For the week of December 25 – 31, 2011

Intermediate to Advanced – Track Workout – 10 – 20 minute warmup plus dynamic stretches. 1 mile with 2 min recovery X 2 (at your 10K race pace)* 4 laps jogging cool-down, Stretch.

WOW winners at the UN Peace Run, September 2011

Run/Walk – 10 – 20 minute walk/run or easy jog warm-up (depending on your speed) plus dynamic stretches, 1 mile with running 1 lap hard, one lap for recovery, half lap hard, half lap recovery X 2, 1 lap hard, one lap for recovery. Walk 1 lap then repeat. 2 laps walking or jogging cool-down, Stretch.

Walkers – 10 – 20 minute walking warmup plus dynamic stretches. Walk HARD for 1/2 lap, Easy 1/2 lap, Steady 1 lap. Repeat 3 – 4 times. Stretch.

Track workouts will cause you to SWEAT and raise your heart rate! If you have any reason why this is not wise, please inform us. We assume you have spoken with your doctor about exercising hard. Thank you!

*If you don’t already know your 10K race pace, let’s talk!

Bring layers of clothing and water. WOW works out in rain or sun. Be prepared. If the weather is inclement, have a change of clothes in your car or near-by. After the workout is when you can get cold.