commute, we understand. All of you are invited to join us this Wednesday, October 1 for informal drinks after the workout at Lake Merritt with Michaela and/or mark your calendar for a brunch buffet after the October 19 workout at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek. I’m working on getting her to start up a WOW Team in her new neighborhood! Continue reading The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 261 Start September 29, 2014

The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 260 Start September 15, 2014

Do You Tri?

Start Sept. 15, 2014
by Coach Stephanie Atwood
I just realized that I have actually written 260 Weekly Pep Talks. Yowza!

Words of Wisdom: “If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn’t.” – Lyall Watson


Book Reviews Needed. Will trade for books! If you will take the time to review one or both of my new books I will be happy to send you a pdf version to download. This means that you don’t have to purchase the book and can have full access to the material today. What I need in return is a review to be placed on Amazon.com on September 22 (for the newest book) and ASAP for the other book.. Are you interested?

Only 20 words from you could make a big difference in sales. Thanks for the LOVE! Contact me by email at StephanieAtwood@gowowliving.com and I will forward a pdf attachment right away!

Free book for your Review

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To make a review you just scroll down the page where the book is featured on Amazon. It’s easy. There are examples of other reviews to help you understand.


WOW Woman of the Week:  Leticia Duenas is one of the longest term members in Go WOW dating back to 2005! This was actually before WOW started and I was coaching for See Jane Run. At that time Leticia was single and without children. She is now married and has two young boys! Talk about some life changes. Thank you for your friendship and support of WOW Leticia. It’s been quite a journey and we’re just getting started!


September Birthdays: Jacqueline Rickman, Jessica McElroy, Janet Mc Gee, Tami Price, Mayra Montoya, Sharon Alberts, Joann Denning, Mary Sue Weston Thomas, Sophie Jani, Tiffany Akins-Dunbar, Dawn Robinson, Julia Halsne. Happy Birthday September Girls!

Coach Tip of the Week:  Race week! This is the time to focus on lots of rest, eating good, healthy food, staying hydrated, and visualizing your race day. I encourage you to mentally picture and physically go through the transitions from swim to bike to run (triathlon) or run to bike to run (duathlon). This weekend will be a learning experience for all of us and should also be fun! Be sure to plan to join us afterward for breakfast at Dean’s Restaurant in Pleasanton.

Here we go!


Marathon Minute: – http://www.gowowteam.com  . Stepping out of your comfort zone? Lauren shares her recent experience with this.


Go WOW News

Dear WOW Ladies and Interested Readers,

Last Sunday at Point Isabel was so much fun! We had new faces – Jennifer; returning faces like teachers Erin ConklinKathrina Weekes and Kathleen Gadway; and we also had some women checking out their bikes after taking a few decades’ hiatus – Go Ellen Gordon! It was also nice to see Jessica Mangaccat, Tricia O, and Julia Halsne walking their dogs.

And of course we had a super group of runners and walkers who show up on a fairly regular basis and make it all worth being somewhere by 8AM on a Sunday morning. Super Sunday. Really fun!

While the triathlon is the big thing for this weekend and we encourage all of you to come out and participate or support The TEAM, we also have a workout planned at Emeryville Marina. Lori Whittock will head up that workout for runners and walkers with our half marathon trainees going for 10 miles or 120 minutes (whichever comes first). Thank you Lori, for helping out!

Broads Run Broadway is Saturday, September 27, Saturday night, 6PM in downtown Oakland. You can still register for this fun, costume event and join several of your WOW Teammates in this low key, untimed, 5K (3.1 mile) run, walk, or hop, costume event with prizes and a good looking jacket as part of your registration fee. http://www.corrigansports.com/broads-run-broadway/

I’m still checking on details for our triathlon this weekend and will be organizing a call-in on Thursday evening. If you have any questions or comments about the triathlon OR Broads Run Broadway feel free to call in on Thursday, September 18 at 5:30Pm to talk with Lauren Ganes and Me. The call in number is 1 712-432-3011, Conference Code 211360. Also check on Facebook for updates.

List of GO WOW Participants for this weekend’s Triathlon and Duathlon:

1. Rebecca Malberg

2. Kathleen Davis

3. Gina Assoni Hewlett

4. Nicole Dryden

5. Elaine Porter

6. Ann Ritzma

7. Maria Carmela Keys

8. Stephanie Atwood

9. Cecilia Han

10. Nancy Rivard

11. Eileen Killory

12.  Vera Chrebtow

13.  Leslie Griep

14.  Mayra Montoya

15.  Lauren Ganes

Welcome to newest member Lynn Sanderson!

Here’s to a great race this weekend to all you tri and duathletes!

Go for it!

Coach Stephanie


Bits and Pieces…

Belly Fat Blowout reduced price from September 17 – 20. If you haven’t picked it up yet, here’s your chance at a reduced rate. 72 hours only. Both Book 1 and 2 are available for only a brief period of time at reduced rates.

