Heidi H and Ellen G striding strong at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley

Track Workouts for the week of January 16-22, 2012 written by Coach Stephanie

Intermediate to Advanced Runners
Warmup 10 – 20 minutes
6 X 800m at slightly more than your 400m pace (5 – 10 secs per lap additional) with 1 1/2 min rest in between each interval. Focus on breathing and quick turnover.
Cool down jog or walk 5 – 10 minutes

Novice to Intermediate (less experienced runners and walkers)
Warmup 10 – 20 minutes, walking, jogging, dynamic stretches
4 X 400m hard (walking or running) plus 400m steady immediately following (not easy on this 400m but slightly slower than the first 400m) with 3 min rest in between sets. Focus on breathing and light, mid-foot strike. May want to shorten stride and see if the foot strike gets “lighter”.
Cool down jog or walk 5 – 10 minutes

Note: The important part of both workouts is that you work at a level that is really hard!

Try taking your pulse and measure if you are in the 95% range immediately following the hard part of the workout.

P.S. It is difficult to get a heart rate monitor to work accurately on track workouts due to the short spurts of activity and the way the monitor tracks your movement. I recommend not using them or continually checking them. They can be very distracting! – Coach