Train – Oakland Half Marathon & 5K with WOW

Join the WOW Team – the ONLY women’s running, walking, training group that covers the entire Bay Area, in your choice of ways to learn about the WOW Team and its women-only training programs including the upcoming Oakland Half Marathon and 5K.

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WOW Team Benefits:

  • Free Drawing – All women who are members of the WOW Team (including Couch to Accomplished, WOW new subscribers and ongoing membership) by December 31, 2011 are eligible for a drawing for free entry into the race of their choice at the Oakland Running Fest so signup soon! Get training with the best and most Fit Women of the World, the WOW Team!*
  • Up to 7 workouts a week throughout the East Bay, San Francisco, and the Peninsula including weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Attend all or whichever you choose.
  • Half Marathon and 5K Daily Training Program, written specifically for the WOW Team by Coach Stephanie. Each day explains what you need to do including running, cross training, and rest days
  • Long distance, tempo, and track workouts
  • Woman focused program designed by professional running coach and award winning trainer and competitor, Stephanie Atwood
  • Inspiring WOW Mentors and Assistants
  • Running, Run/Walking, and Fitness Walking (8 min to 18 min/mile) Training Programs
  • Invitation to the Winners Circle – WOW’s online, private membership forum
  • 6 Online, self-directed, audio and slide educational modules taking you from the couch all the way through race day training and beyond
  • WOW Team t-shirt, water bottle and WOW Team Challenge Goodies
  • Optional online coaching, one on one personal training, and individual goal setting through our Couch to Accomplished Program
  • The best group of women to work out with in the whole world!

Drop-in participation is also possible. Join our meetup site for details.

*To be eligible you must be on our mailing list called “Interested in Fitness” and a current subscribing WOW Team Member by December 31. Not sure if you are on our list? Go to our website at and enter your email address in the application on the right. It will tell you if you are already subscribed.

As the OFFICIAL Women’s Training program for the Oakland Running Festival you can get a head start by joining us now. WOW Women workout year-round. However, you can wait until January 8, 2012 and still participate in the 12 week training program, if you prefer.

Registration, Information, and more. Click here

Free Survey – Please take our free, fitness survey. Here is the link.

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  1. If I join just for the Oakland Marathon for $99 can I then change to the $149 and later $24 p/month? I can only make weekend workouts right now.

  2. Hey how do you join WOW? I am not exactly sure, but the idea of an all women training group sounds amazing to me!

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