Also reduced is Belly Fat Blowout 2, the sequel. 72 hours only!


Start your own WOW Team neighborhood group. We’ll help! We’re just in the testing stages of this but if you want to start your own group contact StephanieAtwood@gowowliving.com. Let’s expand and share the Go WOW LOVE in your city or state!


Amazon Books by Best Selling Author Coach Stephanie Atwood


Fresh to Freezer Meals for One: Quick and Easy Complete Meal Plan, Shopping List and Recipes. Please leave a review on Amazon.

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Paleo Meals for One

My books are also available online at our new website at http://gowowliving.com and on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback.

Belly Fat Blow-out 2! http://amzn.to/19hyouV Sequel to the bestselling Belly Fat Blowout 1. Lose inches, balance blood sugar, reduce night sweats, burn fat and be a better athlete.

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Run Faster Race Better http://amzn.to/Wi5Qfg Now in paperback, too.

Journal – A Day of Achievement and Inspiration – in paperback only http://amzn.to/1o9OCjr

Upcoming Events of Note: (this is not a complete WOW Team calendar)

  • Sunday, September 21 – See Jane Run Sprint Triathlon – WOW is an official training team for this event
  • Saturday, September 27 – Broads Run Broadway – a 5K fun run, especially for women. Go WOW is Official Program Training Team
  • Sunday, November 16 – Big Sur Half Marathon – WOW will make this our “end of season away-event”
  • Sunday, December 14 – Christmas Relays at Lake Merced in San Francisco. WOW will put teams together under WOW (all ages) and BAWRF (age related, competitive teams)

Details for these special events are on meetup. For the full calendar of WOW Workouts go to our website at http://gowowliving.com/calendar-of-events or http://meetup.com/gowowteam


Photo Credits –

Photo #1 – Book Covers

Photo #2 – Leticia Duenas is second from the left. Also in photo (from left in back) Yolande Sterling, Jeanetta Mack, Coach Stephanie, Ellen Gordon, front Gwenn Smith, Virginia Guinto

Photo #3 – Happy Birthday!

Photo #4 – Go triathletes and duathletes! Photo from the AASK Walk/Run around Lake Merritt in August.

Photo #5 – Eileen Killory at the UN Peace Run

Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Outside of Your Comfort Zone

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Napa Girls' Weekend. Sunday morning workout as usual!
Napa Girls’ Weekend. Sunday morning workout as usual!

A few weeks ago I had the exciting experience of walking 2 miles  inside a lava tube!  Walking or moving in dark spaces is difficult for me and in this case I only had my iphone flashlight to help me navigate the uneven walking surface.  I persevered through this very unique experience.

At some point my husband asked if I wanted to turn around, and I replied, “NO”.  He remarked that prior to my triathlons and running races I would have turned around (and that is true).

It’s exciting to try something new and you gain an inner strength from stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone.  Many WOW women will be experiencing their first triathlon this week-end.  We know you have trained for this and you will not only cross the finish line with a smile on your face, but you will know that you have added to your personal inner strength.

Stay strong, keep your rhythm, and enjoy the experience.

Marathon Minute December 24, 2013

Thank You Coach Stephanie

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

023 (480x640)I think Coach Tres would agree with me, based on our recent coach training, that our WOW Team has the very best coach, Coach Stephanie!

Coach Stephanie has created a safe and welcoming environment for women with a wide variety of capabilities. How lucky we are to have a coach capable of coaching a marathon runner as well as encourage the run/walker to run her first 5K.

I have always been impressed with how Coach Stephanie meets the needs of all runners.  She knows just what each individual needs to do to reach their personal goal.  Should they take 3 minutes for a lap on the track or should they run that lap under 2 minutes?  How far should someone run if they are training for a 10K? Coach Stephanie has all the training plans on-line for us, plus the gift of knowing just how fast you personally should run your work-out.  And then she organizes the work-outs so that all can participate, and still have time to stretch together and socialize at the end.

Our running together helps keep us fit physically and emotionally.  It’s wonderful to know that friends are waiting for us at each work-out.

Thank you, Coach Stephanie, we are all grateful to you for founding the WOW Team.  We all reap the benefits of your thinking, planning, organizing, and dedication to women staying fit.

Happy Holidays to All!

Marathon Minute 10-8

by Lauren Ganes, Marathon Coordinator

Coach Stephanie and Lauren at the Walnut Creek Half Marathon, BFF

WOW Women showed their power at the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon this week-end. Bravo to Lizette and Coach Stephanie for breaking 2 hours, Lizette at 1:57 and Coach Stephanie at 1:59, and 4th in her age group. You two were flying! And bravo to Leti who was also flying along the course with under 10 minute miles.

Congratulations Ann, on a well-run race without cramping. And of course, our hats off to Elaine on finishing her very first half marathon.

New WOW member Pat Venerable was in San Jose walking the half this past weekend. We look forward to getting to know you better Pat. Keep walking fast!

