Success Teams and WOW Team Mentors

Success Teams and Go WOW Mentors

by Coach Lauren Ganes, Member Coordinator

IMG_1120 (480x640)The WOW team strives to support and care for all women in their efforts to stay strong and fit.  One of the more wonderful parts of being part of a group,  is knowing that other women will be expecting you at the workout.   You might not want to get out of bed early in the morning, or you’re too tired after work, but knowing other WOW women are waiting for you provides that extra incentive to get to the workout. And of course you feel accomplished and refreshed after you finish your work out.

Success Teams are another way for WOW women to be accountable and supported by their team mates.  Don’t forget to reach out to the women in your Success Team.  If you haven’t seen them recently, check-in to see what they are doing to stay fit.  Let them know they are missed.

In addition to our Success Teams, we have just begun a Mentoring program for new members.  We have been assigning veteran WOW Women as mentors to new members.

The veteran WOW member makes sure that new members are greeted and feel welcomed at our workouts.  Most importantly, if a new member doesn’t show up, the mentor calls or e-mails to check-in with them.  

In addition, the mentor is available to answer questions about the workout procedures, and any other issues that relate to our website at, Meetup, or the Winners Circle on Facebook. (Hopefully Coach Lauren has already covered these means of communication.)

WOW veterans, be ready to be called on to support our new members!

Here is to success for all WOW members, veterans and newbies, in getting out to the workouts and staying fit!

Photo of Lauren, Lizette, and Vera at San Leandro Marina. Photographer unknown.