Track Workout for Walkers or Runners

Coach Stephanie and Vera C heading out for 6 miles

Pacing Workout for 5K or Half Marathon Use your gymboss!

Everyone warm up on the track for 5 – 10 minutes easy jogging or active walking (use your arms) followed by some dynamic stretching (jumping jacks, bicycles, high knees, butt kicks)

Race time 9 minutes per mile, set gymboss at 2’15” on a single cycle

1 X 2 mile with an average of 2’15″/lap

By listening to your gymboss you will know if you are ahead or behind your chosen pace. Adjust accordingly.

If you choose to walk a portion of the workout you must run faster than 9 minutes/mile to average out your pace for the slower walking segment. I recommend trying to do this workout with a steady run, not a staggered run/walk.

10 minutes per mile, chosen race pace? Set your gymboss for 2’30″/lap

11 minutes…each lap will be at 2’45”

12 minutes/mile = 3’00” per lap

13 minutes per mile = 3’15” per lap

If time allows, take a 3 -5 minute break then repeat the 2 miles. Your pace should be pretty much, all out but based on the pace of your race. Clearly a half marathon pace will be overall slower than for the same person running a 5K race.

Walk a cool down lap or two and stretch

Not sure of your pace? Talk to Coach Stephanie. She has an answer for you.

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