Coach Stephanie’s track workouts for the week of August 30 – September 5, 2010

Bring a digital watch to time yourself. This really helps you stay on target even if you’re not trying for a specific time goal.

Marathoners and Intermediate to Advanced Runners
Warm-up 10 – 20 minutes
3 X (2 X 1200 with 2 min RI plus 4 minutes between sets)
Cool-down 10 minutes

Novice Run, Walk, Run/Walk
Warm-up 10 – 20 minutes
3 X (2 X 800) wait for rest of group to finish and repeat. 4 minute rest between each set.
Cool-down 1 – 2 laps easy

Veg out Track Workout
Warm up with the group
Set the music, earphones in 1 ear please, stay in the outside lane
Just keep moving!

The WOW Team encourages fitness, through running and walking, for all women, all sizes, all ages, all abilites, all year round. Join us!

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