Although it was not in a race, Eileen ran continuously for 13.1 miles for the first time this week-end. Humboldt participants are now in various stages of staying strong, or in taper mode with the half marathon coming up on October 21.

This is an important time for the Humboldt half marathoners to: fuel well, (focusing on protein, complex carbohydrates, less refined sugar) hydrate well, and rest.

Training continues for the WOW women training to walk the Oakland Marathon in March.

Again, congratulations to Coach Stephanie, Lizette, Leti, Ann, Pat and Elaine on their successes at the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

All WOW women thank Coach Stephanie, for guiding us and inspiring us to reach our individual potentials.

WOW Women, Fit Women of the World, Go for it!

The Weekly Pep Talk – WOW was Smokin’

The Weekly Pep Talk #187
Start March 26, 2012

Words to Live By: “Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.” –  Aristotle

Final Chance: Please Vote! Get the family and friends to help out. Let’s make the Wow Team the Best Running Club in the Bay Area! http://sf.cityvoter.com/the-wow-team-bay-area-women-s-run-walk-club/biz/282250 . Deadline March 30. Thanks to everyone who has already voted but please bring your friends and family on board, too. We need those votes!

Happy Runners. Oakland Run Fest 2012. Photo by Lauren Ganes

Marathon Minute from Lauren Ganes is ready for reading. Go to http://gowowteam.com/marathon-minute-16 for an update on the ORF.

WOW Members, please share your race stories on the Winners’ Circle. This is your time! (WOW Member but not on the Winners’ Circle? Check your membership resource letter for details on how to participate.)

Dear WOW Members and Interested Readers,

There will be two more weeks of condensed Weekly Pep Talks. I am taking off tomorrow for a trip to Boston and New York with my college age daughter and we are spending a week exploring colleges and 2 new cities for the first time! I have been all over the world but never to Boston and only once to New York. I am excited! Both, for time to spend with my youngest daughter and for an adventure to share!

Rowena and Julie. Rowena ran her first half marathon! 2012

As for the WOW Team, I have to repeat Ann R’s quote from the Winners’ Circle “WOW – wee!” What a group! You showed your stuff this weekend and it is documented in race times, photos, and satisfied trainees. I am so proud of what each of you have accomplished! You should feel terrific (if a bit sore!)

Many of you were mentioned in Lauren’s Marathon Minute so, before thinking we fogot you, please check it out! In addition to what Lauren already wrote about (and photographed) I want to salute Laura L who ran 8 minutes faster in her 5K race this year over last! Additionally Laura took some dynamite photos AND was the impetus and organizer for her school to add a youth running program for students to train for yesterday’s race. You totally rock Laura!

Elaine P and Ann R finished the 5K bright and early then had to rush off for family and work matters. I loved seeing you out there, finishing strong. Please know that See Jane Run 5K and Half holds bigger and better things for both of you! Go for it!

I have known Amanda M for several years. To see the transformation in this woman from then until now is incredible! I am so proud of what you have accomplished Amanda and also see what kind of strength there is in family. You ran for your father, you have a husband who is right there with you (literally, since you ran together!) and a lovely baby daughter to carry on the love from generation to generation. Much was accomplished yesterday. Good job!

Christy and Ann, pre race! Oakland Run Fest 2012, photo by Lauren G

In her usual quiet and determined manner Christy G crossed the finish of the Oakland Half Marathon for the second time. The WOW Team congratulates you and I am especially proud. Thanks for the wonderful training workouts we’ve shared!

We also saw Beth W, who has been an incredible mentor, run the relay with her “best cupcake buddies”. The ladies are making ORF Relay a tradition and we applaud traditions and women’s fitness so you are doing it right!

Lizette B, finished with a personal record of 2 hours and 3 minutes and a bit was also on a clip in the news last night on television so we will be needing to get her autograph soon. Go Lizette! Now, on to a century ride in June…

Christie A, one of our newest members participated in her first race, ever, as a relay partner in yesterday’s relay. Christie’s team included Iris T, Vera C, and Lesley T. Good run Christie! Now, a half marathon is in order right? See Jane Run here we come!

Coach Stephanie, Christie, Eileen, Robbi , and Iris after our races. Photo by Laura Lance.

I want to thank the leaders of the relay teams, Iris T and Eileen K. You ladies got it together! Eileen’s Team included Ellen Gordon, April Nicolas, and Kathrina Weekes.

I want to thank all the volunteers who helped at the expo and, especially Iris T, Pam Skiles, and Husbands Andy Ganes and Adam Byers who went to extra efforts to show up early, late and help as needed.

I want to give a big THANKS to Laura and Lauren who took so many wonderful photos!

I also want to commend Lauren for her tenacity in recovering gradually so that, after a year, she was able to successfully complete another half marathon, injury-free.

I saw a group of women out there yesterday pushing themselves, each other, and having fun. What could be better? I want to congratulate each of you for what you accomplished. For each of you that was a different thing. We had so many successes yesterday, measured by the goals each of us had set and by the strength in what our team represents – lifetime fitness, friendship, and fun.

