Two Mile Magic

TWO MILE MAGIC by Coach Stephanie

The magic lies in how we make ourselves feel good. There are lots of ways, both artificial and natural. Two Mile Magic is a natural way to feel good, even high, and get exercise at the same time!

It has been my experience that 2 miles is a turning point for many runners. Yes, it is somewhere near this distance that the body/brain connection fully kicks in and says “YES, I like to move! In fact, I like it so much that

My brain is going to create a kind of “high”, a natural state of ease and pleasure to prolong this good feeling.

It is documented that you can create a state of well being from running that is often referred to as “runner’s high”.

Generally you won’t attain this until you reach the 2 mile distance mark.

Erica and I were running together one day, talking about running. Can you imagine? Well, Erica is one determined woman but she had not actually run continuously for 2 miles. She used a walk/run technique that added up to many miles but never 2 whole running miles together. When I heard this, I mentioned the conversation I had with a running buddy many years ago about 2 mile magic. He told me that it took about 2 miles of running to get the “runner’s high” that people talk about. I hadn’t given it much thought before his mentioning it. I was however, quite aware of how unpleasant, or at least awkward and inefficient, I often felt during the first 10 – 20 minutes of running.

For many of us, if we only run 10 or 20 minutes, we never get to that good feeling and running just feels HARD and unpleasant.

This was what was happening to Erica.

Guess what? When Erica made that breakthrough, she experienced that 2 mile magic! She now considers herself a “runner” and looks forward to pounding the pavement. Good job Erica! Incidentally, this is not the same experience you will have if you walk or work out in a gym unless you attain that heart rate level and keep it there for a minimum of 2 miles worth – approximately 10 – 20 minutes at 60% heart rate.

Do you remember my talking about Maximum Heart Rate a couple of weeks ago? (Issue 2) Well, here’s a message…These parts are all interrelated! We need to push our bodies enough that they keep overcoming the obstacles that create quiescence or lack of mobility. We need to stimulate our bodies to MOVE! When our brain tells us that something feels good, we like it. When you actually run 2 miles you will probably experience 2 Mile Magic because your brain is helping you to stick with it! There also seems to be some element of being outdoors that affects the outcome.

Give it a go! I think it’s a gift that many of us miss out on if we don’t know how easy it is to attain. If you’re not there yet, stick with it. It’s within reach for most of us.

If you are past the 2 mile mark, I would love to hear from you about this phenomenon because I am curious about your personal experiences. Please comment on this post or go to our facebook page and share your comments there.

For a college project I researched the effects of prolonged exercise, at relatively high levels of exertion, on mental patients. It had been used as therapy with good results in soothing and calming the patients. My interest was due to my own experience with an almost euphoric feeling from running long distance and even the occasional revelation. The research supported my idea. This 2 Mile Magic is Powerful Stuff!!

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  1. Looking forward to running with you sometime! I was/am a runner, started out in Juneau, Alaska with “Fast Women” running group, and then ran the Klondike Road Relay for 7 years with Team Survivor Perseverance, first as a “supporter” and then as a Survivor.
    Living in Oakland now, and trying to lose the weight I gained in seminary and get back to my running self. When and how can I meet up with you all? Thanks, Rev. Joyce

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