Train for the SFM Half Marathon

Only Three Runs a Week!

This is a tough one for those addicted runners to buy into but it works!

In Run Less, Run Faster, Authors Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss explain the benfits of “less is more”. For experienced runners, you add quality to your workout instead of injury-prone extra miles. For relative newcomers you limit the amount of miles you train, keeping yourself from the likelihood of high impact and over-use injuries. Sound good? It is!

The difficulty comes in the intensity of each workout. Each week you need to run with a purpose. Workout 1 practices all out speed. Workout 2 adds mid-distance at a tough pace. Workout 3 works on distance and endurance, based on your past running experience. Each workout has a specific purpose. Additionally, you are expected to cross-train on some of the other days with rest also being essential. How much rest depends on your experience level and your recovery. Please refer to the article about Resting Heart Rates. You’re half way there!

May 24-30 – Goal – Build Strength and Endurance
Monday – REST
Tuesday – Cross train, focusing on core strength and upper body conditioning plus flexibility
Wednesday – Track Workout or 3 miles or 30 minutes hard pace/tempo run plus 5 – 10 min. warm-up
Thursday – REST or Cross Train
Friday – 4 miles or 40 minutes tempo pace plus 5 minutes warm-up
Saturday – Cross Train 1 Hour or REST
Sunday – 10 miles or 2 hours steady whichever comes first (5 mins warm-up, 110 mins steady, 5 mins easy)