And, how about the party at Michaela and Tony’s house? Was that the very best ending possible to a wonderful day? Thank you, thank you Michaela and Tony for welcoming us to your home and introducing us to incredible cooking!

Here is a list of participants from my memory. If I left your name out, please let me know. Each of you deserves so much credit.


Elaine Porter
Ann Ritzma
Jeanetta Mack
Laura Lance


WOW Team A

  • Eileen Killory
  • Ellen Gordon
  • April Nicolas
  • Kathrina Weekes

WOW Team B

  • Iris Torres
  • Vera Chrebtow
  • Christie Areias
  • Lesley Turner

Beth Wrightson – The Cupcake Relay Team

Half Marathoners

Lauren Ganes
Robbi Cook
Lizette Byers
Christy Gerren
Coach Stephanie
Colleen Blakelock
Rowena Robles
Julie Yokoyama
Coach Stephanie
Kyoung Lee
Pat Chase
Lily Chien-Davis
Michaela Ristaino
Fiona Burger
Amanda Moynihan
Anna Santos

What a group!


See Jane Run Training

OK, it’s time to ramp up the training! See Jane Run, here we come. 5K and half marathon, we’re taking you down!

This coming week I want everyone to work on form. Minimum workout is 60 minutes, Maximum is 100 minutes. Please don’t go over 60 unless you’ve already done this amount. Then up it by 10 minutes from wherever you are. If you are new with WOW I recommend working at 1/1 with a woman who is a similar pace. Touch base with Beth to find out who can work out with you.

If you just finished your half marathon, this is a recovery week. 60 minutes is good. Just “stay in the game” this week. Nice and easy, fun movement.

If you are a relay or 5K veteran, let’s get a 60 minute workout in with medium speed (tempo speed for 4 minutes with 1 minute easy recovery walking).

Beth will lead the workout on Sunday at San Leandro Marina. Christy leads the walk on Saturday. Lauren and Michaela are leading the workouts on Wednesday. Thanks to all my wonderful workout leaders!

Coach Stephanie

P.S. I’ll be back on Wednesday, April 4. See you then!

“I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed.” – Robert Schuller

Interested Readers?
I am offering a FREE ebook (Kindle, Nook, iPad, computer screen) of my latest novel to anyone in your club who would consider writing a short review for a blog, newsletter, or local newspaper.

My name is Joe C. Ellis. I am a 55 year old distance runner from Martins Ferry, Ohio and also a novelist. My mystery novels have become regional best sellers.
I’ve always been interested in the positive difference running makes in our lives as we age. This interest inspired the plot for my latest novel, Murder on the Outer Banks–The Methuselah Murders. It is due out in April of 2012 through John F. Blair, a long standing North Carolina publisher.

The novel is about a sixty-five-year-old medical researcher who develops a serum that reverses aging in human cells. After injecting himself with the serum, he monitors his progress through his distance running. When he posts a world-class time of 17:35 for his age group in a local 5K, a mysterious triumvirate of pharmaceutical CEOs known as the Medical Mafia wants the serum at any price. The bodies pile up along the Outer Banks as a Russian mobster and a couple rogue FBI agents attempt to get their hands on the serum and formula.

If you could get this request through to your club members through your email list or some other means, it would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested can email me at joecellis@comcast.net .

Thanks for considering this request. Sincerely, Joe C. Ellis

Please VOTE!
Don’t forget to vote for WOW as Best Bay Area Running Club! Get friends and family, too!http://sf.cityvoter.com/the-wow-team-bay-area-women-s-run-walk-club/biz/282250 

Note: If you have a question and are not yet a member of the WOW Team, post it on our Go WOW Team publicfacebook page and I’ll do my best to post a response there within 1 business day. Members can post on The Winners Circle, our private facebook page. I’ll check in on both. Go WOW Team!


Stretch! Don't forget!

Track for the weeks of March 19 through April 1, 2012

March 19 – 25

Warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (3 – 4 laps)

Timed 2 mile for our See Jane Run Trainees and 5K/Relay Participants
3 miles at Half Marathon Pace, steady, race pace for 3 continuous miles. You can do it!

Cool-down of 2 – 3 laps


March 26 – April 3

Warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (3 – 4 laps)

8 X 400m with 2 minutes rest in-between each lap. Pace should be based on your former race time or timed 2 miles

Cool-down of 2 – 3 laps


Not sure of your pace? Talk to Coach Stephanie. She has an answer for you.

Please make any comments on our public Facebook page or on the Winners’ Circle. Thank you!


Go Eileen! Got to warm you up!

Track for the week of March 12 – 18, 2012

Warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes (3 – 4 laps)

6 X 800 meters (2 laps) hard with 400 meters at a recovery pace (easy jog or walk). The recovery phase is to keep you moving but allow time to recover partially, not fully.

Cool-down of 2 – 3 laps


Please make any comments on our public Facebook page or on the Winners’ Circle. Thank you!

