Track March 31

We’re back to track in Piedmont on Wednesday only while Coach Rob and Jessica take a little break. They’ll be back soon to offer a fitness bootcamp along with speed workouts on the track in Walnut Creek. Stay tuned!

This Wednesday Kara Waltz of Alive Chiropractic and The WOW Team’s good friend and race walker Carolyn Balling will offer run, run/walk, and walking track workouts.

Note: Bring a watch or your gymboss if you want to time yourself.

Here are the workouts:
Everyone warms up together – 1-2 laps walking or jogging and jumping jacks, side skates, high knees, booty burners, bicycle crunches.

Runners will do 400 repeats with a 1 minute rest in between.

Runner/Walkers will do 400 repeats to match every other set with the runners. In other words, they will get a longer rest time while the runners will do 400/Rest/400. The Run/Walkers will do 400/Rest until runners finish second set including another 1 minute rest.

Walkers – Carolyn will have you practice using your arms for increased speed and endurance. She will determine the walker workout details.

Everyone cool down and stretch by 7:15.