Weekly Pep Talk

The Weekly Pep Talk #181

Start 2-13-2012

Words to live by: In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends. – John Churton Collins

Woman of the Week:  Dawn Paser is creating a dynamic Saturday group of walkers. With Christy G’s leadership and Dawn’s enthusiasm they are creating fitness, friendship, and fun for the women at Lake Merritt on Saturday morning. Go for it Dawn!

Coach Stephanie’s Tip: Please, joinThe Winner’s Circle if you are a WOW Team Member. To do so, contact me at facebook.com/StephanieAtwoodPersonal and I will invite you to join our private, members only group. For non-members, our public site at facebook.com/GoWOWTeam is full of news, photos, and updates on the wonderful WOW Team. Go WOW Team!

Lauren’s Marathon Minute: Our Marathon Coordinator, Lauren Ganes (and resident photographer) has written a very informative piece about nutrition for athletes. Don’t miss it!http://gowowteam.com/marathon-minute-14

Dear Amazing WOW Women and Interested Readers,

We are half way through our training for the upcoming Oakland Run Fest! WOW!You ladies are awesome!

Ann R led the Saturday run workout at Sawyer Camp. Thanks Ann. Iris T, Beth W, and Beth R also ran on Saturday, in a bit of a mist, but with no dampening of spirit. Beth W, who is training for a half marathon, ran farther than she has in years. Good job Beth!

Christy G, with stalwart participant Dawn P, led the Saturday walk group at Lake Merritt. 7 power walkers cruised around Lake Merritt with laughing and talking as an essential part of the mix. Denise, Michelle, Willie, Francina, and Donna accompanied Christy and Dawn. Go Super Walkers!

I will be at Lake Merritt this Saturday and will be starting a 30 minute Coaching Session every other week, immediately following our walk. Highlighting different aspects of a successful fitness program, this week’s topic will be – Walk for the rest of your life.  The training will begin immediately after our walk around the lake (at approximately 9:30 AM and will be offered with a“Suggested Contribution of $5 – $10”.  Our Saturday walks are FREE!

Our Sunday run at Inspiration Point was cool, hilly, and beautiful! Even the cows were out enjoying the great view on the ridge! Almost 20 women joined us for anything from 70 minutes to 11 miles. I want to thank WOW Mentor and wonderful woman Michaela R for creating a car pool for women from Walnut Creek. Christie A, Michaela, Miriam, and Fiona came together. Also from the Walnut Creek Area was Amanda M who is doing amazing things with her training.

I want to welcome new member Vera C who also ran with us last week at Inspiration Point. Vera will be joining Iris, Lesley,  and ? to complete the second WOW Relay Team. Go WOW Team!
It was great to see Kiera N last weekend. We have missed her so much! Welcome back Kiera. You are still looking and running strong.

Relay Members and 5K Members should be training a bit faster these days since you have been out there now for 6 weeks, many of you. We are increasing length of time very slightly giving you the opportunity to test you speed a bit. I encourage you to look at the training program and try to follow it by upping your speed when you aren’t also increasing the amount of time you are moving.

Half Marathon Trainees, you are getting up there in time and distance! This weekend you’ll be putting in 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) or 11 miles, whichever comes first. We’ll be at Walden Park so, eat beforehand, bring water or electrolyte for the run, and plan to snack (GU or some other fast energy) on the run. Now is the time to try things. SO, TRY something different this weekend, please? Just try one thing different so that you will know if it made things better or worse for you.
The WOW Team Challenge rewards WOW Team Members when they reach 10 hours of working out with us! So, if you have completed 10 hours, please tell us on the Winner’s Circle where you put in your time and you will receive congratulations and a Challenge Bag (with goodies in it) from Coach Stephanie. I know we’ve got several women who are eligible!

Success Team Calls – Ace Mentor Beth W will be holding a Success Team Call on Thursday, February 23 at 8:00PM for 5 lucky women whom Beth has already invited.

I will be offering a practice call for any of you who want to learn about these calls on Saturday, February 18 at 4:00, immediately before our regular coached call at 4:30. If you are interested in learning more you can look at a brief slide presentation at https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=ddqwb8vg_17jkmw8c9 or let me know that you would like to attend on Saturday and I will send call-in information.

These Success Calls are really fun and uplifiting. Try to participate if you can.

Tuesday is rolling on and I want to get this out to you by 4:45. Where does the time go?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have a special valentine to share the day with. See you soon!
Coach Stephanie

February Birthdays and Special Occasions
Kathleen G, Jana C, Lindsay J-E, Kristen B, Eileen K

More Oakland Expo Volunteers Needed – The WOW Team needs volunteers to help at the Oakland Run Fest Expo. We can use members or friends and family. Here is what we need:
Friday, March 23 – Setup. 2 volunteers plus Coach Stephanie
Saturday, March 24 – Expo opens about 8AM. We’ll do 2 hour shifts until closing time (need to check times) so need 10 – 15 volunteers (this is the day you have to pick up your race bib so you’ll be coming anyway). This day it is best to have WOW Members at our booth if possible because you will be talking with the public and handing out postcards, etc. about the WOW Team.
Sunday, March 25 – The WOW Team has a booth at the race pavilion where we can leave stuff and meet and so on. We need non-participants so this is a good one to recruit family and friends. Details to follow. Times needed are from 45 minutes before race time to about 1:00. We will also need some clean-up here, after the race.
ORF Helpers: Thanks to the ladies below. I still need more!
Iris T – Friday
Ellen G – as needed
Lauren G – as needed

Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon in October – Lizette has offered dto help with this. Laura did it last year. Could you two get together and, the rest of you let Lizette know if you want to enter? She needs your name soon to get us in the lottery. Thanks Lizette.

Post your love for the WOW Team on Yelp. 

Recap from prior weeks:
Coaching calls are now happening on Saturday at 4:30 PM. The phone number has not changed. I hope to hear from you.

Be sure to look over the Resources Page on the WOW Team website to realize ALL the VALUE of your WOW Membership. Here is the link http://gowowteam.com/resources

Post on Winners Circle every week – From Eileen’s great idea of starting a living WOW journal I am requesting that each of us post a training entry of some sort each week, on the Winners Circle. I will start today and encourage everyone to follow suit. This is a way for you to be accountable to each other and to share your thoughts and feelings about your training – ANY ASPECT! Let’s see where we can go with this. http://www.facebook.com/groups/244142088969843/295132213870830/

Register now for your chosen race at the Oakland Run Fest. WOW Members get a $5 discount. The code is on our web page under the Resources Tab “For Members Only”.

Arrive early; win a prize – WOW Sunday workouts start at 8:00. Please try to be at the meeting area, ready to rock and roll at that time or sooner.  To reward those of you who follow through with this I’m offering a drawing of Celliant sport socks and sweat bands, while they last. Everyone who arrives by 7:59 AM will be given a drawing ticket when they sign-in and we’ll handle the drawing right before we take off.

Upcoming random races and opportunities:
Feb. 19, 2012 – The Arizona Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay, and 5K, http://www.thearizonamarathon.com
March 3, 2012 – Impact 5 and 10K in Walnut Creek – “I am on the Board of a local non-profit in Walnut Creek called the The Kiran Anjali Project (KAP), created to sponsor educational opportunities for disadvantaged girls in India. We are celebrating International Women’s Day by hosting a fundraiser 5/10K Walk/Run on March 3rd, 2012, sponsored by Sports Basement. It is called the IMPACT 5/10K and the theme is “Pound the Pavement and Change a Life”. The proceeds from the event will be donated to KAP’s sponsored school, Wings School for Girls, in Hyderabad, India.

We are hoping to inspire some local folks who want to have fun, support their fitness plans, and donate to a great cause at the same time! For more information, please visit us at www.kaproject.org. You are welcome to contact me with any questions at 415-710-8263.
March 25, 2012 – Oakland Running Festival, http://www.oaklandmarathon.com
April 22, 2012 – Auburn Endurance Capital Marathon, http://www.endurancemarathon.org
May 5, http://www.ocmarathon.com/The OC Marathon and Half Marathon
May 6, 2012 – Divas Half Marathon in San Francisco Bay – http://www.runlikeadiva.com
May 17 – 19 – Fargo Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay, 10K, 5K, and Youth Run, http://www.fargomarathon.com
May 20 – The 101st Running of Zazzle Bay to Breakers – Discount Code for WOW Members on our website at gowowteam.com
June 3, 2012 See Jane Run Half Marathon and 5K in Alameda – http://www.seejanerun.com/t-See-Jane-Run-Half-Marathon-and-5K-registration.aspx
July 29, 2012 – Sept 21, 2012 7th Annual Run at Work Day
Aug 26, 2012 – Santa Rosa Marathon / Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run – thesantarosamarathon.com
Sept 21, 2012 7th Annual Run at Work Day
November 18, 2012 – The Lady Speed Stick® Women’s Half Marathon Scottsdale-Tempe

All photos are from our Inspiration Point Run. Taken by Lauren G and Coach Stephanie
#1 – Julie and Rowens
#2 – Coach Stephanie and Amanda
#3 –  Lauren and Kiera. Yahoo! Kiera is back!
#4 – Lauren, Lizette and others stetching. Great form Lizette. Look at that nice straight back!
#5 – Miriam and Ellen enjoying Larabars after the workout
#6 – Pam S stretching
#7 – Ellen G just finished her run

Note: If you have a question and are not yet a member of the WOW Team, post it on our Go WOW Team public facebook page and I'll do my best to post a response there within 1 business day. Members can post on The Winners Circle, our private facebook page. I'll check in on both. Go WOW Team!


Heidi H and Ellen G striding strong at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley

Track Workouts for the week of January 16-22, 2012 written by Coach Stephanie

Intermediate to Advanced Runners
Warmup 10 – 20 minutes
6 X 800m at slightly more than your 400m pace (5 – 10 secs per lap additional) with 1 1/2 min rest in between each interval. Focus on breathing and quick turnover.
Cool down jog or walk 5 – 10 minutes

Novice to Intermediate (less experienced runners and walkers)
Warmup 10 – 20 minutes, walking, jogging, dynamic stretches
4 X 400m hard (walking or running) plus 400m steady immediately following (not easy on this 400m but slightly slower than the first 400m) with 3 min rest in between sets. Focus on breathing and light, mid-foot strike. May want to shorten stride and see if the foot strike gets “lighter”.
Cool down jog or walk 5 – 10 minutes

Note: The important part of both workouts is that you work at a level that is really hard!

Try taking your pulse and measure if you are in the 95% range immediately following the hard part of the workout.

P.S. It is difficult to get a heart rate monitor to work accurately on track workouts due to the short spurts of activity and the way the monitor tracks your movement. I recommend not using them or continually checking them. They can be very distracting! – Coach

The Weekly Pep Talk Start January 4, 2012

The Weekly Pep Talk
January 4, 2012

"It's not my job to motivate players. They bring extraordinary motivation to our program. It's my job not to de-motivate them." – Lou Holtz

Woman of the Week:  Kiera Newton, winner of the free registration for upcoming Oakland Half Marathon. Go Kiera! (Kiera is third from the left with team mates Filomena, Lauren, Kiera, and Kosheno)

Coach Stephanie’s Tip:  Steady as she goes. Jump into 2012 full of vim and vigor but temper that energy with a bit of patience. Good things come in fitness through time and dedication. You will reach your goals if you are patient and realistic, along with getting TOTALLY PSYCHED about the great things in store for you in 2012!

Dear WOW Women and Interested Readers,
I am EXCITED about 2012! We have an incredible year ahead and it starts this week! As our first week of training for the Oakland Run Fest I want to encourage each of you to push your limits. In other words, I encourage you to dream big and train hard.

This, as most of you know, does not mean to train for too much too soon. What I mean is that I want you to set a goal and put your heart and soul behind accomplishing it. I will help you with being realistic about distance and speed and how to improve. Your team mates will provide the encouragement and moral support. You need to bring the motivation. I don’t want you sabotaging your goals by not allowing time or not truly committing to the task at hand.

We are going to have a lot of fun! There is nothing better than training with others, making new friends, and learning a new skill while working toward a substantial goal. I want you to leave each workout feeling psyched about the next one! I want you to be tired and proud of what you’ve accomplished. I want you to work hard and know that you are making progress, with each step!

The first step is to come out and get moving with WOW! We have our veteran WOW Members returning Jan 4. Yahoo!

New participants are encouraged to come to our Pre-Season Race Introduction Clinic on Saturday, Jan 7 and/or our Training Kickoff on Sunday, Jan. 8.

Details for the many wonderful things that happen with the WOW Team can be explored, initially, by going to our website and clicking on the Resources Tab. The WOW Web Address is http://GoWOWTeam.com.

2012 has so much potential. Let’s jump in with our eyes wide open, ready for the wonders of fitness, friends, and fun, all in one package…The WOW Team!

Go For It! and Set that Bar High!
Coach Stephanie

And the winner is! Kiera Newton is the lucky winner of our Oakland Run Fest Drawing. OK Kiera, time to get serious about your training…

Happy January Birthdays – Laura Lance, Coach Stephanie, Iris Torres, Pamela Brenman

Oakland Relay Teams If you are interested in this topic, please contact Eileen by posting on the Winners Circle to let her know of your interest. I believe she was forming a team.

Questions, Comments? – Start at the Resources Tab on our website and take it from there

Set your goal. Take action. Get Moving! Go WOW Team!

Go WOW Team is an all women's, year-round training group. The kick-offs are open to EVERYONE. We hope to meet you soon!

The Weekly Pep Talk Start December 13, 2011

The Weekly Pep Talk, December 13, 2011

Quote of the Week: “One is defeated only when one accepts defeat.” – Marshall Foch

Woman of the Week:
Christy Gerren
, Christy just keeps on going! One of these days she will fulfill that dream of completing a marathon…

Link to WOW Team Resources for Non Members and Members

Become a WOW Team Mentor

If you are an enthusiastic WOW Member who would like to share the benefits of WOW Membership with new members please consider being a MENTOR.

The basic requirements are that you care and will show up (we’ll work out a schedule ahead of time). WOW wants you for the upcoming season from January 7 through race day of the Oakland Running Festival in March. Here is the link for details.

Dear Ladies,

What a year! I am blown away by what you women have accomplished!

I was thinking about Iris, who just completed her fifth half marathon for the year. Are you impressed or what? Iris, you rock!

And then there’s Michaela. She had never run more than a 2 mile race and, within 7 days completed 2 hilly races, the first was 7.6 miles, the second 13.1! Incredible!

Now we can’t ignore Pam or Kathrina who, in May ran and walked a 5K with no prior race experience then went on to honor their teams by racing their legs off in the December CIM Relay – farther than either of them had ever raced before! Kathrina is talking marathon and I think she will do it. Pam and Kathrina, I’m lovin’ it!

How about Julie? Just about to turn 70 and competed in her first 2 half marathons in 2011! Can you believe it? When Julie turns 70, you ladies in the 70 – 79 category better watch out!

Now, the WOW Team is made up of women who are all like Iris, Michaela, Julie, Pa, Christy, and Kathrina. We work hard, we strive for personal goals, and we keep going.

Do you know why? Because the purpose of running with the WOW Team is not to run the fastest; it is to set a goal, get some feedback from a coach who really cares, train with your buddies, and keep moving for the rest of your life!

When I see the friendships that are created, like that between Heidi and Ellen (who have been with WOW for many years), who have weathered the ups and downs that life gives us, I am touched by the simplicity and significance of time spent together.

We share a bond far beyond that of miles and speed yet we are able to attain athletic goals, seemingly beyond our reach, through the camaraderie, support, and certainty that we are there for each other now and will continue to be there, week after week, for the foreseeable future.

WOW Women Rock! Here’s to a great 2011 and who knows what’s in store for 2012. I think we’re in for a MARVELOUS NEW YEAR!

Go for it! – Coach Stephanie

P.S. You new ladies who showed up at Lake Merritt on Wed or Sunday are getting an early start on training for the Oakland Half Marathon, 5K and Relay. Keep it up! Control the holiday SPREAD with exercise!

Recap Walnut Creek Half Marathon and 5K

Be sure to look on Facebook and our WOW Team website for the details. Lauren wrote a great Marathon Minute and took wonderful photos of the day! Congratulations Michaela R, Iris T, Julie Y, Sarah K, Fiona, Robbi C, and Rowena R!

Credit also goes to Eileen, Lauren and me for being out there in freezing temps to cheer on the troops. Temps were barely above freezing but it was well worth the frozen feet!

Sunday Celebration Recap

The party at Robbi’s house was lively and full of good talk and food! Lesley’s kale salad took first place and the recipe is on the WOW Team Facebook site. Rowena’s rice and seafood salad took a close second. Recipe please?

Check out the wonderful photos, recipes, and comments on Facebook. Thanks Robbi for hosting the party, Lauren and Ellen for taking photos; and each of you who brought the yummy food to share!

Happy December Birthday to Yael W, Robbi C, Noel Y, Dorothy D

Happy December Anniversary to Mayra M and Carlos

Interested in carpooling or contacting a member? Go to the Winners Circle (for members only) and get in on the dialog.

Need more information about the Oakland Running Fest? Check out the WOW Team website HOME Page and click around!

Upcoming – Mark your Calendars (not including the regular workouts. All details for all WOW Events and Workouts are posted on meetup)

Monday, December 19 – Online call about the Oakland Run Fest

December 24- 30 – No Official WOW Workouts (Arrange some through the Winners Circle?)

December 31 – Run and ORF Intro at Sawyer Camp

January 1 – 4 No official WOW Workouts

January 3, Oakland Marathon Training Talk at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek – 6:30PM

January 5, Online Training Call for Oakland Half Marathon and 5K with WOW Team Coach Stephanie

January 6, Mentors and Assistants welcome dinner at the home of Coach Stephanie

January 7, Training Clinic with Coach Stephanie at Chabot College – 10AM – 4PM

January 8, First day of training for the New Year! Meet your WOW Team Buddies! Start training for the Oakland Run Fest Half Marathon or 5K.

February 3, Runner’s Feast – Winter Seasonal Dinner – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, delicious Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

May 4, Runner’s Feast – Spring – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

August 3, Runner’s Feast – Summer – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

November 2, Runner’s Feast – Fall – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

We Did It! Weekly Pep Talk Start September 1, 2011

We did it!

The Weekly Pep Talk through September 1, 2011
by Stephanie Atwood

Here is the link to the most current Weekly Pep Talk:

The Weekly Pep Talk #168 through September 1, 2011

The girls relax after personal bests for all three at the SF Half Marathon July 31, 2011. Photo by Lauren Ganes

Half Marathon Training

Photo of WOW Member Mayra M at Point Isabel taken by WOW Marathon Coordinator Lauren Ganes

If you are a novice to intermediate level runner or run/walker wanting to successfully complete a half marathon, this training program will get you going!

Follow the link for a day to day training program. If you can’t do the same days progression, no worries. Just tweak the schedule to fit your own with the goal to include three running workouts a week, rest in between, and cross training as you can handle it.

Now, the final component of a good training program is a great group to train with and the best coach you can find. ENTER The WOW TEAM! Join us soon. We’d love to run with you and help you reach your full potential.

Follow the link for a day to day training program. Good luck!